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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

Brian Williams became the seventh anchor and managing editor in the history of NBC Nightly News on December 2, 2004. Read his full biography.

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July 2-8: Independence Day (even for Libby): As the country celebrates Independence Day, Lewis "Scooter" Libby also celebrates his personal independence as President Bush hands him a get-out-of-jail-for-$250,400 card.

June 24-July 1: Historic week for flight, race, immigration and failed terror attacks: A historic ruling from the Supreme Court, an around-the-world flight that breaks the age and race barrier, a failed immigration reform bill and a deadly terror attack in the United Kingdom gone thankfully wrong.

June 18-23: Deep in the heart of Texas: Brian and crew head to the Texas-Mexico border, Killeen and Fort Worth for special reports from the Lone Star state.

June 10-17: Thunderstorms and elevator problems: Grand plans to broadcast from the Top of the Rock are dashed by weather and an elevator problem.

June 3-9: Farewells at Arlington: NBC's John Rutherford begins a new blog series remembering Afghanistan and Iraq veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Scooter Libby sentenced, Brian guest stars on 'Sesame Street'

May 27-June 2: Boston to Chicago: Brian hits the road to visit NBC affiliates; reports range from JFK's 90th birthday to Michelle Obama and Chicago's cicada invasion

May 20-26: Medal of Honor tribute: To celebrate the opening of a museum in their honor aboard the USS Yorktown in South Carolina, Brian kicks off a new blog feature profiling all 110 living recipients of the military's highest honor.

May 14-19: London calling: Brian blogs from across the pond during his exclusive interview with retiring British Prime Minister Tony Blair

May 6-12: Plot foiled: The Fort Dix plot was foiled, Lester Holt takes over Weekend Nightly News and we introduced a new blog series.

May 13-19: The week that was: Brian was in London and New Orleans.

April 29-May 5: Iraq war vote: Bush, Congress square off, 'Nightly' relocates at 30 Rock, farewell to astronaut Wally Schirra.

April 22-28: Democratic presidential debate: The eight Democratic candidates gather for the first time in Orangeburg, S.C.

April 15-21: A day of infamy: It was a week filled with sorrow, confusion and anger over the shootings at Virginia Tech.

April 8-14: One busy week: Don Imus is fired, female suicide bombers are on the rise in Iraq, and a monster storm approaches the East Coast.

April 1-7: Back to the future : If it's indeed true that a week is a year in politics, then the election is still decades away.

March 26-31: Washington diarist: Brian travels to D.C. for the annual correspondents' dinner, Anne Thompson writes about her battle with cancer, Jim Maceda returns to Russia after 15 years

March 22-24: Even in hell...: Blogs about Ann Curry's trip to Darfur, too much cancer in the news and a look at the accuracy of information found on Wikipedia.

March 11-17: 'What Works': Blogs about the stories in our week-long series focusing on good ideas, NBC's Martin Savidge blogs from New Orleans about people who are 'sick' of media coverage about Katrina's aftermath

March 4-10: Brian Williams in Iraq: Brian and team report and blog all week from Baghdad.

Feb. 25-March 3: 'Wounds of War': NBC's Robert Bazell reports from Iraq on the daily miracles of military medicine, NBC's Ian Williams reports from Tehran, Iran

Feb. 18-24: 'Trading Places' - your stories: Our series about caring for your parents continues, with a focus on your stories and solutions

Feb. 11-17: 'Trading Places': Our new franchise on caring for aging parents debuts to overwhelming response, the Midwest and Northeast get their first taste of winter, JetBlue suffers a meltdown

Feb. 5-10: Back to New Orleans: Brian anchors from the Crescent City as the broadcast focuses on what remains to be done nearly 18 months after Hurricane Katrina

Jan. 29-Feb. 3: Florida tornado: Fierce storms kill at least 20 in Florida, perjury trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby begins

Jan. 21-27: State of the Union: President Bush delivers his annual address before Congress, NBC's Robert Bazell travels to Baghdad and blogs from a Green Zone emergency room

Jan. 14-20: Winter wreaks havoc: A major winter storm causes problems from California to New York

Jan. 7-13: New plan for Iraq: President Bush addresses the nation, proposing an increase in U.S. troops in Iraq

Dec. 31-Jan. 5: Funerals for Ford: President Gerald R. Ford is remembered in Washington and Grand Rapids, Mich., the 110th Congress convenes with Democrats in control

Dec. 24-29: Farewell, Mr. President: Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell remember the 38th President of the United States Gerald R. Ford, Saddam Hussein is executed in Baghdad

Dec. 17-23: Missing climbers: Two men missing on Oregon's Mount Hood, Snowstorm shuts down Denver

Dec. 10-16: Sen. Tim Johnson's stroke: The Democratic Senator from South Dakota is hospitalized, Nightly News producer Clare Duffy remembers her uncle, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' actor Peter Boyle

Dec. 3-9: Iraq Study Group: Brian travels to Washington, D.C., for a conversation with co-chairmen James Baker & Lee Hamilton, Andrea Mitchell blogs about the history of study groups and whether they ever bring about profound change

Nov. 27-Dec. 2: Bush to Jordan: Brian blogs from Amman, where President Bush met with Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki

Nov. 19-25: JFK anniversary, prayers and planes: NBC's Pete Williams' post about the six imams removed from a domestic U.S. flight sparks hundreds of comments, readers react on the 43rd anniversary of JFK's assassination

Nov. 12-18: Darfur, Bush to Southeast Asia: Ann Curry reports on Darfur refugees in Chad, President Bush becomes second president to Visit Vietnam since the war

Nov. 6-11: Decision 2006: Democrats regain the House and Senate during the midterm election

Oct. 30-Nov. 4: Battle for the Senate: Tenn.: Brian blogs from Memphis, where he was on assignment covering the Ford vs. Corker race, also in the news Sen. John Kerry's "botched joke" about Bush, education and the military

Oct. 22-28: Battle for the Senate: Ohio: Brian is in Ohio covering a very contentious Senate race, Andrea Mitchell remembers the Cuban missile crisis, and Faces from the Gulf returns from New Orleans

Oct. 15-21: Hawaii earthquake: Weekend tremor shakes the big island, remembering CBS radio's Christopher Glenn, tracking North Korea's nuclear weapons

Oct. 8-14: Cory Lidle's plane crashes in NYC: New Yorkers on edge as baseball player's accident sparks terrorism fears, "Real to Reel" debuts -- a weekly look inside NBC's video vault with perspective from journalists who covered the story

Oct. 1-7: Congressional page scandal erupts: Rep. Mark Foley resigns over lurid e-mails sent to teenage pages, Amish man kills five at schoolhouse in Lancaster Co., Pa.

Sept. 24-30: Is White House in 'State of Denial'? : Woodward book rocks D.C., Brian interviews Elizabeth Edwards

Sept. 17-22: Brian interviews Iran's leader: Brian blogs about his interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Sept. 10-15: 9/11 anniversary, Brian anchors from Cuba: Reflections from Brian five years after 9/11, on-the-scene dispatches from Havana

Sept. 4-8: New al-Qaida tape: President Bush transfers al-Qaida suspects to Guantanamo Bay, new al-Qaida tape featuring Osama bin Laden surfaces

Aug. 27-Sept. 2: One-year after Katrina: One year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina: Brian Williams interviews President Bush in New Orleans

Aug. 20-26: Lebanon's dogs of war: Faces from the Gulf, tracking Ernesto, Lebanon's dogs of war

Aug. 13-19: Cease-fire between Israel, Lebanon: Fugitive man confesses to killing JonBenet Ramsey, cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon

Aug. 7-12: Plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights thwarted, conflict continues in the Middle East

July 30-Aug. 4: Heat wave sweeps across U.S., Israel/Hezbollah conflict continues, David Gregory welcomes renovations at the White House briefing room

July 23-29: Mideast conflict dominates coverage, Andrea Mitchell blogs during her trip with Secretary Rice, 2006 summer interns blog about their experience

July 16-22: Israel, Hezbollah trade rocket volleys and artillery fire, Brian Williams reports from the region, 10 year anniversary of the TWA 800 crash

Oct. 10-14: Bush Q&A with soldiers rehearsed, earthquake devastates Pakistan

Oct. 3-7: NYC subway terror alert, shining light on Mississippi's misery, Harriet Miers nominated to serve on Supreme Court

Sept. 26-30: New York Times reporter Judith Miller gets out of jail, Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, indicted, Humanity Plaza builds homes for displaced hurricane residents

Sept. 19-24: Viewers express concern about the animals, government anticipates Hurricane Rita, which makes landfall along the Gulf Coast on Sept. 24

Sept. 12-16: First-hand accounts of Katrina's devastating impact, President Bush addresses the nation from New Orleans, confirmation hearings for Judge John Roberts

Sept. 5-9: Rebuilding in Katrina's wake. More on-the-scene dispatches from the best of NBC News

Aug. 29-Sept. 4: Hurricane Katrina devastates the southeastern U.S. Features on-the-scene dispatches from the best of NBC News

Aug. 22-26: Base closing decisions, Katrina churns toward U.S., behind the scenes at the daily editorial meeting

Aug. 15-19: Israel withdraws from Gaza, what's news in Iraq?, more memos from Judge Roberts

Aug. 8-12: Farewell to Peter Jennings, 9/11 audio tapes released

Aug. 1-5: Hunger crisis in Niger, Campbell Brown substitute anchors, Saudi King Fahd dies

July 25-29: Space shuttle Discovery lifts off, NASA not sure if all's well

July 18-22: Andrea Mitchell in Sudan, London bombed again, Bush nominates Roberts for Supreme Court

July 11-15: Rehnquist speaks, Shuttle scrubbed, Rove in the spotlight

July 4-8: London bombed, London 2012, Journalist jailed

June 27-July 1: Sandra Day O'Connor steps down; is Iran's new leader a 'terrorist?'

June 20-24: Billy Graham's last crusade, debating the lead, perspective on Iraq

June 13-17: Michael Jackson verdict, Iranian elections, power surge at NBC headquarters

June 6-10: Downing St. memo, an hour with Sen. Biden, executive changes at NBC News

May 31 - June 3: Inaugural entry, Deep Throat, recalled drugs