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Three work days off, plus the weekend -- a five-day break from 30 Rock and now back in the saddle again.  Allow me to thank Lester Holt for so ably filling in. What I didn't see live I watched on DVR last night.  There is no test of character quite like loading up the family car and driving to Maine and back over the July 4th holiday.  To those of you who were with us in the bumper-to-bumper traffic yesterday on Routes 495, 90, 84 and 91 -- I felt your pain, and am still feeling my own. I am just now able to fully extend my legs and flatten out my hands from the death grip I had on the steering wheel.

Back to the job at hand: tonight we're looking at indicators that support for the war in Iraq may be shifting, especially among some crucial Republicans. We will also mention the President's most recent claim of executive privilege.  We'll look at the heat and fire risk across the country as well.  We have stories from Iraq (correspondent Jane Arraf) and Australia (Anne Thompson) and we will look at Boeing's new creation -- the jetliner with the curved wings: the new 787.

Sixty years ago today, Princess Elizabeth announced her engagement to her third cousin: Lt. Philip Mountbatten.  At the time, the future Queen of England was 21 years old, a year younger than Prince Harry is now.

Forty years ago today: Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara visited Vietnam, where he entertained a request from Gen. William Westmoreland to boost U.S. troop strength by as much as 100,000 above the 464,000 already committed as of July 1967.

Twenty-seven years ago this month, President Carter directed FEMA to help with the heat wave that was gripping much of the country.  1,150 American deaths were attributed to the heat by late July, 1980.  During that month, almost every single broadcast of Nightly News carried a story about the heat.

Please take time to read today's Medal of Honor recipient biography.

It's great to be back, and I hope you can join us for tonight's NBC Nightly News.

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Previous Bush comments which did not receive much attention

First of all thank you from all Americans, like myself, who care about this country, for giving the opportunity to express our views.
A couple of years ago, at a press conference, Bush said at least 2 or 3 times to the extent ‘..I want to change the world’
That took me back.
At another occasion Bush said, in essence that as compared to reading about history, ‘ I make history’
I thought that was pretty unnerving.
I believe you can confirm these statements.
I believe Bush is after two goals in his misguided presidency.
One is the establish a place in history for himself. The second is his own accumulation of wealth.
He will probably do well with the second (unless we intervene)
He will not be proud of the results on the first.
Many of your fellow journalists and citizens of this great country are, in ever increasing numbers calling for Bush’s resignation or impeachment.
One way or another he and his administration must be removed, either voluntarily or involuntarily from the sacred offices they have abused.
Beyond that, I believe, the only way that our democracy will function fully, is if these same people are brought to justice.
What America stands for cannot tolerate any individual to violate the rights of human beings from any part of the world, to have their freedoms, human dignity, voice and ultimately their very lives taken from them.
If America is going to “work” those who commit crimes need to be made to pay for what they have done.

Much thanks,

John Bouranel

I have friends who used to toggle back and forth between Connecticut and Maine. They told me the trick is to drive in the middle of the night. We went to Bar Harbor last year, leaving mid morning Saturday, and it took 8 hours, quite a bit of it at 20 to 40 mph.

On the topic of the "Mommy factor," I have sons who graduated from high school in the classes of 2006 and 2007. I am grateful that they decided to go straight to college.

Why would people WANT to enlist in the military, if they believe they will end up in Iraq & DIE, as nobody seems to be able to deal w/ the insurgency ? The point is that - Soldiers are STILL dying from roadside IED's, even though they said they were dealing w/ this particular issue. We lost the Viet Nam War because L.B.J. & the Generals LIED about its 'status' & then lamely had to eat S#%@, when the "Tet Offensive" happened ! What happened in Viet Nam, Beirut & Somalia is NOW happening in Iraq.

Glad to have you back. Thought I would pass this on to help raise awareness to the NMF. The National Marfan Foundation.

Brian I was offended by the report about the Mommy Factor. What Mother would want their child to be sent to Iraq based on what we know now are lies. I notice none of the supporters of the Administration are sending their kids. The Bush twins wont go just as their Father wouldn't served went needed. My daughter join the Military before the Corrupt Administration got in office. Now I wouldn't let my cat join the Military. I seen officers drink and cry because they are told to send these kids in the middle of the Iraq civil war knowing they wont come back. The White House uses the words Al Qaeda yet the Shiites and Sunnies are killing each other for power. Yes Brian we are helping one group as Iran and the Saudis help those they choose. Like Vietnam we have no idea who is Sunni or Shiite. I would say to all those who say stay the course, support our troops let your children join the Military now to show you support. I'm just tried of hearing people say send others yet don't take my kid.

Welcome back, Brian. I enjoyed the evening's broadcast. I got a major chuckle when your reporter in Philadelphia said she had three words for the Heatwave, "Very hot hot." Did you giggle as much as my husband and I did? I think the gal must have meant, 'very, very, hot."

Brian - you were certainly brave to spend part of your holiday trolling Maine's highway! It gets really crazy out there during the summer holiday season - and that's before you even hit the outlet stores in Kittery on your way north! Being a Maine native, I can say that I don't blame you one bit for wanting to come up here and hide! We've got plenty of places where you can get lost and forget the world. I'll travel the world over, but I will never live anywhere else. Glad you're rested from your time off. It's just murder getting back into the daily grind!

While I do enjoy Lester Holt (he is great), I am happy to have you back. I am glad you had an wonderful vacation with the family. Well deserved, I am sure.

Welcome home!

Good Evening Again Mr.Williams, Regarding the report titled "The Tipping Point" it sounds as if President Bush is losing support for this war everyday with different Republicans breaking away from his idea to keep the troops in Iraq. The patience of people is coming to an end. This Iraqi government needs to find a way to come out of sticking to their own groups agenda and try to secure their country. The innocent civilians should not have to endure living each day in terror anymore. There have been too many losses and there desperately needs to be a peaceful resolution. I must comment again on Jane Arraf's report on the two women Lisa and Nour who are bound together by Lisa's husband Steven. It was heartwrenching to hear Nour say to Lisa that she was sorry she couldn't have brought Steven back to her. And at the gravesite of Steven when she apologized for what her country did to Steven. Yet Lisa was happy to let Steven know that she was able to bring Nour back safely to the United States. They are both extraordinary women and it is wonderful to know that Nour will be safe. Finally, I had not heard of the woman you spoke about named Lois who passed away recently. Yet we all know the slogan and name of the store she came up with in her life. There are many people in this world who are known for big things, but sometimes they go unnoticed until they pass away and then everyone stops and thinks wow that person came up with that. That is amazing! Behind every great idea there is a person and it is times like these when we are reminded of their contibutions to our world. Thank you Lois and thank you Mr.Williams for the broadcast. Peace to all!

Your piece tonight on the Army's failure to meet recruitment targets has nothing to do with the "Mommy Factor" and fear of war. Going to war is a certainty if you sign up today (and even if you're in the National Guard!). And it is also certain that more young people will be sent to the wrong war for the wrong reasons. This is not World War II where everyone understood the value of the sacrifice in service. In fact, this administration has asked for no sacrifice. January 20, 2009, cannot come soon enough for this country. Sincerely, Jim Finn

Glad to have you back Brian. IT's not the same when you are not at 30 Rock.
It's so sad we are losing so much forestry to these fires and then hearing temps are souring all at the same time. I feel like the planet is taking a serious toll.

Brian some use to say if you lived long enough you'll see everything. Bush has now allowed the US has no Justice System with his Dictatorship. Libby case has now set precedent that will allow lawyers to over ride Judges decisions. Karl Rove knows he will never do time for his crimes either. He even laughs about how he lied and made mistakes but no one can do anything about. I do feel bad for Judge Walton and the Appeal Judges who followed the law only to see that Bush is the only one who can decide. I look forward to Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham getting out of jail for the same reasons Libby never went to jail. Now the GOP criminals are breathing a relief that nothing will come of their criminal acts. Even Tom DeLay will have his criminal charges dropped due to the New Bush Policy. Some Bush supporters can only say as a defence of this illegal act that the Bush can do what ever he want. To bad Nixon didn't have this Administration or the current American people during his years of crime. Even Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon couldn't get executive privilege yet ex White House staff and ex employees can have it so they wont have to tell the truth of the crimes that have taken place in the past 6 years. The Supreme Court is now the second highest court we now have Judge George W. Bush with no education in law who makes all legal decisions.

Looks like those days of heat in the US during the 1980s have now gone Global. I enjoyed Al Gore's concert on NBC. As we watched we talked about how we can do our part in saving the planet. Yes Brian I got the light bulbs, a little expensive but not bad and worth it.

I hope the White House and the Senate/Congress start thinking about our troops and stop putting the Iraq failed government first. The world is watching the US try to put a square peg in a round hole with this situation in Iraq, of course we know it will never fit. The United States needs a smart President now.

Good Evening Mr.Williams, Welcome back Mr.Williams it seems so long since we saw you last. Sorry for the fact you feel a little stiff, but that is what comes with long car drives for family vacations. I read Jane Arraf's posting and it is truly beautiful and inspiring. It is a sad, but beautiful story of how people end up connected even if it is because of tragedy. They are both very courageous women and I admire them. And I appreciate the history lesson of what happened on this date. Looking forward to the boradcast Mr.Williams. Peace to all!

Sounds like you survived quite an arduous journey:) Welcome back!

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