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I'll get to the title reference after this: between meetings, I've been allowed to break away and give you a short rundown of our plans for the evening, which will be a mixture of the following: autism, terrorism, Alzheimer's, the environment, aviation and more. 

And we might just mention the end of the line for the Sopranos.  While I get the fact that it's not for everyone, for those of us who love the show, it's been quite the time.  The much-hashed-out ending did what it was meant to do: I have a very good friend who flatly assumed the sudden ending to represent the end of Tony's life.  Others who watched assumed life goes on for Tony -- as a mobster under constant threat of indictment, as a husband, father, businessman, patient and sociopath.  We now know The Man In The Member's Only Jacket is the owner of a pizza restaurant in Bucks County, Penn. who came here from Italy in 1976.  I thought I examined the show in detail in my other day job -- but today there are all kinds of deconstructions on the Web -- proving again that this has been much more than just a television show for those of us who love it ... and will miss it.

Please make time to take a look at today's featured Medal of Honor recipient.

I hope you can join us tonight for the Monday edition of NBC Nightly News.

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I realize this comment isn't as important as your other viewers comments regarding politics and such, but I have been watching your show, the Today program and just now Chris Matthews Show regarding the Sopranos, no one has stated the obvious. They all were "whacked" the producer/director choose not to show the blood and gore since we have invited this family into our homes for several seasons.
My thoughts..................

Dear Brian Williams,
Thank you!! I loved your piece on The Sopranos tonight, and your blogs regarding the show. Thank you for mentioning a piece of national news that I, for one, have been anticipating for days. What an end. I couldn't believe it when it was over, yet knew it was somehow what I should have expected. Thanks Brian Williams--for all of your reporting. You rock!!!

Hi Brian
I missed the Sopranos but the White House criminal family continues on. It was a sad day for Lady Justice as our Attorney General has made lying under oath and corruption legal. Look for the wave of appeals from the US jails. With Gonzales as our example pray for the next generation.
I just got a certificate of appreciation from the Military as my daughter is in the Military. Now that the White House kicked Pace out their are now trying to suck up to the soldiers family just 4 years late. I heard you didn't fall into the Paris trap as the other evening news stations did. You've got class Sir. I taped Meet the Press with Powell. Just one word my Grandmother told us as kids. It's hard to believe someone once they've lied, it's better to tell the truth as the truth will come out anyway. Powell lied to the American people and the UN on behalf of the White House's need to illegally invade Iraq. The question is can we now trust a word Mr. Powell says?
I enjoyed my visit to NBC Station yes I acted like you when they let us set in the anchor chair. Yes Brian for a couple of minutes you were a 60 year old black lady with all gray hair and Peaches was you/my assistant. I didn't know it was just a photo op. smile

Good evening, sir. Thank you so much for your coverage of the vaccine trial in DC. One important correction to Pete Williams' report: The MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine never contained thimerosal, the ethyl-mercury based preservative. The petitioners are claiming that autism is caused by a combination of MMR and thimerosal containing vaccines (TCVs). There is no science to support this claim.

Keep your eye on the petitioners' "expert" witness, Dr. Mark Geier, MD. Geier is a professional witness in vaccine lawsuits. In 2004, he told a judge that he could not name a single study that conclusively links mercury to autism. When he's not under oath, he tells his patients the opposite, and charges thousands of dollars for unnecessary lab tests. He also "treats" autistic children with Lupron, the same drug used to chemically castrate habitual sex offenders.

Welcome to the dark side of the vaccine trial. Another "expert" witness, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, has no board certified in any specialty, carries no hospital privileges, and used to tell patients that autism can be cured through exorcism.

Keep covering this story. Thanks.

The Albanian Idol!! Brilliant!! Thanks for the laugh, Brian.

Good Evening Again Mr.Williams, Regarding Mr.Maceda's report on the arming of insurgents to fight Al-Qaida. It seems awfully risky because these people can turn on the United States military very quickly. It will only work if they promise to cooperate and if they do then and only then will there be somewhat of an effect. Whatever it takes to stop the violence in that region. I think that Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has a point about the surge of troops and the security forces being in synch with eachother. It is a two way street and both sides have to work together in order to restore some semblance of peace. Finally, I liked the music used to end the broadcast and I can understand why it was chosen. Thank you for the broadcast Mr.Williams. Peace to all!

Good Evening Mr.Williams, I am very glad that you enjoyed the last episode of The Sopranos last evening. I watched the Tony Awards instead and there were a few suprises or at least I thought were suprises with regards to who won. But with regards to your show maybe in the future there will be a movie of The Sopranos and you can get all excited about that possibility. I look forward to the broadcast Mr.Williams. Peace to all!

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