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Around-the-world with the SecDef

Jlong"Doomsday planes," C-17s, helos, motorcades, Afghan commando squads... it's the stuff of Tom Clancy novels. It's also how an NBC News team spent a week traveling with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Producer Courtney Kube, soundman Johnnie Roth, and I circumnavigated the globe from May 30th-June 6th, filing dispatches from far-flung places like Hawaii, Singapore, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and France. We were the U.S. television pool team on the trip, which means we had the responsibility of covering the secretary for all five of the major networks.

In addition to shooting with my Ikegami HL-V55, I brought along a mini-DV cam to chronicle our adventure. In the first of a two-part series, we travel from D.C. to Colorado, where Gates gives the commencement speech at the Air Force Academy. Then we fly to Hawaii to meet with the Commander of Pacific Command Adm. Tim Keating. Keating next joins us en route to Singapore for an Asian Defense Conference.

You can watch part one of the video here. Tomorrow the journey continues as we visit Afghanistan.

Editor's note: Jim calls himself a "new media soul trapped in an old media body," and we tend to agree. Check out his online video production venture here and if you REALLY want to know what Jim's doing every minute, you can sign up for his Twitter feed.

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Aloha Jim,

I don't watch news on TV. But if it was like this, I would! This was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see the installments.

Congratulations on the work you've done here and bridging the gap between the old and new media. Really really loved this!

What a great guy! I video conferenced with Jim while he was wirelessly connected in a cafe then he took me on a live video tour of Washington, DC. He is a media professional who knows how to honestly connect with the citizens.

This is incredible stuff, Jim. I can't believe all the wealth of relationship-building you're accomplishing on behalf of NBC with this kind of inside-the-inside reporting. It makes me feel something different about the news coverage. Thanks for having us along for the ride.

Part 2 of Jim Long's video was great, too, showing us a window into the world of the Pentagon Press Corps that we would not have otherwise. I wish every citizen would watch both video clips, and I hope MSNBC will feature more Jim Long stories. I regularly check his blog and video clips at

I want to thank ALL of you for your great feedback, including Dan's remark about my radio face. Can we meet halfway and agree I've got a videobloggers face? Joe Cascio raises some interesting points about the "grammar" of videoblogging vs. "professional" video. There are some interesting semantic points that can be made, but we can save them for email or Twitter!

What's energizing to me is the strength and volume of your responses. I believe what's happening is that we're having a conversation here in the comments. We have conversations using Twitter and other social media tools every day and we've built relationships through them. All of you were on this trip with me every step of the way, and that, is very, very cool.

Jim...Excellent stuff, as usual! I always learn a lot watching your pieces. When is your promotion coming through?

Great report... I'll be viewing Part 2 at home. Look forward to ur newclips on Twitter everyday. Thanks newmediajim.

Jim, how wonderful to see video of the trip after receiving tweets about it while it was in progress!

Greatly enjoyed the video, and very much appreciated this behind-the-scenes peek into your world. I'm glad you got approval to make it a two-parter! I'm eager to see the 2nd installment.

Nice work, Jim! :D

A great behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to cover the news. Between this and your Twitter updates, you're bringing us as close as possible to actually being there.

I wish more news was allowing things like this to happen and be shared. Congrats on bringing old media into the New Media Playground!! Can't wait to see the second part and any in the future.

Awesome video, Jim. Keep up the great work!

A great look at what life on the road is really like, done by one of the very best.

Good job Jim. I felt like I was there. Fast rhythm, sharp pace. To see the most astonishing places on earth, briefly, is conducive to quick pithy Twittering, eh?

You used Twitter to promote this blog post. Now the boomerang:

Jim Long's and the pool's piece really helps us to understand what it's like being in the press corps covering Gates, the Pentagon and other major news. I've also really enjoyed reading Long's blog on, which gave us a bird's eye view of the press trip as it happened. Good job, all! I look forward to the next half and will recommend this show to my friends.

Jim updated us throughout his trip with Twitter, then let us know about this video with Twitter. He has managed to communicate much more through all these tools than we can see through the regular news reporting. Thank you!

I'm one of Jim's Twitter friends (joec0914) and it was great to get his Tweets from all the exotic places he visited on this trip. As for this video blog, I have to say it's really not so much a vlog as a less formal professional piece. Just give us more raw footage. Lose the narration and reduce the edits. Record the moments and let the footage speak for itself. Let us get to know the people as people. Record yourselves just hanging out. Let us get to know you. That's video blogging.

Wow, that was really great. Jim truly has an NPR-like reporting quality - very good, very intersting and a face for radio ;-) Seriously, he made it quite riveting and very intersting. His notes on Twitter are equally compelling. World-Class journalist!!

Jim, another great news-behind-the-news piece. Thanks for sending the link on Twitter so I could check it out. Looking forward to your Afghanistan footage tomorrow. Question: how do you schlep all that gear around?

Fantastic. Jim does some of the best work in the business.

Good stuff Jim! The tweets will be flying!

I love this behind-the-scenes look at a trip by the SecDef. I've gotten to know Jim Long on Twitter, where he's a rock star for his engaging, personal, authentic posts showing how much work goes into creating NBC's news coverage. Since we don't get to actually see Jim on Twitter, I loved this video, especially the self-portrait walking along the beach. Can't wait for part two!

Wow what a great job. It's refreshing every once in a while to see those behind the scene and their journey and not just watching as they chase a diplomat down with a mic and a camera. I look forward to seeing part two.

Great story and video! I am already an FOJ (Friend of Jim) on Twitter, as are hundreds of others.

Jim Long demonstrates the hurry up and wait game of television broadcasting as he follows the most interesting people on earth to the most beautiful places on earth. I get the benefit of the blow-by-blow at

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