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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

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I commend to your attention the pictures of the G-8 leaders that we have for you tonight, (they apparently all had drinks together on the beach tonight) and the accompanying journalism of David Gregory who is in Germany with President Bush.  The Bush/Sarkozy boardwalk conversation just LOOKED fascinating ... so is the material out of there today.  Then there's the prognosis for immigration reform -- it appears that the last, best hope for a deal during this session will crash into the ground.  It may be that this evening will end with this issue in a total muddle.  If that happens we'll stay on it.

We'll look at some interesting reporting on what passes for information over the Internet (in the hands of our enemies), and at the mounting cost of an American generation coming of age.  We'll also examine the charmed life and business complications of Prince Bandar, and our promoted piece on modern-day crimestoppers.

Nobody mentioned Paris Hilton at our afternoon editorial meeting.  She won't make the broadcast tonight, but if there's a larger, legitimate story to be done concerning allegations of a two-tier justice system, perhaps we'll do that someday.  It's not like there will be any shortage of coverage for those who can't live without the details: just stick around until the shows that follow ours on our many different affiliates.

So much great reading out there to call attention to today: starting with our friend Michael Yon, the U.S. Special Forces veteran who is a freelance journalist covering the war.  His latest dispatch on his tour with British troops is required reading.  Fantastic stuff.  As is the new posting on Slate for all those who have considered vacationing on (or what life is like on) an offshore drilling platform. Finally, today's piece on Huffington by Marty Kaplan gets right to the heart of our new controlling dynamic.  It begins with mention of the name not mentioned at our afternoon editorial meeting.

Apologies to our friends on the West Coast for two NBC Sports hockey pre-emptions this week.  We do hope you took advantage of our Netcast or Podcast.

Please also take time to read the story of Medal of Honor recipient Hector Cafferata.  If the stories of these men have proven valuable to read, please write us and tell us.  Surveying the landscape of our society right about now: I don't see how we can't learn a few valuable lessons from these guys -- the best men I've ever met.

We hope you'll be with us for tonight's broadcast.

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Hi Brian Williams,
First I must mention I love watching your news cast every night~ I make my mom watch it with me as well and we love the stories you broadcast, especially the ones about the people who make a difference in this world.
I feel like my generation has been ruined by the shallowness of celebrities and their lifestyles. Not many people realize the real heroes out there; the soldiers who are willing to risk their lives for this country; the people who work hard to make the lives of others a blessing.
I thank you for the recognition you give these people.

Also, i would like to say good job on not going on the bandwagon with the blown out story of Paris Hilton. However, I cant wait to watch the news on our two-tier justice system.

Hi Brian:
While I too can live happily without news of Paris, there IS a story here on, as you mentioned, the two-tier justice system.
Love the newscast and thanks for all the hard work! Enjoy Sopranos Sunday (I predict Tony turns to the witness protection program -- a fate worse than death).

Smooth move, Mr. Williams.

As a person that is part of the demographic that advertisers wanted, I too felt that Ms. Hilton has too much over hype in the media. Thanks for not sinking into the levels of your corporate masters at NBC U and GE.

Mr. Williams, tonight's news featured a story about jihadists using the internet to create anti-war propaganda. Do you believe that this story was presented in a completely unbiased manner? This story is chocked full of emotion laden buzz words. Would the story evoke the same mental picture if the word jihadists was exchanged with Iraqi college students? What if instead of inflaming anti-war sentiment they were inspiring anti-war sentiment? Why is the idea of propaganda so surprising? Should we not balance this story with a summary of our homegrown propaganda that we use in Iraq? There are educated people in Iraq and they may be smart enough NOT to blow themselves up! If the educated people of Iraq want us out, they will surely try to sway the opinion of the American people. I don't understand why this is such a big surprise, our government uses the tactic of propaganda readily in foreign countries and here at home. Perhaps that is where this new story came from, or the particular slant created with your choice of words. By the way, there is no need for anyone to ever make-up stories about US soldiers committing suicide or having body parts amputated because those things are happening to real soldiers.

Now, of course, this tripe can be found on the front-page of MSNBC's website.

Brian, I was appalled tonight to hear you describe the Saudi Prince Bandar as a "friend of the United States." Frankly the Prince is a friend of the Bush family, which is a quite different thing than being a "friend" of the US.

The Prince is just another war profiteer who has spent decades cozying up to power (the Bushes) in order to attempt to cut deals and profit further.

Thanks to Brian for omitting what you omitted in the broadcast. (I prefer not to mention the name.)

And thanks especially to Richard Engel for his terrific report and analysis of Al-Qaida "franchises" on Richard, you are the best!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for no mention of Paris in the broadcast. I turned off a competitor simply b/c her name was in their headline lineup. I will refrain from telling you how shallow... oops, I've said too much!

I too enjoyed the piece about the FBI code breakers. I love crime shows, so seeing and hearing how it goes for real is very interesting to me.

Also, about the Medal of Honor profiles: thank you for providing them! I can't buy the book right now, but it is inspiring to read about the selflessness that these men showed when circumstances called for more than ordinary responses. The world needs more men such as these to lift up as heroes - specifically because they don't consider themselves as extraordinary. We need more of that humility in this day.

Good Evening Again Mr.Williams, The report by Pete Williams about cracking the criminal's code and solving the case was very interesting. The way these codes are put together seems so complicated, but to the ones working to decipher the symbols it must seem easy at times. The letter written by Abraham Lincoln in his own hand is truly a priceless piece of history. I wonder what he would think of the situation in the world today. Anyway, Thank you for the broadcast Mr.Williams. Peace to all!

I just saw Lisa Meyers report (submitted thanks to the pro-Israeli Institute MEMRI) which lists the Iraqi insurgents "propaganda" about US troops who are against the war but are actually for it.

First of all, its troubling to see MEMRI which is a propaganda outlet itself accusing other groups of propaganda.

I'm sure there are troops opposed to Iraqi invasion, yet their voices are not covered by Lisa Meyers report.

Its sadly disappointing.


I took some time to read the Medal of Honor Recipients and I thank you for the links provided it helped out in dealing with my own life.

On another note I read your blogging on slate as I too am a Sopranos fan. I call myself only a Sopranos fan because you truly are a hardcore Sopranos fan and you don't need me to tell you that. I was amazed by the detailed analysis you talk about. You pointed out things I never notice eg. the white Cadillac is there on one shot and gone the next or how Tony is in another realm when he learns of some the mafia man who came up to Meadow in the restaurant.
I've gained an even deeper appreciation for the show and so now I offer you my predictions of what won't happen: No witness protection that was Goodfellas, No boss dieing that being Tony (that was every movie including Godfather which this show has often been compared too). I say this because like you mentioned and as I have noticed Mr. Chase doesn't play to audience expectations like when Dr. Melfi was violated in the garage one night and everybody wanted to the see that horrible man pay for his crime when letting Dr. Melfi tell Tony what happened and who did it.

Thank you for NOT airing anything about useless Paris. She is a waste of airtime and I was shocked that I got an email alert about breaking news and it being her release. Pathetic!

Brian...Thank you for not airing anything tonight regarding Ms. Hilton. I think most of us have heard quite enough about the antics of Paris, Lindsey, and Brittany. Thank God our children are bright, talented, giving, caring individuals who have never had the kinds of problems that these young (spoiled) women have encountered. If they had I would expect that they would be treated accordingly and not get special treatment. We may live in the greatest nation on earth, but it is a nation of double standards on many levels. We look forward, as usual to tonight's broadcast.

Good Evening Mr.Williams, Thank you very much for the second posting by Michael Yon. That was really touching seeing the grandmother and mother holding the baby. It brings a human story in contrast to all the violence that is happening. They seem to respond to the soldiers and want them to stay. The childrens pictures were adorable and they do seem to love the camera. I certainly hope that all these people will be able to have peace in their region soon. They have certainly suffered enough. Now, I must say I am glad that President Bush and the other members of the G-8 Summit are enjoying themselves on the beach. I hope something is being accomplished while their sipping their drinks. I look forward again to Richard's story from Kurdistan. I always enjoy seeing him on Nightly News. Looking forward to the broadcast Mr.Williams. Peace to all!

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