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Around-the-world with the SecDef II

JlongIn part two of our trans-global trip with the secretary of defense [video link], we leave the genteel trappings of the Shangri-La Conference in Singapore.

We're heading to Afghanistan, where Gates reviews an Afghan commando unit, then meets with President Hamid Karzai. After a brief visit to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, we overnight in Paris on the eve of the secretary's speech at a D-Day ceremony in Normandy, France.

We traveled all around the globe on this trip and hopefully these two videos [watch part I, watch part II] give you a sense of some of the challenges we faced along the way.

Editor's note: Jim calls himself a "new media soul trapped in an old media body," and we tend to agree. Check out his online video production venture here and if you REALLY want to know what Jim's doing every minute, you can sign up for his Twitter feed.

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Jim - Thanks for sharing such an amazing "behind the scenes" view of news, it really tells the whole story that can never be seen from the clips that make it on air. Your talent for new media is much needed! Keep up the excellent work.

If SecDef Gates wants to be useful, in Afghanistan > Why doesn't he use his authority to take some of these SOCOM units we're "wasting" over there & walk them into Pakistan's Waziristan Province right next door; where Bin - Laden & Zawahiri are allegedly hiding, & end our so - called "War on Terror" tomorrow ! He won't do that, because they're NOT in Waziristan. Musharraf's ISI Group has them 'tucked away' safe. When we caught Khalid Muhammad ( KSM ), he was in a nice little house in Islamabad ! You know - Angelina Jolie's movie "A Mighty Heart", coming out soon, is about the Daniel Pearl incident. He was captured & killed by Al - Q'aeda; because he was about to expose the connection between ISI, Al - Q'aeda & the CIA !

Another brilliant piece by Mr. Long. He can carry his weight with any reporter out there. The story was absolutely riveting. Thank you NBC for letting us get a glimpse of life behind the camera.

The background of the stories really are just as interesting as the stories that make it on the air, and it is important to telling the stories of the people who are filmed. Jim, I told you before, you are a great story teller and paint an amazing picture for those of us who are watching from the cheap seats. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

Better! Longer, more stuff, but I'm still wishing for less narration and more original audio. Capture moments.

Joe C.

Dear Mr.Long, I enjoyed watching Part II of the video. I have visited Normandy and recall the Memorial and the American Cemetery. It was an extremely moving experience and everyone should visit that area it they have the chance. Thank you for the two videos and I am glad you had a safe trip.

We never see the inside of planes, the getting to the events. And yet, the transitions to events are essential parts of the life story. We seldom see the risk, know the discomfort, understand the cost of the story, let alone know all that for the soldiers. Jim's context is powerful and helpful. And he does great voiceover! Thanks for the work on this piece. and for using twitter to help us find it!

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