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We're in Boston with beautiful views of the Green Monster, the Charles River, M.I.T., and of course the Citgo sign.  This morning's journey here was an odd confluence: on board the shuttle, I was reading the astounding piece this morning in the Wall Street Journal -- about how air travel is actually slowing down -- meaning: the extraordinary delays now built into the system.  Sure enough, due to "airspace congestion," the 9:30 flight departed at 10:20 -- and everyone on board took the news quietly.  It's hard to pinpoint just when our transportation system got this way, exactly, and when the notion of codified delays become an acceptable part of the American transportation system.  Is it part of the overall "leadership" issue that Lee Iacocca laid out in our interview with him last week?

During our broadcast from here tonight, we'll look at two issues germane to the Commonwealth and of interest to the other 49 states: Romney's health care system here, and what would have been JFK's 90th birthday.  Its hard to picture the former President as a gray (or white) eminence, a classic elder statesman enjoying weekends and grandchildren at the Cape.  Would that it were the case.  We'll talk to historian, author and rabid Red Sox fan Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Justice Ginsberg's reading of her dissent from the bench today attracted a lot of attention to the Supreme Court's pay equity decision, and we'll look at that tonight.  And of urgent note: this quarantine of a virulent TB case -- and those who may have been "fellow travelers" without knowing it.

We'll update the whales in California, the situation in Venezuela, and the spike in violence in Iraq.

Please remember to read today's profile of Medal of Honor recipient Don Ballard, as we continue to publish all 110 profiles of the living recipients of the Medal.

And so, from the shadow of the Green Monster, we hope you will join us tonight for NBC Nightly News.

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I was born & raised in Boston. What I remember is forced - Busing, the high crime rates & high cost of living, the "Big Dig" fiasco & 2 flights from Logan Airport taking out N.Y.'s WTC towers on 9/11 ! This, from a state that is the hypocritical 'spiritual center' of Kennedy - style "Linmousine - liberal" Socialism.

I believe there have been two Presidents since President Kennedy who have exibited the same far reaching visions he had. They are Presidents Reagan and Clinton. One saw a solution to the arms race and the other saw a Nation that needed change to bring all our citizens together to improve our lives. It is unfortunite that one was allowed to see his policies through and the other was constantly under fire for his missteps in his personal life. Even though Preident Clinton didn't get all he wanted, he did a good job and left us better off than we were. He was and is still hated by the GOP. The point is our political parties have become so bias we don't recognise the visionaries who have that ability to take us to a higher level as a Nation. President Kennedy in todays time would be brutalized by the political dirty tricksters. We've become a society of an open book, where every slip is not a bobble but a failure or a blemish of ones character. If our Founding Fathers had been scrutinized like we do today; we would still be an English colony with parts of country French, Spanish, and Russian.

Hi Brian - Both Doris Kearns Goodwin and baseball (historic Fenway) in the same broadcast is to double our pleasure. Where was the Goodwin interview done - it was an interesting room.

(You might have made better time if you had just gotten on 84 to the Mass Pike)

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Medal of Honor profiles ... they are now part of my summer reading list, and will continue to be on my reading list until the profiles of all 110 recipients are completed ... this is a marvelous idea!!!

Brian George W. Bush could care less about the problems in Dufar. Even Wolfie didn't help. Africa has to wait for the US to have an honest President before anything happens.
What if JFK had lived? I was a teenager and had a big crush on the young good looking President. Boys in high school were stupid then. I told my Dad I liked the President and if I could have a boyfriend one day I'd like it to be him. As an African American my Dad taught us that all people were created equal so he said your young you'll see and meet alot of nice boys but right now its safer for you to like the President. Yes I grew up but I remember. When he was killed it was like a family member had died. Every church in my town of New Jersey was fulled. I think things would have been different today if Kennedy had lived. He gave hope to all Americans and made me feel I was an important part of America. I remember my teacher told us to right the President and yes Brian he wrote my class back. A President took the time to write group of teenage high school kids. Ask not what your country to do for you, ask what you can do for your country. He said it was my country and I felt proud.

Re: Whale Coverage: Dah! the media is making the news not reporting it. Day after day we see the same pictures and hear the same platitudes.It's not what I expect to see on the "news". Save the fluff for the supermarket tabloids and entertainment shows.
Re: JFK @ 90: What if's are not a productive use of news time. We should be spending time looking closely at our current president and the presidential candidates, global warming , Katrina recovery, anything but the what if's.

Instead of wondering what life would be like if JFK had lived I wonder what the state of our nation would be if it was Jeb Bush instead of GHWB as President in these post-9/11 years (as Bush senior had hoped/expected). Has a president's personality failings ever had a more negative affect on our country than GHWb? Sopranos comments? Or do we now turn to Slate to see what you really think Mr. Williams?

Dang - I missed all the news tonight. Would have been nice to see the Green Monster on the news! I'm not a baseball fan, but I do cheer for the Red Sox simply for self preservation in this Red Sox country! (Would have been a short 90 minute drive to Portland, but alas... you wouldn't want to miss out on being delayed on a plane! Think Amtrak next time! :)

Brian, thanks again for allowing us to read about the Medal of Honor Recipients here in the blog. I've made a point to read each one so far and their stories are inspiring. I have to wonder if I could be that selfless and brave if faced with a similar situation.

President Bush noticed Darfur years ago, but just like Iraq the corrupt UN wasn't and isn't willing to do anything about it. How nice it must be to have one person to blame for all the world ills. If JFK had lived? What would the democrat party be today, and would he still be a part of it? I don't think so.

Good Evening Mr.Williams, Being originally from outside the Boston area I hope you enjoyed your trip to the city. Ian Williams report was sobering about how many US soldiers perished during the month of May. And the report about the fallen soldiers and how very young they were and dedicated to serve their country was so sad. As the father of one of the fallen soldiers stated "just support them". I certainly hope that they can come home soon. It is not right that President John F. Kennedy died so young. If he had lived we all would have been better for it. I have so much respect for Caroline Kennedy and the work that she does. Her father should never be forgotten, but always remembered throughout our history. Thank you for the broadcast from Boston Mr.Williams. Peace to all!

Geez, Bush finally notices what is happening in Dufar? Write this on the calender! Perhaps he took notice when the people forced from their homes or killed by genocide surpassed his own war in Iraq... Or is it that Sudan also has oil wealth?

The thought question regarding JFK is a good one so I might as well say that if he were alive today I think we might indeed be celebrating an era of world peace. People don't really realize it but with his lunar initiative, JFK managed to give us something to do other than plot our own destruction. It wasn’t his intention to make it into a 'race' or something for the sake of national pride as so often is believed. For if it were, he wouldn’t have asked the Soviet people to ‘join us’ during a less-well-known ‘Moon Speech’ given to the U.N. General Assembly a month before his death:

In fact, I don’t think for a minute that John Kennedy ever believed we could make it to the moon alone in only eight years. I think that he deliberately chose such an ‘unbelievable goal’ in order to spawn unity between the two spacefaring rivals! We may have ultimately proved him wrong by succeeding alone, but looking back, I think we missed out on a large part of what was intended”

His speach touched on the importance of Environmentalism (yes as far back as 1963) and American racism. He was a remarkable man and one history should never forget - not just for the way he died but for what he truly believed. R.I.P. JFK! Your dream, your REAL DREAM may still yet be alive.

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