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My girlfriend has allergies

Marty_and_dogGirlfriend is the name of our year-old, long-haired Chihuahua, who we adopted after she was rescued from a puppy mill. She joins our other pets, two cats named Bubby and Bella, both from animal shelters. 

But girlfriend is the only one who ventures outdoors, and this spring we noticed she had problems -- wheezing and watery eyes. The verdict? She's got allergies.

And she's not alone.

As I learned for tonight's Nightly News story, it's not just humans suffering through record high pollen counts this spring.

Photo caption: Martin and Girlfriend, as seen in his standup from Monday's broadcast.

"It's just as bad for our dogs and cats, especially those with allergies, as it is for humans," says Dr. Patricia White of the Atlanta Veterinary and Skin Allergy Clinic. "When you think about it, dogs and cats are close to the ground, they walk through the grass and they accumulate that pollen on their skin and coats, so it really can be a problem especially when it's as bad as it is now."

How bad is it? An extremely high level is considered 120 pollen particles per 1 square meter of air. Last week in Atlanta the count hovered near 6,000! And according to most of the nation is snorting, sneezing and itching with medium high or high allergy levels. 

Animals do suffer some of the symptoms we do, but they also tend to be more scratchy and itchy. Which is why vets suggest in addition to medications that we wipe our pets off with a damp towel when they come back inside.

As for us humans, experts make these suggestions:

Take medications at least 30 minutes prior to outdoor activity.

Shut windows and turn on the AC when pollen counts are high.

Dry laundry indoors.

Shower and wash your hair before bed.

You can even consider wearing a filter mask.

My girlfriend hasn't gone that far yet.

By the way, if you want your own girlfriend, she came from the Southern Hope Humane Society.

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Ahh Haa, I see we had to get in the obligatory Global Warming scam note in the report didnt we. Lets see, perhaps it would be easier Martin, if you in the MSM would make a list of things that ARE NOT due to the affect of GW. Since apparently everything is now connected. It would be much easier that way.

What utter nonsense, your pollen is not related to GW in anyway. The GW is not even related to human actions, unless we are also causing MARS to warm by 3 degrees and cause its polar ice cap to melt also. Its simply Solar variations and orbit differences.

Computer models are pretty much useless on weather predictions for months or years out. Weather is a non-linear system with a large dose of Chaos theory thrown in. Impossible to predict from static grabs of information.

She is sooo cute. She is lucky to have found you and vice versa. If only there were more caring people like you to adopt; then the puppy mills would be out of business. Southern Hope does such great work rescuing and trying to find good homes for all these unwanted pets. They have done so much for the animals in metro Atanta.

She is the cutest little Chihuahua. I hope she gets better.
I would suggest modifying her diet as this often helps with humans too (my niece who also is a doctor modified her diet and has much less allergies).
I have been in the pet industry for years and many pets foods are quite processed, try a more natural one that is rice based, no corn or wheat which are major contributors to allergies.

That's a cute story about Girlfriend, and I hope she feels better soon! I sometimes wonder if my cat Lucky has allergies except in his case it would be indoor ones because he's not allowed outside.

I love animal rescue stories and that's great about your pets. I often wonder how those rescued after Katrina (the ones who have neither been re-united with their owners nor found good new homes) are faring.

And I hope I'm not the only viewer outside of New Orleans who feels this way--but I hope you air more Katrina recovery news out of that city soon.

I had a cocker spaniel that was allergic to wheat and pollen. My adopted dog Casey is allergic to god only knows what and must take some children's benadryl every morning. Poor pooches.

So great to see that all of your pets are rescues, especially Girlfriend! How cute is she? Would love to see more animal related stories on the Nightly News. There are so many great animal stories, just here in Atlanta where the Animal Rescue community is very strong. I looked up the group you got Girlfriend from and included their website below. Cute dogs and they have a great story!

When wil you News Personalities make the connection between Global Warming, hotter spring and summer temps and the increase of pollen production and plant photoenzymic growth increases that have led to increasing pollen. The subsequent increase in adult and child respitory complications is a global warming effect that should be pointed out now.

Mr.Savidge, First, I must say that Girlfriend is so cute! I am sorry she has allergies, but living here in Alpharetta it is not hard to believe anyone is without having breathing problems. I know all too well about the high pollen count last week because my car seemed like it was covered in yellow paint. Those are very good tips you gave on dealing with the pollen. Just keep those tissues handy Martin because as long as your here in Atlanta in the Spring your going to need them.

Aw, Martin, Girlfriend is soooooo cute! Thanks for sharing her story! My orange tabby has allergies to dust. I have to be careful when I fill his litter box that he doesn't jump in too soon and get a wiff of dust. He comes out gagging and sputtering. Here's to hoping Girlfriend feels better real soon!

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