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One Action, An Entire Movement

Editor's note updated, 7:35 a.m., Feb. 17: All those inquiring how to help, please visit the Web site of Airline Ambassadors International.

Nancy Rivard is the president and founder of Airline Ambassadors International and the subject of tonight's story, which you've already read about from correspondent Kerry Sanders and producer Mario Garcia. We invited her to blog about her organization for viewers who may interested in helping her make a difference.

Nancy_and_orphans In 1993, I delivered my first bag of aid to a refugee camp in Croatia. From this singular act spawned Airline Ambassadors International (AAI). Over the last decade, our members have been at the forefront of a growing movement called "voluntourism." Voluntourism offers a way for caring individuals to become positively involved in the global community by traveling To make a difference. Our members have traveled the globe, helping to lift children and communities out of poverty and, in the process, create lasting bonds of friendship and kindness throughout the world.

It was great to have Kerry and the NBC team join us on this trip to visit orphanages and projects we support in El Salvador usual, everyone fell in love with the kids! Besides the hygiene, school and newborn kits, shoes and soccer balls, we also delivered the complete priority wish list requested by the CIPI orphanage director -- a new TV and DVD player, and furniture for the facility... and by the time we left... we had transformed the place with artwork!

Our team included artists, singers, corporate managers, airline personnel, a nurse, and caring individuals, each of whom contributed something special in his or her own way. Even 7-year-old Adam Mogilnicki brought cards and pictures from his first grade class. When asked what he thought of the experience, little Adam exclaimed, “I’m ready to go again and help more children!”

Going on an Airline Ambassadors trip can teach you a lot about yourself and, especially, about the differences that exist amongst the peoples of the world. Most importantly, however, is this lesson: although we might come from different cultures, we all share in the human condition and we all can help each other in ways we had never imagined.  uth Matranga tied all our feelings together when she shared, "We are not only here to serve others, but it is in the self-forgetting that one finds contentment."

Jose_rivass_familyA couple of weeks before the trip, I met a burn victim who had fallen into a pot of boiling water. AAI had arranged for Jose to be flown to the U.S. for medical treatment. However, on the last day of the trip, we discovered that Jose’s situation had become critical. Over the next 24 hours, we were able to work some magic – Shriners Hospital in Boston would take Jose, the Ministry of Foreign Relations expedited his passport and visa, American Airlines offered tickets, and USAirways and JetBlue each offered an airplane. When the planes didn’t pan out due to FAA regulations and Jose’s condition, Shriner’s helped manifest $32,000 to provide an air ambulance and the Chief of the National Police offered a helicopter from the hospital to the airport.  Sadly, after everything had suddenly come together, Jose passed away before he could be transported. However, Jose’s legacy will live on, as Airline Ambassadors is now creating a Children’s Emergency fund and has called upon airlines to contribute augment mileage programs (like AA's Miles for Kids in Need) to help children like Jose in the future.

From AAI’s staff of international travel experts to our local in-country contacts, we are dedicated to serving the less fortunate amongst us while maintaining a safe and rewarding trip for our members. We handle the logistics of the trip so that you are free to interact with the local community, helping the children and learning about the culture and about humanity. In addition to these AAI branded trips, which range in style and comfort, we also provide aid and logistics for individual AAI member-led trips so you can have the widest possible range of choices. So we urge you to find what is right for you and join us on personal mission of "Turning Compassion Into Action."

Photo captions: Top, Nancy shares a smile with orphans in Croatia. Bottom, Nancy joins Jose Rivas' family at the hospital.


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Iam a 49 y.o. Grandmother who would love very much to help in any way posible. I am free to travel and have prior medical experience that may be of some help. Please contact me if interested.

I was delighted to read your story and the wonderful work U R doing. We, members of Lions Club of Mumbai Su Jok R training people on how to get Pain relief without medicines.It takes about an hour to learn. Pain problems R costing the world billions. We shall feel lucky if we can teach your volunteers learn this simple, noninvasive technique and spread it in the world. One can treat with a ball pen or pencil. pl. see videos of training & treatment on our site, yahoo/videos, google/videos,,, contact

nancy - it is always a pleasure to hear of stories like this spotlighting the good that people are doing - i would be happy to help in any way i can just contact me - in the meantime i will try and be more patient each day with everyone i meet - try to spread the joy that is in me -
thanks again

Nancy, I just became an "angel" sponsor, a privilage to be able to help out. Please count on me to help more. I'm a retiree so I have spare time to travel and help out

I am very interested in helping in any way i can. Please tell me how to get involved. thanks

Nancy, you are truly an inspiration to me!

My heart is overflowing after watching NBC Nightly News and hearing your story. Now I am more determined than ever to make a difference.

You have helped to remind me, "never give up"!

:) Always, Robin

I would be blessed to help these children. please contact me and let me know how to become a volunteer.
I am available, capable and able to travel anywhere.
God bless you for your intervention as I'm sure your success is a blessing.

Please let me know how I can help. How do I get involved? I'm a dental hygienist and would love to volunteer my services or help in some other capacity.

Nancy, What an amazing grace you have been! Thank God you had the courage and stamina to overcome the initial resistence to this effort. It is a lesson to all of us -- the importance of the individual efforts of each of us and the power of one person to bring about HUGE change. You have translated into reality that wonderful image of a thousand points of light. How can I help?

I was very impressed with what Nancy has done and want to help.
I'm a retired banker, I travel a lot and am anxious to assist where I can. Please let me know what opportunities are available and how I can help.
God Bless

Thanks for what you do! Thanks for motivating me to get up and do something! How can I get involved?

I'm a fellow AA employee. I really enjoyed your news segment. Thanks for bringing so much joy and happiness into so many lives. I'm proud to work with you!

How can I get involved?


Please send me information on how to get involved. I would like to contact Nancy, and be involved in the AA trips - I am available to travel. Thank you. Your story was so inspiring!


I saw your story on NBC nightly news and was wondering how does one get involved with your mission?

Thank you
Julie Field
Dallas, TX

I'm 15 and LOVE kids and I would love to hang out with kids who dont have people to make them feel wanted I'm a highly sught after babysitter and would love to help out.

I would love to help. I have experience with children and the desire to do humanitarian work.Please let me know how I can help.

I was very touched by your story and am very interested in learning more about your organization and how I may be of help to you.
Thank you

How can my husband and I help such a wonderful organization? We would like more information pertaining to the AAI trips and how we can help some children in need.

want to join? it's easy. Go to

I loved the story. I am a medical professional and
I would like to help and how may I adopt a child?
You are doing an awesome job. Let me know how I can
help......please..Janet Smith

I loved this story! How can I personally get involved?

HOW, WHEN AND WHERE... I am very interested in finding out more about how I can join a Ambassador trip and when they go and to where...Thanks

Saw your story on NBC nightly news and felt compelled to contact you. I feel that I can help in so many ways, just don't know where to start. Hope to hear from you.

I am interested in knowing more about the program and becoming involved. Would like to be able to assist also by providing Medical Care in the Villages / Communities you are working with--may also be able to bring several Medical Students / Pediatric Resident Physicians to help.

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