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Offering warmth to those who need it

I remember receiving a blue, flowery blanket when I was seven years old.  I can describe it perfectly, because “Blanks” rests in a drawer in my bedroom to this day.  It is just a scrap of its original form, but Blanks reminds me of the warmth and security that it provided me when I was so young; and it still makes me feel that way today.  I remember agonizing when my brother hid Blanks to torment me, and refusing to go to bed until my mother returned it to me from the laundry.  I think every adult that had a blanket has a memory or two just like mine, which makes it easy to appreciate the significance of tonight’s “Making a Difference” segment.

Eleven years ago, a PARADE magazine photograph of a young cancer patient clutching her blanket inspired Karen Loucks Rinedollar, of Parker, Colo., to make blankets for children being treated for the disease at her local hospital.  “Project Linus”  -- appropriately named -- caught on, and today is a national enterprise comprising over 400 chapters and thousands of volunteer “blanketeers” who Mad_email_1_1 have donated nearly two million homemade blankets to kids during a time when they could use one.  In recent years, Project Linus has mobilized after national tragedies, such as the Columbine school shooting, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina, and for children that have lost a parent to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Karen Loucks Rinedollar covers a young patient at the Children's Hospital in Denver with a 'Project Linus' blanket.
Image by NBC's Ray Farmer

Karen’s idea has touched a lot of lives. As we followed Karen through the halls of The Children’s Hospitals in Denver and Parker last week, we witnessed the effect her gifts had on little children with big illnesses.  They loved it; the blankets were great therapy.  One nurse pointed out to me: “We can’t make all of these children better, but we can make it a better situation.”  Each of us that had a blanket as a child knows just what she means.  I hope you tune in tonight to meet Karen.

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What a great story! Our organization, HeartStrings Quilt Project donates quilts to Project Linus as well as many other local and international charities. I am constantly amazed at the number of people willing to spend the time and money making quilts that will comfort complete strangers.

More information about our project can be found at our website and you can read about the individuals making a difference on our blog

For those who have asked, here is the web site of Project Linus:

What a beautiful, uplifting "Making a Difference" piece on "Project Linus!"! Those blankets are so eye-catching and colorful and you can tell how warm and cuddly they are, it's easy to see how the people who are a part of "Project Linus" have been brightening the lives of so many children.

I would like to make a donation to Prokect Linus

I would like to donate a blanket for the kids. Please send me the necessary information. My e-mail is

Thank You Kathy Vogel


Linus is a wonderful story. How can someone become a volunteer for the program?

Bita -
Thank you so much for featuring Project Linus on the program tonight. I am one of the Project Linus blanketeers here in Connecticut and find it a most worthwhile endeavor. Just knowing that I can do something to make the trying times for a child a little bit better is very rewarding. On behalf of all of us, who sit with our yarn every day, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

What a wonderful and inspirational story!

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