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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

Brian Williams became the seventh anchor and managing editor in the history of NBC Nightly News on December 2, 2004. Read his full biography.

About tonight's broadcast

Tonight's NBC Nightly News will look very different to veteran viewers. We're experimenting tonight with something close to what our friends at PBS call an "underwriter" -- a single sponsor for the entire broadcast. Tonight, Philips has purchased the entire half hour. The commercial breaks will be limited (just two of them) and extremely brief. The comments I receive most often from viewers that I meet have to do with the content of the news itself... and our commercial load. We love our sponsors of course, all of them... they pay for all we do here... but for those interested in consuming as much news as possible with the fewest interruptions, we think you'll find tonight's format to your liking. We plan to do it again, and keep experimenting with it. I'd love to use it as a model for a new way to do business, but luckily for my company, I have absolutely nothing to do with the business side of NBC News. You WILL see a discernible difference in the amount of time devoted to NEWS in tonight's broadcast -- it is just a few minutes shy of the entire half hour, and that makes us all very happy. (Editor's note: We've set up a special feedback page where you can share your views with the broadcast and Philips. Just click here.)

Back to what I do for a living: Tonight we'll have thorough coverage of the state of the Iraq war and the domestic debate.  While Wednesday will find us originating the broadcast from Washington (where I will interview both Secretary Baker and Congressman Hamilton after they release their report), there is much to discuss in the interim. We will also check in with the homefront tonight, perhaps in more than one place, to see how Americans view this war right now (answer: it depends), along with the overall "mission" and the Commander in Chief.

Lisa Myers has a special piece of reporting tonight, on a post 9/11 reform we all just THOUGHT was in place. We'll check in on the California fires tonight (thankfully, the news seems good from Ventura County), and we will close the broadcast tonight with a special story I've prepared -- a story we had a lot of fun shooting today.

OK, more news means more work and more writing, so off to the newsroom I go. We hope you can join us on tonight's special edition of the broadcast.

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I have watched Walter Cronkite, until he left. I watched Peter Jennings, until he passed away. Now I have been watching you (except for Katie Couric's debut). That tells the rich heritage you are expected to join. Keep up the new format, eventhough it may not last long.

Hi Brian,
Thank you for the story on "The Homefront". That meant alot to me and my family. To see my brother Spc. Jacob Erskine. My mom was so excited to see him. Becuse he is worryed for her with her having M.S. and all... Thank you..

I remember when Tom Brokaw told us viewers he was heart was in a slump. But when he announced that Brian Williams was taking top spot, my heart rebounded pretty quick. I know you probably didn't feel worthy, but you are a fine reporter. Brokaw was King, but you're a fine Prince. Thank you for your dedication!!!

To Kathy, Colorado
don't know anything about CCTV9, but I'm assuming that if they broadcast in China, they are heavily censored by the Chinese government. I don't think that's something NBC Nightly News needs to learn to do. :)

If you could see it through my eyes you'd think one half of the goverment already censors all network news, and that half just won back both houses of congress. :-)

The FBI story if accurate was very sad, but not really surprising. I've listenied to too many hearings, and pressers on c-span from work. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that only thing in DC worth keeping is the Smithsonian

Hi Joe in Philly :wave24

I do hope that there is LOTS of follow up on Lisa Myers' story regarding the FBI's lack of basic knowledge about the culture of terrorism they are supposed to be fighting. It should be an absolute no-brainer that the people in charge of such a critical subject should know what the hell they are talking about and know the enemy. There is NO EXCUSE for this. It is pure arrogance and ignorance that makes them think they could efficiently fight terrorism without knowing anything about the culture and details about the people they are trying to stop. I was screaming at the TV when you showed pieces of the depositions of the major officials. They should ALL be fired. The FBI needs to start from scratch, period. What a waste of time and money. It is UNACCEPTABLE.

Its a move in the right direction, but let's be realistic. Adding a few scant minutes of news to a 30-minute broadcast doesn't exactly equate with comprehensive world news coverage. We need a one-hour news cast just to highlight the major stories!

Great idea!! Now only if the TODAY show and local news would follow in this example. Their tempo is more like one minute of news, ten minutes of commercials.

I usually Tivo through all the commercials, but I actually watched them last night. This format should be kept. It is brilliant.

And, I have to comment to Richard who said, "But then CCTV9, China has been doing this for years. They also do some other things very well. Watch and learn."

I don't know anything about CCTV9, but I'm assuming that if they broadcast in China, they are heavily censored by the Chinese government. I don't think that's something NBC Nightly News needs to learn to do. :)

For the first time, I watched the entire news w/o switching to other channels during the lengthy commercials. Brian, even if you had to take a salary cut to compensate for the reduced no. of commercials, please keep this up. The viewer loyalty will be priceless!

We hope you will have a moment this evening to follow up your great segment last evening on The Intrepid. A promise made was indeed a promise kept. Cheers!

Hi Brian -

Has it been two years??? Time does fly when you're having fun as you obviously are and that's probably the biggest difference between you and the other anchors.

It was appropriate for you to go to the Intrepid yesterday and check on the situation there. You go to the story without waiting for it to come to you. Still a journalist.

I hope the one sponsor per show catches on - I'm sure there are many companies who would love to be responsible for NBC Nightly News being aired. Everyone wins - you get time to do your job, and the sponsor gets recognition for supporting an intelligent newscast.

Joan Chapman, Cheshire, CT.

I'm so bummed that I had to miss the broadcast. Unfortunately was stuck at a corporate holiday hostage event. We tried watching from the bar but couldn't hear a thing.

I'm thrilled with the idea and would so love to see it become the norm.

Thank you. We need more news and less car commercials. Please don't fill the time with fluff. There is so much information which we need to hear and besides, we have "ET" for the fluff.

Loved the change in format. Enough of the Viagra commercials, we would rather have more of Brian.

it's good to have more news than commercials, but why changing the sounding of the beginning of the broadcast, the old one was better.

Great Broadcast! I am always happy when I can see more depth and insight to stories that mean more to the American people. The extended version gave the entire broadcast more meaning and the broadcast didn't seem rushed. Good job Brian and staff!

Congratulations to you Brian and to NBC Nightly News! I'm so glad you became a journalist. I like the idea of more news with less commercials. I hope you keep on doing this news format.

Yeu Nguyen

I enjoyed the "less commericals, more in-depth news" format this evening, even though it meant more work and more writing for you on your anniversary, Brian. Happy Anniversary to you !!!

I hope you will let us know how things go with the Intrepid tomorrow (loved your story).

Bravo. I mostly always watch NBC Nightly News, but I prefer The NewsHour on PBS precisely because I get more news and no annoying commericals. Keep this up and I believe you'll earn a lot more viewers. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary.

Excellent format. Hope to enjoy it again soon.

Tomorrow will be an investigative report on a scandal involving Pillips Electonics...just kidding.

I agree with Dave 100%. I really appreciated the newscast treating the American people like the smart esoteric society that we are. Ahoy there Matey, Loved the story about the Intrepid. As a history major in college whose War was World War II, I really enjoy any and all stories about that time in our history when we were all United against the common goal.

Having lived in the UK I find the commercial interuptions close to insanity so I spend as little time as possible at the idiot box If they can do it why cant you. Commercially they are doing pretty well by the way.

Thank you for having a reasonable amount of
commericals. Nothing worst then watching 10
minutes of news and 20 minutes of commericals.
To Brian Williams, Anchor & Managing Editor
congratulations on your two year anniversary
and may you enjoy many more years.

I would also like to add that I've made
my home page on the internet. Doesn't matter if
you are a democrat or republican, you cover both
sides. Great editorials and videos on both sides.
I really enjoy Hardball and the tough questions asked.

And last but not least you encourage feedback.

Thank you.

You are making the right move. In my opinion the major networks must disconnect news from "entertainment" and go back to fundamentals. The focus should be transparancy, truth, importance, and completeness. We must move away from sensational soundbytes sponsored by XYZ company. It is coincidence that I am watching you tonight as I normally only watch PBS anymore for nightly news.

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