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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

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The comments of an American general are gathering lots of attention, and our coverage of this current violent period in Iraq continues tonight. And we must continue to remember that at the heart of this or any debate over Iraq... are the Americans serving there, and their families over here.

Also tonight, an update on the Congressional Page scandal, a report on dirty bombs (just how "easy" a science is it?) and our promoted story on the rush to educate our kids, beginning in the crib.

We'll also read a few of our viewers' e-mails on the broadcast tonight.

Tonight I have the tremendous honor of being the speaker at the foremost event of the New York social and political calendar each year: the Al Smith Dinner. White tie and tails. It is traditionally a night of bipartisanship and good humor. I certainly intend for my remarks to meet that very definition.

As of 4 p.m. ET, my speech is not yet finished. I'd be really worried if I had, say, a broadcast to do between now and then.

You may have seen that our company is in the news today -- readers of the Wall Street Journal woke up to a page 1 lead story about NBC Universal, and I cannot allow this opportunity to pass without commenting on it here for those interested parties:

Nothing about the mission of NBC News changed today. It never will.

Just as there are new hot spots in the world, and just as we have been opening new bureaus to reflect that reality, we must also change to reflect a new electronic reality. In the 14 years I have been with NBC News, and even in the two years I have spent in this job, the way we distribute the information we gather has changed exponentially. It is time to change along with the various forms of media that are changing, and quickly, all around us.

30 Rock is our World Headquarters. It has always been the hub and the beating heart of this network. Our 24-hour cable news network, MSNBC, belongs here with the rest of the News Division.

If, at any time, the actions taken by my company today end up compromising our mission to gather and report the news, I will make my feelings known loudly and promptly.

We hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.

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Dear Brian,
My brother fought honorably as a Marine during the Tet Offensive, in the Da Nang, DMZ area. Every man in his squad suffered a debilitating casualty or was killed in action. The average age of the soldier in Vietnam
was 19 to 21 years. Please consider, honoring the fallen soldiers of the Iraq and Afganistan Wars by showing their names, ages and hometown in memoriam on the nightly news, each and every evening.

My name is SPC Sutherland, I'm in Iraq currently. I saw your piece on a man who was friend to me and many others in my company that was killed here. It ran on the 19th and I was wondering if you could have the video portion with his funeral emailed to me because there are a few people who did not get to see the show and I would like to show them. If that is possible you would make a lot of soldiers happy. Thank you.

I'm not really concerned about whether NBC's cutbacks and lay-offs will "end up compromising [its] mission to gather and report the news." Hard-working people with bills to pay lost their jobs today. That's the story I care about.

Let us not forget that the men and women of our armed forces joined willingly and voluntarily to serve our country. They knew when they signed up that there might be a possibilty of going to war and losing their life. They, then, chose to sign on the dotted line and begin their career in service of their country. I wish you would stop belittleling their sacrifice by making it sound as they did not know what they were doing and that, somehow, they need us to speak for them. It really makes them sound as if they are stupid and feeble-minded.
Please, let's try to praise them for the job they are doing in Iraq and Afganistan and support them, even if we do not agree with the war itself. Do not make them sound like a bunch of crybabies-which they are not.


The fact that the suicide bombers in Iraq are mounting casualities left, right & center might have something to do with the psyched & skewed motivation of these people on the count that their sacrifice during the holy month of Ramadan will send them to the Heaven. You cannot have so many guys donning the responsibility of giving away their lives in any other way. That's what I think.


I watch NBC nightly news exclusively because..."If, at any time, the actions taken by my company today end up compromising our mission to gather and report the news, I will make my feelings known loudly and promptly." Keep the faith. Americans need your stated integrity, objectivity and aim to keep the press free. NBC, through your reporting, is doing a great job for the good of this country by being clean of influential pressures pedaled through "nightly news." Report the truth and freedom will prevail in our nation. Give me the liberty, as an official Citizen, to know the true state of affairs, above all other liberties. Thank you. are such a class act, and I am positive that you will take NBC News wherever it needs to go, and I am more than happy to be along for the journey

Please continue to keep the war as THE top story. While the death numbers continue to climb and make the headlines, what seems to take a back seat is the number of wounded.It is currently in excess of 500 a month.Can anyone address one question to me?Our troops are being asked to do three or four tours of duty. Why not rotate the troop with the 30,000 in Japan or the 39,ooo in Korea?I would prefer all of our troops get the hell out now, but is Japan in some sort of danger than we're not aware of?Just another example of incompetence by our civilian military "leader".

The Al Smith dinner is one of those New York events that only native New Yorkers can appreciate. Any chance a video of the evening can be put on the web for those of us no longer residing in the City.

You should read more on-air emails more often!!

Pre-elementary children don't require "tutors" -- all they need is for their parent(s) to spend time talking to them, and reading to them, and playing with them -- that's how children learn at that age. Whatever happened to the good, old-fashioned concept of parents reading to their children? Don't parents want to experience the fun and joy of reading a good book to their little ones, and playing with them and teaching them the wonders of life? (Take a moment to imagine one of those "Read to Your Children" Public Service Campaign Ads, as done by Brian.) Is this new "trend" of hiring tutors for young children just another excuse for parents to pass on the upbringing of their children to someone else? Well, I suppose that would be a marginally better reason than if parents were doing it just because it's "all the rage" ... almost as if it's a fashion statement or the newest way of showing off wealth and status -- how awful that would be!

I have fond, vivid memories of my father coming home from work, kissing my mom hello -- he had his priorities straight :-) --, putting his briefcase down, and joining us kids on the couch to read to us the "funnies" out of the newspaper (he always started with Alley Oop), and finishing the last "funny" just in time to listen to Walter Cronkite tell the day's news. He read the Sunday funnies to us every morning before church, and he always read a bedtime story each night, as well. My mom took the time every morning to read to us a chapter or two from a book while we waited for the bus -- not just when we were young, but every year until we went off to college (I miss my Mom). Playtime with my mom was always "art-y" and fun, and my Dad used playtime as a time to teach lessons ... well, I suppose making mud pies was more about getting dirty than about teaching/learning, and my Dad was (and still is, according to my nieces) the best Mud-Pie Maker of all time!!!

As a matter of fact, even though I'm now "40-something" and Dad is 80, about four or five evenings each week he still reads the funnies to me just like he used to, right after I've started supper and just before Brian's broadcast; and on Sundays he reads them after church instead of before like he used to.

What wonderful, wonderful memories I have!!! What a sad, sad shame it is that there will be all those children whose memories will be of a stranger reading to them, talking to them, playing with them, teaching them ....

Now, please excuse me, 'cuz I need a tissue ... I wonder if it's too late this evening to call Dad to thank him for spending all that time with me instead of handing me over to a "tutor" ... what a lucky, lucky girl I am, indeed!!!

P.S. Brian, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a pic of you in your Whites ... I recently suggested that one of our local charities, whose fundraiser is held near Christmastime, be a White Tie and Tails affair ... I was (all in good humor), laughed right out of the room ... social/charity events aren't like they used to be around here (heavy, heavy sigh), so it's nice to know that there are still some functions out there that require ultra-formal attire.

And Brian, why do so many reporters including yourself start so many of their sentances with "And". And is this the reporter talking or do they write it this way and you read it. And I really do think you are the best reporter out there. And I hope you have a nice day.

Alot of information in a short time. You did good and your team was good too. Now as to the pronunciation I really do understand. I live in California but I was born and raised in New Jersey. Funny every time I pronounce a word people will say Oh your from the east coast. Just keep telling the truth and being non bias that's what Americans need now as other media are still twisting the truth. Nov. 7th can't come fast enough so we can start cleaning up this mess and bring our troops home. We're in the middle of an Iraq problem that we can't solve only the Iraq people can do that. I just pray our troops aren't tortured as the Bush stamp club approved torture to who ever they think is a terrorist and if they make a mistake oh well. Like Rummy said stuff happens and he could care less. Now as the the innocent people tortured by mistake let's see how the United Nations handles their complaints. Bush might feel it's ok to torture here in the US but will the other world leaders feel that they can't do the same to capture American soldiers.

A truck with a bomb of any kind getting close enough to any stadium to do any damage during game day is unlikely.

However, at most NASCAR events the infield is filled with RVs, at least that's the impression I get when the cameras sweeps past the RVs. Even without a bomb a few gunmen with semi-auto or automatic rifles on top of an RV can reap a lot of damage - 42 pits filled with gas for starters.

Does anyone really believe NASCAR security checks each and every RV?

Keep on announcing the needless casualties in a needless war in a country that was never a threat to us in the first place! The critic who equated this utter waste of life with the sacrifices made in the Normandy invasion of WWII obviously served in neither conflict, else he would understand the difference!

Just be glad you are not a lowly hourly worker at ge
without a union. HR will cut off its nose to spite its face. would give you my ge e-mail but would be fired tomorrow.

I still believe that the timing of this report is suspicious and I wouldn't be surprised that the Repubs attempted this hoax to conform to the timing of the midterms and to keep the concept of fear and terrorism and the Repubs being the only party that can protect. In as much as a party has not been associated with this supposed football back and forth, I think that the constent fearmongering is at the heart of this matter, using sports as a carrier of the warning. With the Foley Follies still ongoing, the Repubs need something, anyhting to get off of this poor selling point and on to soemthing that sells: fear. Game , set, and match!

I am a former Monmouth County resident who had the good fortune of meeting you at Brookdale College when you spoke there in 1993. (Do you remember Howard Finkelstein?!) I will never forget how you took a considerable amount of time - considering the circumstances - to advise me regarding possible job opportunities in TV/journalism. I have watched and admired you through the years, never thinking I would need to ask for your advice again....different topic, more important....A young man who lives in Maralal, Kenya - Joseph Ndigirigi, age 21 - has a dream to become a nurse, to help care for the AIDS afflicted children, etc., in his country. He is regarded as an "earth angel" by all who meet him, and he is so deserving of an opportunity to realize his dream. (If you need it I can provide his extraordinary back story) Can you tell me who I should contact about Joseph? There must be a way to help him, but I don't know where to start. Many thanks for any help you could provide.

Brian--As far as I'm concerned, you are the new Walter Cronkite and there isn't a doubt in my mind that you would do what you say you would do if you saw any of the coverage being "compromised."

Did I see you appear at SNL sitcom?? you did look good and appeared like a real Hollywood celebrity
-this is actually a compliment. Thank you for your
NBC news.

Jeez, so NBC will right a 10-year-old mistake, otherwise known as a newsdesk and associated technical operation in the NJ swamps.
Lucky for those few who will transfer to 30 Rock, and the lucrative unions contracts gradfathered therein.


What about doing the nightly news some night in you white tie and tails. It would be different!

Am hoping we loyal blog readers will be treated to a picture of you in your white tie and tails as well as coverage of the event. In non-presidential election years the Al Smith Dinner tends to be forgotten.

Methinks an attendee or two will be checking their Blackberries often for Mets updates.

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