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Presidential Fashionista

Who knew?! The President, the Commander-In-Chief, the leader of the free world was such a fashionista? Or is it fashionisto?

Today during his press conference in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Bush had kind words for your humble correspondent, specifically about my suit.

Kevin_suit "If I might say, that is a beautiful suit," said Mr. Bush, noting my brushed, slate gray suit, subtly accented by cobalt pinstripes and off-set by a cardinal tie-pocket-square combination. He continued, "And I can't see anybody else that even comes close."

How about that, Presidential plaudits... Dap from Dubya!

VIDEO: Watch President Bush's exchange with Kevin at Wednesday's press conference.

All this comes just a couple of months after Mr. Bush displayed his wicked sense of humor when he absolutely buried Cox newspaper White House correspondent Ken Herman for wearing a brown seersucker suit at a similar news conference. Three times that day, Bush poked fun at Herman's gear calling it a "ridiculous-looking outfit."

Today, I humbly thanked the President for his compliment and offered to put him in touch with my tailor (his name is Kurt Sayce).

But before you think it was all a love fest, Mr. Bush wasn't nearly as charitable with one of my fellow White House correspondents. When CBS' Jim Axelrod prefaced his question by saying, "My best suit's in the cleaners," the President retorted, "That's not even a suit!" Indeed, Axelrod was sporting a crisp, sport-coat-and-slacks combination.

The best part about the exchange? I've gotten notes from friends all over the country today (including some from people I hadn't heard from in years) saying they enjoyed the jousting.

And for that I say: Thank you, Mr. President.

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I am sufing the internet and just found you in a good lookin suit. Congratulations! You have come a long way from the Durell Center Apron!


Hi Kevin,

I agree with the President, that is a really nice suit.....and you looked really nice wearing it!

Hey Kevin, very nice to hear about you in this joyful way. We at Harvard always knew you are a greater dresser, best wishes, classmate!

Haha, Nice Job, Kev!

Now we know what BUSH thinks. Just hope he do not spend too much time on arranging his suit, or noticin if there is a single white hair droppin on RICE's shoulder.

And the word of the day is: toady.

a previous poster noted "Instead of jousting about clothing, how about doing your job and getting some answers to the questions that really matter---this president has had it too easy for too long." Amen to that. Seems like the president achieved his goal of flattering you with a compliment, making it less likely you'll get tough with him about the unbelievable failures in Iraq or North Korea or the scandals involving Abramoff or Foley. But who cares about the news--it's all about looking good!

If you are willing to be dressed down by his majesty's absurd public fawning over your attire, then I guess that you should retire from journalism of any type. Get to your job. You should have thanked him for his compliment, and then told him, nothing special here, now let's move along to some serious questions about your policies, actions, and the consequences of same. Then you could have helped us all by following up with another question so that we, the members of the public who are not members of the White House press corps could get some news and political insight from the president.
Oh, but that might have interferred with your receipt of future compliments on your wardrobe from the fashion critic in chief.

Hey Kevin!
As a Denver KUSA watcher, it was fun to see you front and center at the presidential press conference. Good for you for your continuing success in reporting and yeah, you looked good, too. You made Denver proud.

Some folks really need to get a life. I've followed your career ever since I met you when you and the Mighty Niners visited our small school in Arvada for fund raisers. I have noted your continued progress up the broadcasting ladder from 9-news to ESPN to NBC. Keep up the excellent work.

Hi Kevin,
I'm an art major (and therefore, uhum, qualified to make this assessment) and I must say just looking at you--you were worthy of a compliment from...anybody! Even a little ole granny with coke bottle glasses couldn't help noticing how nice you looked that day. Fine proportioned body with excellent taste in attire. I miss the days when most gentelmen looked as such (actually, I'm too young for those days but I've seen pictures and read stories ;)
Anyway, lets not lose our "art" in life as it is part of the balance. If anything, we need more beauty and elegance these days.

Geez, Kev, I'll bet you hardly remember us hicks back West who still dress off the rack...from Shepler's.

Kevin has been a great dresser for the 5 years Bush has been in office nice to hear that he noticed. The US is doing so great and safe that Bush just did some small talk. It's not as if we were at war, Congressman's sex offender or anything. The US is in great shape so just relax and enjoy. I guess it was Clintons fault for all the problems and Foley's abuse to kids. Kevin was a reminder of the Katrina victims and thought ha he looks great I can do that.

Geez, lighten up people! I am no fan of Bush and want him out out out, and yeah, I know he was probably trying to deflect the issues, but some of you have completely lost perspective. I hope all of you devote as much attention to fixing all of the problems within your domain before you have a laugh that you expect him to. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

In private, a compliment on your suit may have been appropriate. In a public setting it's at best a subtle power positioning or worse rude. Would you feel as free complimenting him on his suit at a press conference or criticizing his clothing choices in public? If not, you were had.

I remember when you worked here in Denver and now you're getting complemented by the president, what a rise to fame!

So the President is supposed to spend every second thinking about his job/Iraq and cannot waste a moment and notice and compliment someone on their suit. Maybe all you complainers should spend every second on your jobs and stop wasting your time on the internet.

God, the lunatic left needs to lighten up! Its a comment about a damn suit! Perhaps some of these loser lefties should put one on and stop blogging all day and get a job.

No doubt, Pres. Bush has a sense of style as well as class.

How about some news on Sen (dingy) Harry Reid's land deals?

His comments would be actionable workplace harassment if made in the corporate world.

Instead of jousting about clothing, how about doing your job and getting some answers to the questions that really matter---this president has had it too easy for too long.

Besides Marilyn I don't remember names and I'm too lazy to google them, but they're all potential answers to the question, 'what would Kennedy have been doing right before this kind of meeting?"

People joke around in life-or-death situations all the time; this was 'just' a meeting with the press. C'mon. It barely registers on the radar of what I'd condemn him for. Forget reckless navigation, on the sloping decks of the Titanic, how DARE the band play an upbeat ditty like 'Ragtime'?

In the face of what was either a period of methodical deceit or incompetence on the part of the GOP, I worry that Democrats will fall prey to this sort of distraction. Allowing anger over real transgressions, anger even his supporters share this time, to drive us to seize like fanatical banshees on nonsense like this, "Closetgate". We have a real chance of breaking the back of this hegemony in November because of real issues. If someone leaves the lights on overnight in the White House kitchen, let's not try to turn it into a referendum on Bush's energy policy.

There are still many moderates and undecideds who lean toward the belief that a crisis-ridden GOP is still better than the alternative -- because they inexplicably feel that although we often have a point, we're also highly prone to irrational outbursts.

as per Don Smith's comment i would bet that the fighting troops in iraq, with brothers and sisters dying, still crack a few jokes every now and then why should the president not attempt to keep spirits up as well?

Hmmmm....great compliment from the Emperor Who Has No Clothes...

Represent Kev!

I liked your suit as well and enjoyed your article.
After reading the comments posted here I’ve come to the conclusion that the Bush haters and far left crowd will take every opportunity to make vile comments about the President. Even when the story is about a complement on a suit!

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