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Taliban in our sights -- an update

I received an urgent request from a U.S. Army colonel via e-mail this morning. He said that the surveillance photo I included in my blog post yesterday of Taliban members gathered at a funeral in Afghanistan should not have been released, even though I was told by others in the U.S. Army that it had been properly declassified. The colonel asked me to pull it off the Web site.  There was no more explanation than that. As a courtesy, and with an awareness of the danger U.S. forces are in, I had the photo pulled.

We are now returning the picture to this blog after Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters in a briefing today that he is unaware of any official Pentagon or military request to pull the photo off or not to air the photo. I have also spoken to the military intelligence officers who gave me the photo and they say while there are now some internal debates about the release of the photograph, it's declassified and ours to broadcast and print on the Web.

So here is the photo -- again -- and a link to my original post from yesterday:

Photo courtesy: U.S. Army

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When was this picture actually taken? Why would a bunch of terrorists congregate in this fashion? Perhaps, this is why our government didn't want to blow up this site. They might be able to find DNA. This and the questions about Osama's death could lead one to believe that there is more here than meets the eye.

With the new rumors of Osama's death on Aug. 23... any idea of the DATE of this picture?

The most likely reason for not bombing is because the Officer who would have ordered the strike and the aircrew that would have carried it out were likely to face charges from the DOD for "Violating the Laws of War". Interesting how the politicians make our soldiers follow rules that don't apply to this kind of war so we don't "offend" the Muslims. Somehow they don't have a problem with offending us.

About the last post, "all of the men appeared to be dressed alike in uniform", you are right, now Taliban are more organized than the Afghan National Army and Police. They(Taliban) have worked hard in about 5 years to achieve this. Meanwhile the Afghan Military and Police(or rather the officials" have wasted the lives and the money which was donated by the International Community and failed to rebuild Afghanistan and bring security back.

People, I think it should be fairly obvious why they weren't Bombed. It's the same reason why this admin. does everything half ass. They are no longer looking for Osama,so why kill his buddies. If they did we might actually start winning this "war" and then the Repugs would have nothing to scare us with. This entire endevor has been halved or mismanaged, so much so that people should begin to see a pattern if they would look. Unfortunatly there is not enough space on this Blog to list them all. And, as far as this Pic. I'm suprised the Repugs didn't try to blame Clinton!

Last thing I remember about the Geneva Conventions, is that they dont apply to UNLAWFULL ENEMY COMBATANTS. i.e. Islamo Nazis. We are not fighting a country, we are fighting TERRORISTS. It's sad to see even a few republicans don't get it. We ARE in a WAR with an enemy that has no regard for us, our beliefs, what we would like or don't like, they want to completely destroy us and all freedom stands for. The sooner the WORLD realizes this. The sooner we can get rid of them.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not we are missing the big picture here. I find it very disturbing that the post above stated that Kerry was contacted by someone in the military stating that the above picture should not have been released but that he re-posted it after contacting his sources in the military. I become more and more disturbed when these so called sources always wish to remain annonymous. They wish to remain annonymous because they are participating in releasing information that they are not suppose to. If it truly at the time was declassified, why don't the sources identify themselves and take accountability. The fact that a photo such as this is posted for everyone to see, tips our hand to the very people that we are attempting to stop. They now know we are watching that area and will once again go underground. Sometimes the media in their attempt to "keep the american people informed" go too far. A prime example is the situation involving Heraldo when he was at the front line stating that he couldn't say where he was but then began drawing a very, accurate and informative map in the sand. Sometimes we don't need to know everything. We need to let the military do their job without letting the cat out of the bag all the time. But I'm sure after reading this someone will attempt to try and tie all of this into saying that the president is out of control.

Not a chance in hell that you'd ever catch the Taliban in a formation like this. The commander made the right call. Who knows what we would have hit if we pulled the trigger on this one?

I think the bigger question should be-
Who's funeral could cause 190 taliban fighters to gather in one place?

Unbelieveable. In the early days of the War against Islamic Fascism, the Pentagon was presented with an opportunity to kill Mullah Omar when an armed CIA Predator Drone identified him getting into a vehicle. A General Officer on watch at the Pentagon's National Operations Center at the time asked one of the DOD attornies if he could kill Mullah Omar, and of course the legal beagle's answer was "no". The General wimped out and this lead to bitter commentary in the press and from President Bush that we hadn't taken the shot against a clearly legitimate military target. It looks like from this picture, with believed "high level Taliban" lined up in formation prepared to meet Allah, we've flinched again and denied granting them their most fervored wish! Now that this battalion sized grouping of enemy fighters has dispersed, how many Afghans and Americans will die because we didn't drop two or more Hellfires into their midst? Had this been a grouping of American military at a memorial ceremony for our fallen heros, do you think that the our eniemies would have hesitated to drive a suicide bomber into their midst and detonate several thousand pounds of explosive? What will this Colonel's superiors say to him if we later find out that Mullar Omar was in this very photo...again...and he didn't take the shot? The officials who failed to take immediate action on this target of opportunity should be disciplined for dereliction of duty.

Yep, that's what we need - more killing. Don't think, just bomb bomb bomb. Last I heard the Taliban didn't give a lick about the US - true, they are evil whackos. But as Israel fails to understand, vengance only leads to more vengance, violence to more violence, misunderstanding to more misunderstanding.... why must we follow in their footsteps?

If we knew they were Taliban, it would have been a golden opportunity to rid the world of them. After all, we wouldn't be killing any innocent civilians they usually hide behind. The people in the cemetery are already dead. We should not play by the old rules of war with these terrorists. The old rules don't apply.


So... we couldn't take any action when they drove away from the funeral? Really? We couldn't have watched where they went after?

Our enemy lives by a code that we can not and should not understand - kill anyone that does not believe as we do no matter what the cost. I personally would have loved for a missle to take them all out. In fact I often wish we would just carpet bomb the whole country and turn it into a parking lot!!! But that would mean we have stooped to their level in our conduct - war or no war. As Americans, there are many things that we do that are hard, one of which is to try and live by a set of principles that our enemy can not comprehend. We do not do it for them. We do it for ourselves. What is it that is meant to set us apart? It has to be more than that we are the biggest bull in the woods. Our code, our conduct in the face of adversity, and our willingness to stand morally tall when others will not. Do we always do this? No. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try. With that said, I wish we had bomb the hell out of em!! I've still got growing to do.

It would have taken one missile, rather than an unknown number of American lives to get rid of the Taliban fighters.

If there was no doubt it was Taliban, who cares where they were or what they were doing. Just like fish in a barrel to me.

"Holy Ground"? Please. The mosques that the Islamofascists routinely use for weapons caches and hiding places are "holy ground" as well. But, it is alright for THEM to use them, because it is in the name of Islam. In fact, ANYTHING goes, including lying and murdering civilians is alright if it is in the name of Islam. You see, there are no "innocent civilians" to our enemy, because every devout Muslim is a soldier of the jihad, fighting for Islam. That is why they strap belts of C4 and ball bearings on their children, so they can go kill the infidels. All these animals want, is to control the entire world under the global caliphate, and institute Sharia law everywhere. Is that what you want? You want your wife and daughter fitted for a burka? Oh, that's providing you convert; if not, you might be given "dhimmi" status, and have to wear a special badge (Muslims started this practice; the Nazi's just borrowed from it later).

It is very simple: They want to kill us. So you want to just sit down and talk with them? Let the little dears express themselves?? They just might invite you in for a nice conversational dinner, then saw your head off with a dull knife for being an "infidel". We've see this happen with journalists over the past few years.

There can be no negotiating with them. It's time for us to stand up for ourselves.

As far as respecting "holy ground" goes - war is hell. You either kill your enemy, or your enemy kills you. I'm tired of our spineless, PC-fixated, ACLU-driven, "rights-for-the-terrorists" direction. Time to grow a backbone, folks! There is nothing the Islamofascist nazis would like better than to detonate a nuke during halftime of the Super Bowl. How many ACLU lawyers would be bellying up to defend those bastards then? Too many, I'm afraid.

Islam means "submission" - I will NOT submit.

Fighting a dirty war while wearing white gloves will only get more Americans killed. It's time we put aside the PC rhetoric and get down to what needs to be done to defeat this enemy as surely as they will defeat us if we don't.

I'm with Lisa L. and Bill Banks....the wimp responsible for this decision ought to resign or be forced out...

Bush and his rules of engagement...NUTS !
Typical of why we are wasting our young american lives and waste opportunities such as not attending the conference in Cuba and continue to loose the faith of another continent.

I truly hope that the message from William Jefferson Clinton was just someone using his name. First of all, they are the Geneva Conventions, not the Geneva Convention, but then again, maybe his spelling tells us more about him.
Taliban are Taliban. Kill them wherever they congregate. Does anyone think that they wouldn't kill us at a "funeral"?

Just a question? Does the (N) in the pix mean North?
If so is this the proper way a Islamic Taliban fighters are burried? i thought it was east to west?or do they point towards mecca? just some thoughts. to try to find answers to what we are (Really) looking at.

The comments about no casket. If you see a casket at an Islamic funeral it's for carrying purposes only. They don't go into the ground in a casket. (I attended the funeral of a husband of a lady who is Islamic.) Since he was buried here in the US he was put in a concrete vault but otherwise the body is wrapped and put into the ground that way. The ladies are usually not allowed to go to the cemetery - my friend was given permission by her husband's brother but she and her female relatives and friends had to stand back away from the grave. It could be the white object in front of the truck is the wrapped body. They always face Mecca when they pray - they don't stand around the grave - that's why it looks like a formation.

These animals are killing our men and women like clock work and we passed on this!! Are you kidding me!!! This group will kill another 100 or so Americans, you can count on it. I would like to talk to the person who made this call........Idiot....

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