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The news from Ford is stunning. This is a game-changer. It will have an incalculable effect on Detroit, though I understand the analysts and executives who say: it's restructure or die. Cars have changed and so has the market for them. We'll report on the news of the day and what this means.

Also tonight: the President goes to the Hill, and David Gregory will bring us up to speed on politics. Andrea Mitchell is in Havana for the summit of non-aligned nations... meaning basically all those who didn't want to be our friend or the Soviet Union's (with exceptions, of course) back in the 60s. What an interesting gathering... how often do all of this nation's enemies gather in the same hotel ballroom, after all? The fact that it's happening 90 miles off the coast of Florida makes it all the more interesting.

We have interesting reports on things military, on science, medicine and technology. Colin Powell made news today, and we'll talk about that, too. I've got to go get my hands in the mix. Off to the newsroom. I hope you can join us for our Thursday night effort.

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It's sad that the more I think on it, it seems that our country uses third world countries as cheap labor. I've heard this said many times. But I finally have really thought about it and it is not just someone talking anymore. If we truly tried to help these countries build their economies, we would still have factory jobs here and not there. Our country in its policies has allowed big business to leave the American factory worker high and dry in order for big business to make more profit. Business is not worried about the worker, or for that matter our country, anymore. It's worried about its profits, at any cost. The American People make up our country, not just Big Business. What's to happen to the U.S. when we don't make anything anymore and we can't buy it from other countries? What will happen then? The billionaires and zilionaires will just move to one of their homes in the Caribean or elsewhere and live quite comfortably, since their businesses are oversees anyway. We, the working people, will have to deal with the problems. I wish all our branches of government would actually THINK about the responsibilities they have to the citizens. And then do what they need to do to end what the big businesses are legally doing. Just because something is legal, doesn't make it right.

Dear Brian:

I resent your description of the Group of Unaligned Countries as a "list of America's enemies". The primary obligation of a journalist is to report the news without bias. But your characterization of these nations as "America's enemies" only helps inflame the paranoia of the American people, and prevents a true understanding by Americans of how the United States is perceived by the rest of the world.

These nations, most of which are Third World countries struggling to develop their economies, are "unaligned" because they do not want to blindly follow the dictates of American imperialism as they are meted out by its financial arms, The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

If we want true homeland security, it is high time for the United States Government to stop acting as the world's schoolyard bully and start operating from a position of truly wanting to lend a helping hand to those very nations. Our blind support of Israel should be scrapped in favor of true bi-lateral support for a Palestinian State along with the state of Israel. If our government took this posture, I for one believe that the attitude of most of the Muslim world toward the United States -and therefore our own homeland's security- would improve overnight.

The majority of this nation's enemies all meeting together in Havana 90 miles south of is very interesting. Maybe a good opportunity to "take out the trash".
But of course our elected officials are more concerned about politics, elections, contributions and whose rearend they need to kiss up to in Washington. Probably jsut going to be another missed opportunity by this Government. Wouldn't be suprised in six months is an intel report emerged stateing that Bin Laden was also in Havana!

new?news? are you kidding me? powell's statement was very important along with Gram and warner. This is very important stuff and i believe it should lead you broadcast no questions asked. just my opinion

Seems to me that just because Mr. Bush says, "it's not torture" doesn't mean that is necessarily true. If these "alternative techniques" were being applied to our people, I doubt we would call it anything other than "torture". The Senate is right in opposing this.

I'd hate to say it Brian, but it is the price of procrastination. I've been driving an economy car for 20 years all because of the last 1970s oil crisis. If calculated at $2.00 a gallon, the 180K miles I put on my Chevy Nova (which got 45-mpg no matter where I went) saved me an estimated 16K over any vehicle that only gets 15-mpg! All the while I watched the country go from a Chevy Camaro craze right into an SUV craze that utterly never seemed to end. Ford placated and lobbied for low mileage and they are paying the price. On the other hand, I am VERY happy to see today that Honda has just developed an enzyme that will allow discarded plant matter to be broken down into a “significant” amount of Ethanol! Another area that the US is behind on... What else is new?

Mr. Williams,

Enjoy Havana! As a Canadian, I am blessed with the ability to visit this beautiful city and country on a regular basis. As a visiting American, I hope you will experience the same beauty and warmth in its people and culture.

There’s absolutely no other country and culture quite like Cuba – With many defining characteristics the result of US trade embargos.

Despite the obvious negative impacts of trade embargos, if you look hard enough you’ll find a resilient, highly educated population who triumphs without the support of its neighbour 90 miles away. I hope you will find time in your broadcast to share aspects of this story.

I hope you will have a moment to honor a great lady we lost today, namely Ann Richards. Spunky, yet on point in calling it the way she saw it...if you know what I mean.

I think the subject ballroom should be targeted by a missle therby settling many things Michael Corleone style

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