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Patience is a traveling virtue

As of 7:30 a.m. ET, the security lines at New York's JFK airport are pretty unreal. While on the AirTrain to JFK, we passed JetBlue's Terminal 6, which had AT LEAST 1,500-2,000 passengers standing OUTSIDE to get into the terminal. To me, it was a sight reminiscent of crowds outside of the New Orleans Superdome after Katrina.

At American Airlines' Terminal 9, where I am currently standing in line for a 10 a.m. flight to Los Angeles, the security line numbers in the hundreds. Luckily, they are dividing it in two -- people scheduled to fly out within the hour and another line for the rest of us (so much for getting here early). Check-in lines are also in the hundreds.

This is certainly a traveling day I'll never forget. Hopefully, I'll make it to my destination today. Thankfully, Starbucks, the BlackBerry and a good book will help the time go by! My first stop in Los Angeles -- the local drug store -- to stock up on the essentials I had to leave behind.

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If you believe you are safe on an airplane, just because security keeps devising creative ways to make your flying experience more inconvenient and uncomfortable: you are wrong!

1. Surface to air missile - it's been done before.
2. An altitude bomb in the luggage compartment - checked baggage doesn't really get "checked".
3. A baggage handler "mole" to either slip explosives into the luggage compartment or hide devices on the plane. (I think 9/11 had this scenario).
4. A pilot "mole". Several years ago, an Egyptian copilot simply put the airline into a steep dive and sent the plane and the passengers into the ocean. The black box recorded his final prayers.

Just remember, there are no guarantees in this life. Years ago I mentioned to a friend that I don't fly, because I had a premonition that I would die in an airplane crash. She pointed out that I could be in my car or my house and have an engine fall off of an airplance overhead and land on me.

Okay folks--aqs Leonard Pitts (columnist) said in todays paper, getting blown outta the air is the biggest inconvience of all--And yes, as a frequent international traveler (and I live part of the year in Cairo Egypt for work) I would say that at the moment everyone is in a state of shock--but things will sort themselves out and we will be able to take paperbacks on an aircraft again--just maybe not so much stuff as carry-on...Take a breath --clear your head.

Francis is right on the mark about one thing: Muslims need to start speaking out out about this and start condemning what these other Muslims are doing in "their" name....until this happens I'm afraid our view of Muslims will not change.

Francis said she aint gonna put up with some
LOW PAID NIT WIT when she travels. that is Profiling at its finest, and if you have that attitude, i dont want to sit next to your "lotion" soaked, ben gay ridden, stanky self anyway.
LOW PAID NIT WIT? Stay in Tampa with your "buddies" and don't travel. I'm sick of your whining

it appears that Francis and ?San Diego chump wumpa feel that they are certified in "profiling" terrorist and the threats they pose. Awesome. I just got back from Afghanistan and was shot at by people in wheel chairs, women with children and children as small as 12 years old. I saw a woman with a child, detonate an IED and then turn and walk into a vehicle that exploded itself. Don't tell me they shouldn't pat down "people that have never done anything wrong" in their Lives. its a RANDOM activity. RANDOM. Your woeful cries of unethical scrutiny falls on deaf ears with me. And for the record, you don't know JACK about profiling.

I think Francis makes some great points. I don't think alot of people would mind all the ever-changing security measures if it wasn't so ridden with the inefficiency we're always reading about or witnessing. How is a rude, graduated burger-flipper suppposed to recognize a true threat? I can't count how many times now I've seen handicapped people, expectant mothers or senior citizens being patted down and searched, while a person who should be looked or profiled gets to go right on through the line.

I am totally fed up with this situation at the airports. I will never fly again as long as the this security harassment continues. I not paying some airline hundreds of dollars for a trip and then have to stand in airport lines for hours. I don't care if all the air carries go bankrupt.
Taking our basic freedom of movement in our own country away is not acceptable, we are becoming a police state, no better than Russia or Germany was in the 1950s. The American and Canadian governments are doing the job for the terrorists. They are terrorized by them!
A lot of people that I've spoken to in my age bracket feel the same, we are just not going to put up with this any longer. I'm retired and spend thousands of dollars a year traveling to Vegas and other Southwest destinations and I'm not going through this anymore.
I've have medicines in cream form that I have to carry with me and use and I'm not going to stand infront of hundreds of strangers and try to explain to some low paid half-wit why I need them. This is nothing more than harassment by the government and does nothing to stop terrorists.
This problem with the terrorists is just an excuse for the government to control people and get their nose into peoples business.
If the the government really wanted to stop terrorists, they would start racial profiling at airports and check people who look like Muslims or have Muslims names.
Right now it's a lot of smoke & mirrors with security people checking 60 & 70 years old people and other groups who do not fit the profile of terrorists and have never done or caused any problems in their life.
It's about time that Muslims started taking responsibly for the actions of some of their race.
This is not being racist. Example, we charge all young drivers hugh premiums because of the fact that some of them are crazy drivers on the road. So they are all forced to bear the burden. The same reasoning should be applied to Muslims at airports.
As long as Muslim countries like Iran and Syria condone terrorists, they should have to deal with the reactions, just like Westerners have to deal with the lack of rights, when in Muslim countries.

I believe the new restrictions are an over reaction. I understand the possibility of someone using an open beverage,or other liquid, container to sneek in an explosive or flammable liquid. That would explain the need to ban previously open beverage containers. That does NOT explain the need to ban unopened beverage containers. I can also understand banning some types of liquid hygiene products that the typical person would not need to use while on a flight, such as lotion, deodorant, sun tan lotion, hair gel, etc. However, there are some essentials. The most essential "gel" or "paste" is toothpaste. If I am flying overseas, there is no way I am going to wait 18 hours or more to clean my teeth, which would be the situation if I fly to Australia again, or New Zealand, China, etc. I am also concerned about Bush trying to score political points, attempting to once again justify the Patriot Act and other deprivations of our civil liberties. The Patriot Act appears to have had absolutely nothing to do with discovering this plot. In fact good old fashioned intelligence by Pakistan and UK discovered the plot. We can not let these incidents destroy our democratic institutions, as Bush keeps trying to do.

I thought the threat was from a specific group of people in the UK that were going to bomb airliners flying from London to the US. And the culprits have been caught. Now we are supposed to think they are under every bed, and will be on every plane from every airport in the US???

Just because the government goes crazy does not mean we all need to lose our senses.

Basically everything is a target and unless we all plan to move underground into the abandoned air raid shelters of the 1950's, we must get up every day and do what we have to do. It is more frightening to think that we cant live our everyday lives and have to be in the grip of fear. Perhaps the media tells us too much or not enough..

Is anyone also looking at OTHER modes of transportation? trains, subways, bridges, etc...... we are putting all out eyes on planes, when the threat may be everywhere else, too

I don't see how anything will ease up. All I see is everyone's patience stretching too thin in the wake of all this. One side says we're all ignorant and uncaring for being upset over the further loss of our freedoms, while the other side calls everyone else sheep for wanting to follow the new "safety" procedures. Both sides (in their own way) are, unfortunately, all the ways that really matter, at least.

"...Divided, we fall."

everything is still in panic mode. Everything will ease up and we will all get used to it, like everything else... By next week most of the countries school children return to class, so there will be less vactioners, and my Early Sept the entire country goes back to school. Travelling should improve and people should not give up..

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