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Why did Israel bomb the Beirut Airport?

Analysts say there are two possible reasons and they are not mutually exclusive. Israel wants to keep Iranian arms from getting in and Israeli captives from being flown out.

Beirut Airport has long been key to Iran's supply of all kinds of material to Hezbollah. Iran's Revolutionary Guard has supplied Hezbollah with more than $1 billion of supplies over the past 25 years, say U.S. intelligence officials, as much as $150 million a year during tense times. The majority of it is flown in on an Iranian 747 cargo jet that unloads at Beirut Airport, where Hezbollah agents  pick it up and drive it to the Bekkah valley south of the Lebanese capital. Anti-aircraft batteries, Katyusha rockets, armored vehicles, small arms, anti-tank missiles, etc. have all been sent. Beirut is the only airport in Lebanon capable of handling that 747. The initial deployment was in 1982 with planes bringing in supplies as needed. By the 1990s the flights had fallen to a  quarterly routine. With Hezbollah under fire in Israel, now would be a time to resupply.

The U.S. regularly monitored the flights using the defense attache's office at the U.S. embassy in Beirut. Defense attaches would literally dart in and out of the convoys in diplomatic vehicles, snapping pictures and taking notes about the latest deliveries.

But there may be another reason as well, say U.S. officials and analysts. Israel may not want the two soldiers captured earlier in the week flown out of the region to Tehran. Israeli officials have said they have information that that is Hezbollah's plan. In fact, one analyst notes, the Israelis also bombed a small airfield near the border, again suggesting a desire to keep the soldiers nearby and out of Iranian hands.

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SZ -- Rather than trim away old comments, I'm shutting them down on this thread. Fred, Pat, John and yourself are the only people still posting and the discussion is very personal and way off the original topic at this point. I hope you all enjoyed the dialogue and I hope you'll continue to contribute to this blog's more recent posts. Certainly the conflict in the Mideast will remain a top focus in this space and I'm sure you'll have ample opportunity to discuss the subject.

Also, thanks for making this the MOST COMMENTED blog post ever on The Daily Nightly. It really is great to see our audience so engaged.

To Anon (whoever you are): I'm not surprised at your lack of understanding of "free", considering your defense of the indefensible.

When your goal is to exterminate millions of people, I understand that you have to ignore many clear human principals.

Can you please "trim" this page and archive the older posts. It takes such along time to load with my slow internet connection. Thanks.

To Pat
I appologize for my mistake. The post replying to "hiding behind women" theory wasn't supposed to be addressed to you. I also accept you other point, you can call me SZ

To Pat:Anonymous communicating with you addressed it to you by mistake. He/she should have addressd to anonymous.

To Pat
Dear friend "free world" is indeed a nonsense. You call your country free, i call mine. Now who will be the judge? This terminology is used by neo-colonists to undermine the sovereignty of nations that do not take orders from them. Are France and Finland part of the free world? Or after criticizing Israel they have lost that status? People can have different beliefs and opinions. It does not mean that if you don't like their opinions you say that they are not part of the free world. It is surprising that today the nation that calls itslf the leader of free world was once the leaders in slave trade and where whites and blacks were not officially equal as recently as forty odd years ago. Islam had declared all men equal fifteen hundred years ago. So free world is just a rhetoric.

I did not write the post about women so I don't know why you attribute it to me. It was not signed.

If people want to debate here, they need to use some type of identification so everyone knows whom they are addressing.

Dear members of this website:
1) TO John:I'm afraid you are a little off in your latest note, not to mention prior ones. You mention that our cause is being used to keep us "down poor uninformed confused brainwashed"...etc. Wow, you must have an excellent imaginary power for artistic purposes and English composition classes.
First, not all Palestinians are poor; like wise, not all of them rich(Same for French, Americans, Italians...etc.) I'd rather be poor in a free Palestine without Germans/Lituanians/Latvians/Estonians/Italians/..etc occuying it than a rich Palestinian refugee in Jordan or Lebanon while Germans/Lituanians/Latvians/Estonians/Italians occupying my home country-Palestine. Bangladesh, according to UN statistics, is the poorest nation on earth. Do you mean they should disolve their country in favor of richness and money?!!!!!!!!
'Oh and by the way there has never been a nation named palestine"...etc. I'm giving you the liberty of defining that word. If you define 'nation' as human beings, YES THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN PALESTINIANS IN THAT PART OF THE WORLD.
If you define 'nation' as a country/state/government raising taxes and building hospitals/schools & providing for armies/navies/air forces, well, we never had the chance before as we were under Ottoman ococupation, then British who smuggled people from no less 2 dozen countries into Palestine who wasted no time in committing massacres/terrorism against the Palestinians. If there was no US government/country before 1776, you mean there shouldn't be one?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After getting rid of British in this part of the world, the American nation/country/government was born/created/started(YOU FAILED TO PROVE WHY SHOULDN'T BE A US NATION/COUNTRY/GOVERNMENT AFTER GETTING RID OF THE BRITISH!!)
Our friends are:Lots of people/countries who help us in the MIddle East and the world(in Europe:FRance, Italy and Greece.)
What is important:For the Palestinians to go and live peacefully in a free Palestine WITHOUT Lithuanian, Latvian, EStonian, Russian, Ukranian(just like the US lives WITHOUT British occupation.)
Why is difficult for you to digest this simple fact/answer?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2)To one of the anonymous(note from 8/3/06 7:51:09am)
'Hezbollah shouldn't be entering sovereign nations...etc.' Hezbollah did NOT enter or kill Lithuanians in Lithuania, Latvians in Latvia-did they?
You can't expect Lithuanians to occupy Middle East without resistance against them, do you?!!!!!!!!!
(No more that you expected the Germans to occupy France without resistance against them!!!!!!!!)
As to "Arabic and/or Muslim women - when they are enslaved from birth by their own men, uneducated, mistreated"...etc. YOU, like millions of people, ARE QUITE MIS-INFORMED in this country. YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF THE MEDIA AND ITS LIES. YOU ARE UNEDUCATED. Arab(Christians) treat their mothers/daughters/wives/sisters just like your fathers/sons/husbands/brothers treat you, if not better. The TV's show you part, but not everything of the Middle East. There are women with MD's, PH.D's in the Middle East, just like in any other country. Of course, there are ignorant women in the Middle East, just like in any other country. Some countries have an education rate higher than a lot of countries in the west. As to Muslims, I leave that for a Muslim person to answer. I like to mention that Islam freed slaves(men AND WOMEN) thousands of years ago. Slaves(men AND WOMEN) existed in Western cultures until lately!!!!!! All I can tell you, non of the Middle Eastern countries(Christian or Muslim) allows prostitution like the 'modern' Europe(HUngary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Checkslovakia) or your 'free and decent/religious' Israel. 'There is no excuse for domestic violence' is a sticker that I've seen on dozens of cars. Pornography(including child pornography) is something that is being created by the 'free and modern western world'. You know that in some cultures in south east Asia, young virgins(about 10 years) are offered on tables!!!!!!!!! If I were you, I wouldn't go into a cultural showdown/comparison. YOu don't want others to criticize us that our 'profits' in the Bible married and intercoursed their own biolgoical daughters!!!!!!!!! YOu know that in some 'Christian' groups in this country, a man marries a woman and her daughter & makes love to both at the same time in the same bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Correct me if I'm wrong, & please ask a biologist, animals don't practice incest. Some characters in the Old Testament did!!!!!!!!!!!!!) What are you saying, that if the women are mis-treated in a country, the country should be under occupation?!!!!!! If a country has legal prostitution like some European countries, it should be free without occupation?!!!!!!(Obviously, there is no correlation between the 2 subjects. For the future, please, stick to the subject.) No need to remind you, that these Muslim men who treat their wives like animals and enslave them were called 'freedom fighters' by president Reagan who armed & trained them and even invited 1 of their leaders to the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO need to remind you, when you say anti-Arab statements, you are an anti-Semite(Look at prior notes I wrote. The Arab people account for about 95% of the Semitic people.)
3) To anonymous(with note from 8/3/06 8:19:39am) who attacked/criticised my definition of Judaism. I wish you defined it for me.
I quote you "Regardless of the truth,...etc." Again, please, define 'truth' for me. You may define something as 'true' that is being defined 'false' by someone else. The obverse, of course, is correct. Others may define something 'correct' that you define 'false.'
As to the Jewish Jesus, He said:MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Why do you neglect this statement?) He said:Moses has told you so and so because of the hardness of your hearts, BUT I tell you(something else) . JESUS ENDED AN ERA AND STARTED A NEW/DIFFEENT ONE. Yes, I know that David and Solomen were ancestors of Jesus, but He ENDED THEIR(AND OTHER) ERA. I also know your "that it is not actually impossible" to convert to Judaism. That's the era the He ENDED and started a new where ANYONE can believe in the Lord/God. He said give to Caesar what belong to him, and give to God what belongs to God.(He did NOT lecture/preach about any country/state that has ties religion/church/synagogue to state. He SEPARATED the two from each other. Don't you think today's Jewish Israel is a lie and a meaningless state?!!!!!) After Easter resurrection, He told His disciples:GO AND PREACH ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD(NOT just the Jews of Judea or Lithuania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)The Lord/God is NOT exclusive to the Jews!!!!!!!!!!!
3) To Anonymous(or may be same 1) with note from 8/3/06 8:39:25am about God's chose people:
"Just because someone claims something, doesn't mean you have to believe in it. I don't see Hindus killing Jews because of their inferiority complex...etc.)
A-'their' refers to Hindus or Jews?(Please, let me know.)
B-If Jews were killing Hindus based on the Bible and kicked Indian Hindus out of India & occupied it, do you expect the Indians not to defend themselves/their country?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C-But we BOTH see Jews kiling non-Jews(Muslim AND CHRISTIAN) Palestinians, Lebanese & Syrians in the MIddle East!!!!!!!(all in the name of God!!!!!!!)
As to Jesus being the son of God was Jewish, well, Jesus was an INTERNATIONAL person to ALL human beings. He sent his disciples to preach Christian teachings to ALL nations of the earth. Budha's parents(both) were Hindus, but he started one of the most beautiful/peaceful religions in the entire world.
I like to thank you Mr./Ms. anaonymous, you said the best words in the entire website:Just because someone claims something, doesn't mean you have to believe it. I don't have to believe what the Jews(or anyone else) says. No need for me that God chose them and neglected me. Secondly, if the Jews of Lithuania practice their Jewish beliefs in their Lithuania, no problem with me. When they take their beliefs to occupy France/kill French people, what do you think the French would do?(The Palestinians would do something similar, don't blame them.)
4) To Pat:Your "Free World Nonesens". I though you liked free countries, did you change your mind? Do you think freedom and free world is nonsense?!!!!!
4)TO MSNBC:Thank you very much for posting this long note.

To Pat
"when they are enslaved from birth by their own men, uneducated, mistreated (under threat of physical harm from their own men constantly), and allowed no voice when it comes to their government or way of life" and "So, it remains perfectly all right with you when their own husbands are allowed to kill them, just not other people"
All these concepts of yours are based on what you have heard about Taliban. They do not represent mainstream Islam. Islam has given women more rights than most other religions. In many Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Iran women are working in all the fields. Indeed Pakistan has also had a lady as prime minister. So all these observations regarding maltreatment of women is just propaganda by western media (which is mostly controlled by the jews and it serves their interest to malign Islam.
As for hiding behind women, it is again an Israeli propaganda and has not been verified by any independent observer. Even if, for argument's sake it was true you cannot use it to justify Israel's war crimes. Because if you do you would also be vindicating your friend Adolph Hitler.
The reason innocent civilians are still stuck in southern Lebanon is that Israel has destroyed roads and bridges and attacks convoys. Some of the people are too poor and could not afford to travel. Some of the people have opted to stay behind because they support Hizbollah and simply don't want to leave.
How would people of northern Israel feel if Hizbollah warned them to evacuate? Is Israel not guilty of hiding behind women by establishing settlements so close to the border that has seen decades of war?

"Free World Nonsense"

After thousands of words, these sum up your position perfectly.

Thanks for helping clarify the sides of this debate.

"The Jewish claim is that 'we are God's chosen people' means the non-Jews of the world are NOT God's chosen people. That puts them at odds with ANY/EVERY non-Jewish person in the entire world."

Just because someone claims something, doesn't mean you have to believe it. I don't see Hindus killing Jews because of their inferiority complex, and I know plenty of Jewish people who believe that merely refers to an as yet unevolved tribe trying to separate itself from the polytheists and matriarchal societies surrounding them. On top of that, you claim that everyone should be at war with the Jews because of something it says in their bible, when you don't even accept as fact that which is written in either Testament. Also, very convenient. Yet, somehow you claim to be Christian - which means you accept that THE son of God, was Jewish. I guess that doesn't offend you. Again, very convenient. Oh right, I are allowed to just reinterpret only that which you want to reinterpret. Sorry...I'm used to dealing with some sort of historical reality. That must be why I can't compare the U.S. revolutionaries with a group you said had some sort of title. I guess you just reinterpret the word "contradiction" also. Boy, this reinterpretation thing is so empowering. Unfortunately, it also means that arguing with you is pointless. OHHHHH. That's how Israelis must feel.

"The problem is the interpretation of the word:Judaism.
My interpretation:Judaism is a RELIGION, not a nationality.... If you have another intepretation, obviously, that's your right."

How convenient. Regardless of the truth, you believe you can just reinterpret things. I guess with all of your knowledge of the past, both Testaments of the bible, the Koran, etc., you don't know the meanings and origins of the words: Hebrew, Israelite, Judean, Palestinian, title, government, or revolutionary. Or nation for that matter. As for your claim of Christianity for yourself, that you can ignore the fact Jesus was Jewish and born in Bethehem and still somehow wasn't Roman - that must have to do with your belief that you can just reinterpret stuff as you see fit. (The part where you ignore the fact of a King David, King of a NATION, and according to the New Testament, a direct ancestor of Jesus, also renders your claim to Christianity meaningless.) That is what makes your arguments emtpy, and your beliefs convenient. It is also what makes you, in the end, not worth arguing with. And if you really had/have the desire to convert to Judaism, you would have discovered a long time ago that it is not actually impossible - in fact, you would already be practicing the Jewish faith. (You probably are already Jewish by bloodline, but don't worry about it - you deny that there is one - another "interpretation by Fred, without basis in reality.)

Now that I know that we don't have to read any books or know any history, that all we have to do is reinterpret things and redefine words to suit our purposes, it is much clearer to me that there's no point in arguing for a right for Israel to exist. Why argue? I'll go with the Palestinian morality you have presented instead. After all, it's much, much harder to try to see everyone's side of a situation.

"How can you justify making an entire nation a hostage. This is the worst form of barbarism and must end soon. "

I was so glad to see this - finally, some sense. It's very true!!! Hezb. should never, never, never have made an entire nation a hostage.

Hezbollah shouldn't be entering sovereign nations, killing and kidnapping, and then hiding behind innocent women and children. Women who aren't allowed to show their ankles in public are then used as sheilds for men who launch rockets. If THAT isn't facism, what is? It is offensive for any western woman to have to listen to someone claim that the Israelis are responsible for the sad lot of Arabic and/or Muslim women - when they are enslaved from birth by their own men, uneducated, mistreated (under threat of physical harm from their own men constantly), and allowed no voice when it comes to their government or way of life. They aren't allowed to choose to become human shields - but rather forced into that as well as every aspect of the rest of their lives. Those of you who cry out against any enemy who kills a woman behind who's skirts her Arabic and/or Muslim man is hiding never seem to call out for their freedoms in any other way. So, it remains perfectly all right with you when their own husbands are allowed to kill them, just not other people. For once, I'd like to hear someone defend those women from their own men - not just when their men shoot off rockets from behind them, but when they live their everyday lives - as slaves. Let us call a facist a facist for real. Part of the definition of the "free world" would be that women get to choose their lives, their husbands, their religions, and whether or not some hate-filled moron gets to use them and their children as public relations fodder.

One more thing fred, i do not need to write the entire truth my friend. Just enough so maybe you will understand the world is a lot more complicated then you will ever understand. There is far more going on with the governments of the Arab world then wheather or not you get a homeland. Your cause is being used and they know keeping you down poor uninformed confused brainwashed works well for them. The only solution they tell you is out there is to destroy Israel so another generation stays poor and dies for nothing. I can lead you to water but i can not force you to drink. I ask you again who are your friends and what is important? When you understand what i am asking and what i mean you might be ready to look at other solutions that do not involve blowing up nukes in what you think is your homeland. Oh and by the way there has never been a nation named palestine but in a year or two your side will have control of the west bank and gaza and you can call it anything you want. Just a word of advice i would not allow Hamas to attack and kill Israel's troops. Lebanon kind of made that mistake and right when things were starting to look up Iran decided to use the entire country as pawns in there game to get nukes. Do you really think Hezballah just happened to attack Israel right when the G-8 was going to meet and the UN was debateing, and Europe was waiting for a responce? Grow up learn when you are being used. Who are your friends and what is important? Answer it. Learn!

Pat-the more I read your notes, the more errors/mistakes/falacies I find in them. I'm not after the destruction of Lithuani/Latvia or their citizens who live in these 2 countries. I'm after expelling/deporting citizens from these 2 (and other countries) occupying Middle Eastern soil since 1948 back to their countries & getting the Palestinians back to their homes, getting the Syrians back to their Golan heights.
YOu wrote:"Israel must be destroyed. If this is allowed to happen, the next question will be....who's next?"
Creating a Palestinian state was destroyed by Spanish and Italian occupiers in 1948. No one was destroyed after that. Why shouldn't Israel be destroyed? No one will necessarily be destroyed after that!!!!!!!!
To read what you are writing, Pat, one might arrive at a "great conclusion" that Israel is the free world or part of it. I think it's neither of these two. As I wrote in prior notes, deporting illegal occupiers back to their home countries is not destroying them or the countries they came from.
The US deports illegal aliens(regardless of their religion) back to their countries(regardless of the country), without harming these illegals or their countries!! Why shouldn't the Palestinians deport illegal aliens(regardless of their religion) back to their countries(regardless of country)? Italian occupiers be kicked back to their Italy?!!!!!!(Same for Ukraine and Russia.) No one will be next.
To read your writings, Pat, one might think you are 'concerned' about the free world and who is next after Israel to be destroyed. One might conclude from your writing is that Israel is the "stone" stopping/forbidding a domino effect of the fall of 'free nations.' No it's not. Israel's existence is NOT stopping the fall of other free nations. It's not stopping the creation of new totalitarian regimes either!! Why are you that much concerned about Israel? Are you Jewish? Are you Israeli?
A few years ago, more than 1 million Africans were killed between the Hutus and the Tutsi tribes. Correct me if I'm wrong, neither you, nor Israel or anyone of its citizens were concerned!!!!!!!! FYI-Your 'free and decent' Israel was arguably the largest arms supplier/trade partner to the racist apartheid regime in South Africa before its fall!!!!!!!!!! I thought you didn't like racism!!!! Please, don't accuse me of being a racist when the terrorists you are defending are racists and/or deal with support racists!!!!!!!!!!
Pat-I'll make it easier for your to understand/digest:If Americans have the right to deport illegal aliens back to their countries, so do the Palestinians, the Syrians & the Lebanese. Do not accuse the US of hating peace and tolerance if it deports illegal aliens. Do not accuse us in the Middle East of hating peace and tolerance. No need to remind you, occupiers are by far worse than aliegal aliens. Won't you agree?!!!!!!!!

Thanks Fred, i have always had a problem spelling. As for everything never answered the question. Who are your friends? Your answer seems to be no one. Ok that is the best start you could have. You are in it alone. The next question is, what is important? i will start you off. Air it is important with out it you die in a few minutes. Water it is important without it you die in a matter of days. Food that is important with out it you may die in weeks or months. You try Fred what is important to the Palestinians? Try to answer it in a few lines. We both can write a bunch. Until you know who your friends are and what is important you will get no where.
One other thing Fred if the only solution you see working is to get rid of all the Jews in Israel take the land by whatever means neccessary and thus have peace, do not bother responding. Because then you have proven me right in the first place. Israel's only choice is the one going on right now kill or be killed. Your side is making the rules Fred Israel is just showing that it can defend its self.

To Pat
When you don't have logic for your arguments, you bring in the free world nonsense. Who defines the free world? Bush, Blair and Olmert? War crimes cannot be defended on any grounds. You seem tobe saying that killing of innocent Lebanese women and children is good because it teaches Hezbollah a lesson. Shame on you. If this is not fascism then what is?

Pat-As usual, you mis-interpret the message at the side of decoder/listener, not at the side of the encoder/maker of the message.
I was NOT referring about the number of people killed at all.(FYI the number of Lebanese killed within the last 2 weeks is around 900 with no end in sight. The Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 caused the murder of 19000 people!!!), not to mention prior 'great achievements' of murdering unarmed Egyptian army officers who surrendered in the Sinai desert. I was referring to the WAY(public vs. private) of murdering.
FYI-Crimes against humanity refer to the destruction or extermination of a population, "in whole OR IN PART." The Ottomans that murdered 1.5 million ARmenians EQUALLY bad to the Nazis who murdered 6 million(eventhough 1.5 is less than 6). The Serbs killed a lot(may not be millions), but their leaders were brought to an international court in Europe for destroying a population 'in part.' (It's high time to have the same for the Hagana criminals and terrorists of Lithuania and Latvian and Austria where Hitler was born to go through the same court.)The Israelis may not have killed 6 million or 1.5 million, but they have DEFINITELY reached the level of exterminating a popluation "in part." Wonderful and amazing for Lithuanians and Estonians, won't you agree?

To All: Note Fred's post of 5:14pm. There is no need to respond to any of it specifically.

This is an excellent example of the enemy faced by the free world.

Some ridiculous, politically-hegemonic rant about Lithuania and Latvia is WORSE than the holocaust. Keep in mind that the current populations of those 2 places equal 6 million, which is irony I'm sure is lost on Fred.

Fred's post(s) makes things rather simple. Israel must be destroyed. If this is allowed to happen, the next question will be.....who's next?

I believe that we are in the 1930's all over again. The free world will either cast a blind eye to the rise of fascim until it's too late, or we must stop the rise before then.

Which side are YOU on?

My dear Pat-Adolph was a racist; but racism is NOT exclusive to him and his Nazi followers. It's a global phenomenon. I assure you that the Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians in the Middle East that you are defending EQUALLY racists just like your Adolph, if not more. They are equally violent, if not more. What the Nazis did was in CLOSED CONCENTRATION camps. Your Lithuanians/Latvian friends are doing it on national television!!!!!!! Don't you think they are worse than the Nazis?!

Richard (or anonymous), my support for Israel is fact-based and eyes-wide-open, my friend. You clearly approach this situation from the vantage point of "Israel has no right to exist and must be removed". Your positions can have no other point.

How are Israeli soldiers on Israeli soil legitimate targets? That is how wars start. I'm sorry Richard, but the aggressor does not have the benefit of dictating his own retribution. If Hezbollah is upset by Israel's response, maybe Hezbollah won't commit an act of war again.....that's the point of Israel's response! Your point here is juvenile.

It's just priceless that someone whose people ONLY practice war and hate as their means, dares to preach that war isn't the way. Yeah, war isn't the way when your side is getting whupped.

It's also priceless that someone who clearly hates Jews and wishes Adolph had finished the job, has the nerve to call someone else a racist and fascist.

1)TO:John in Westchester, IL:Wow-you had quite a lengthy note; however, you are mixing history with P/E and Math!!!!!!!! Please, be more coherent/logical/consistent/objective/truthful. You had quite some major mistakes and/or incomplete/partial facts. Accordingly, you fell short of the entire truth.
YOu wrote:"Fred, i am going to offer you and the Palestinians a way out. First, who are your friends?" With all due respect to you John, I don't think you(or anyone else in the entire world) is the one to 'offer' a way out(or anything else) to the Palestinians. The Palestinians had/have/will have exclusive title to that part of the world. As to our friends, well, it may be an irrelevant question. By the way, if we din't have anyone else now, may be we'll have someone tomorrow to liberate everything since 1948 from Lithuanians/Latvians who had no loyalty to their homelands. If you have no friends now, would you forget about your country?!!!!!!!!!!!
YOur:"With the current leadership in Gasa and the west bank ther is only one logical solution. Kill or be killed." I like to help you with your English. It's spelled 'Gaza', not 'Gasa'. Further, why did you forget Palestine of 1948?!!!! Currently, it's not just the Palestinians leadership, it's the Lebanese as well!! YOu tend to blame 'kill or be killed' on the Palestinian/Lebanese/Arab side only. Whey did you forget your Lithuanians/Latvian/Estonians friends in the Hagana?!!!!!!!!! They are offering the same things:"kill or be killed."
1948 UN resolutions:If Canada invaded and occupied the 50 states in the US, then the UN will pass a resolution for a partition and 2 state solution(25/25), would you or anyone 1 in this country accept it?!!!!!!!! I think 'no' is the answer you'll get from ALL AMERICANS. If you want to count on the 2 state solution from the UN, why did you forget about resolution 194 that asks for the return of the Palestinians to their homeland?!!!!!!!!!!
Your: Israel will never allow the ones who left back to take over...etc. The problem of these Lithuanians/Latvians/Estonians is that they are not only keeping Palestinians out, they are kicking/deporting current Palestinians out!! They are demolishing their homes, stopping water supplies to their land and homes!!!!!!!! (Pretty nasty; I guess they brought it with them from WWII German mentality!!!!!!
Your:"We can not be friends of the Palestinians. Do not notice any good we might be doing."
The answer to you is 'YES'; you CAN be friends of the Palestinians. Why not?!!!!!! I'm sure they are a LOT more loyal to the US than Lithuanians/latvians/Estonians in the Middle East!! If you can not notice any good, OTHERS CAN.
Your "stable Middle East with elected governments". Yes, an Israeli-less Middle East with elected governments will be quite a nice/easy/stable Middle East. Where is the contradiction?
Your: ...if there was peace and no suffering of the Palestinians how could they keep all this hate going for Israel?" John-I expected more intelligent comments/questions from you. Israel IS THE TROUBLE/SUFFERING OF THE PALESTINIANS. Had there been no Israel, the Palestinians would NOT be suffering. The French HATED the Germans during WWII. You can't blame them for that, can you? Until the Lithuanians go back to their country, do you expect the Palestinians do like them?!!!!!!!!!! (Of course, same for Latvians, Estonians, Ukranians, Russians, Morrocans, Yemens, Persians, South Africans.) You either say coherent/logical statements or questions, or please, don't say anything.
Your "Europe askes Israel to stop defending its self when if Germany was attacking France with rockets and killing its troops they would level each other."
Again, you are playing on words. It's strange when you say 'Israel to stop DEFENDING its self' while you say 'Germany was ATTACKING France.' Israel IS ATTACKING UNARMED PALESTINIANS CILIANS(MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, PREGNANT MOTHERS. Further, France and Germany BOTH have armies/navies/air forces. The Hagana is a TERRORIST organization armed with WMD(Weapons of Mass Destruction like nuclear, biolgoical and chemical weaponse.) The Palestinians do NOT have ANY of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John-There are fundamental questions/thorny issues that existed BEFORE 1948. The Jewish claim is that 'we are God's chosen people' means the non-Jews of the world are NOT God's chosen people. That puts them at odds with ANY/EVERY non-Jewish person in the entire world.
You said you see no way out. Well, I do see a way out; of course it's an eccentric/difficult one. The Lithuanians had no loyalty to their Lithuania, do you expect them to have any loyalty to the Middle East?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(or any portion thereof?) My suggestion to them:Go back to your Lithuania and learn(or at least try to) nationalism. If they fail, that's THEIR problem. Of course, I have no objection if they continue to practice thier normal religious beliefs/practices in THEIR LITHUANIA.
The Hagana has dozens of nuclear warheads. But keeping in mind the small size of Israel, 1 or 2 in the hands of the opposite side will do it(I know the response of the Hagana, no need to mention it for me.) We are dying for our lands, what are Lithuanians dying for in the Middle East?!!!!!! The Japanese(regardless of their religion) deserved/got these weapons IN THEIR OWN HOMELAND, JAPAN, in WWII. Don't you think Lithuanians deserve/should get them in the Middle East?!!!!!!!!!!
2)To Pat:It's quite strange when you call members of Lithuanians in the Hagana 'soldiers' instead of terrorists? It's quite stranger when you use the word 'animals' about others in the Middle East, but not about Lithuanians/Estonians/Latvians/Russians/Ukranians in the Hagna?!!!!!!! After all, they are BOTH Semitic people, don't you agree? if you use 'animals' to one side, you have to use it to the opposite side as well. Don't you agree?!!!!!!!!!!
3)MSNBC:Hope you'll post this 1.

To Pat
Your blind support for Israel and your casual attitude about the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon shows your racist and fascist mentality. Why should Hezb have been disarmed after pushing Israel out of Lebanon? Where was the guarantee that Israelis would not re-invade Lebanon. Who would protect the Lebanese? --- the U.N. You must be joking? Why the demand to destroy Hezbollah? Did you do the same to IRA? Was the same treatment meted out to Basque seperatists and other such groups in Europe? They were involved in worse terrorist activities. Hezbollah attacked soldiers which were legitimate targets. Israel could have responded by killing eight of their fighters (or eighty if you like) and kidnappping a few. How can you justify making an entire nation a hostage. This is the worst form of barbarism and must end soon. Bush and Blair are living in a fool's paradise if they think that war would bring lasting peace (remember the Korean war, Vietnam war and more recently wars on Afghanistan and Iraq). They have not learnt from history that violence only breeds violence and hatred breeds hatred. This war will only serve to make the world a more unsafe place than ever before, putting lives of innocent civilians on the line. Why couldn't the Hezbollah be involved in a dialogue process ( as was done with IRA)? Only because they are Muslims? If you believe that Muslims are inferior human beings than Israelis then you are guilty of same fascism which led to the unfortunate creation of Israel.

Richard, Hezbollah was created under the pretense that they'd help kick Israel out of Lebanon. The UN finally creates the blue line and Israel leaves Lebanon. Does Hezbollah breakup? Does Lebanon ask them to leave? Does Lebanon ask for international help in ridding themselves of Hezbollah? No, No, and No.

Instead, Hezbollah moves there operations all the way to the Israeli border and continues their terror. The UN does nothing. Lebanon does nothing.

So 3 weeks ago was the last straw. Crossing the border, killing 8 soldiers and kidnapping 2 was an act of war.

You can call it a massacre all you want but you're uninformed. Israel is merely pushing these animals back North so their rockets can't reach Israel.

If you're worried about civilian deaths blame Hezbollah, then blame Iran/Syria, then Lebanon, then the UN. You should thank Israel for holding back as much as they have.

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