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On the move in Northern Israel

Apologies that our video blog, "Early Nightly," in only its third day of life, will today be late, owing to the logistics of getting videotape out of a battle zone. It has been shot and is in the camera, and will soon be driven to Tel Aviv and fed out.

We are driving in an armored car through the rocket corridor of Northern Israel while listening to Israeli radio describe the rocket volley that just landed near Kiryat Shmona, right out our windshield a few miles ahead of us. We are safe where we are, at the bottom of a ridgeline on a four-lane highway protected by terrain. It's like watching a war at a (relatively) safe distance. We stopped earlier at a scene reminiscent of this time of year in Montana: a fire-fighting aircraft working to put out a brushfire on a foothill. The difference? The fire was caused by an errant Katyusha rocket strike. At the wheel is our friend and superb driver Uzi, and I'm with producers Subrata De and Jean Harper. Subrata's still pictures for this blog have been of sufficient quality to cause fears among us that she will leave us for National Geographic. Lunch today will be an MRE, which Subrata smartly thought to bring. Dessert will be a Power Bar, which Jean smartly thought to bring. When I tell friends and family that I couldn't live without my travel team, I mean it literally on days like today.

Today's mind-bending use of technology came when I checked in on the Yankees and NASCAR standings in the New York Times Sports Section via my handheld BlackBerry -- standing within view of the banks of the lake where the Bible tells us Peter was tending to his nets when he met Jesus. It seemed vaguely trivial to be reading about Jeter.

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Judea and Samaria region was almost completely unpopulated untill after 1948. So was most of israel. The arabs moved into judea and samaria (jordan named it West Bank after it conqured it in 1948) when the king of Jordan started giving any Arab who wanted freeland. The story that so many arabs lived in that region for centuries is a lie, a falacy fed to the world by arab propoganda. Gaza also was mostly deserted with the exception of a few nomadic tribes (beduin). After egypt conqured it (past 1948) some arabs moved in. Arafat (in KGB released papers) was born in cairo to egyptians parents who were also born in Cairo, he and the PLO was a KGB creation. Arafat was recruited into the KGB while studying in Moscow. Start putting all of this together and you discover that there is no such thing as Palestinians, there is no palestinian history, culture etc (Palestine was a British given name to one of their colonies). It is one big story full of lies created to delegitimize the right of existance of Israel.


Why do the "Palestinians" who were displaced, kicked out, "supposedly" robbed of "their" land (choose whatever one or more of those items floats your boat) have a legitimate claim to something just b/c they were the most recent victims of a war? This question is what continues to go unanswered by you or anyone else. Why is it that people like yourself feel that the Palestinians have a "Right to Return" to the farms, homes etc. of pre-1948 but you are unwilling to see that the Jews living in Israel have a "Right to Return" that goes back not only for centuries but also lasted for centuries as well? There is NO (and how many times must I repeat myself?) NO, NO , NO history of any sort of "real" history of any formal nation living in the land that is today called Israel?

As biased as you may be please at least show me that you are worth even having an intelligent conversation with by acknowledging the fact that historically the Jews were in the land of Israel before the Palestinians. If you can't even grant me that then there's really nothing worth talking about. I am at least willing to admit that their were Muslim/Arabs that were uprooted from their homes during the 1948 and 1967 wars. I am not going to get into who started the wars and under what conditions certain people CHOSE to stay and others left (how do you explain the fact that there are still tons of Israeli Arabs that were not "kicked out" as you so describe?). Do you think there was a lottery with a limit of how many Arabs the newly re-formed state of Israel was willing to allow?

I am willing to admit that there were Muslims/Arabs before 1948 that now see Jews living in homes that were once their's. Let's hear you answer the question of how TWO Mosques just happen to find themselves on top of the holiest site in the Jewish religion. Smack on top of the temple of Solomon in the city of David??? Huh? Where is your answer to that? When you can come back to me with an intelligent response then we'll talk.

So now Lebanon's army will fight against the Israelis, even though they were too weak and their democracy was too fragile to fight against the terrorists Hezebollah. This proves that the present government of Lebanon, after the assassination of its former prime minister by terrorists, does not want to fight terrorists. They have embraced terrorists.
And the Israelis, if they think the Lebanese army will join them in their fight against Hezbollah, will find out differently. How can they think the Lebanese army will join them when they have bombed Lebanese army posts?
I only wish that our marines will not be attacked while evacuating people from Lebanon, and I hope that is the only reason they are there in the first place.

here's my quote:

"Peace will exist in the Middle East when Zionists love their children more than the idea of a biblical Jewish state"

As the original quote was equally simplistic, this one is too. One way to address the refugee problem is to allow Palestinian refugees to return to their farms and homes that they left behind because of the '48 and '67 wars. Sure, israel won't be a jewish state anymore, but if jewish parents love their children, then this will be no problem... right?

One liners disrespect the complexity of the issues here and the original quote disrespects the humainity of the palestinians.

I want to respond to a few responses that were made to my original post and also clarify a few things.

1. I would like to rescind any mention of the general term "Muslim" and replace it with "radical/facist Muslim". I sincerely do apologize to anyone and

everyone I may have offended for making a generalization.

2. In no way do I feel that Jews/Israelis are better than anyone else. I am more or less responding to a certain leader of Iran who wishes to wipe Israel off

the map and would love to have another Holocaust even though he denies that it ever happened in the first place. My point in my statement about what Jews

have done for mankind was more directed at the Iranian President and those like him in order to show that while he is focused on death and distruction that

the Israelis use so much of their technological advancements that they unfortunately have become experts at developing as a result of all the injuries,

deaths and attacks that they are constantly plagued with over the years.

3. The most important point of my entire "rant" which was obviously totally overlooked by Byong and Jack was that I agree that Jews took over the Holy Land

that was then called Palestine. Read that last sentence again. YES! They overtook it! But you all missed the point where I mentioned how people only tend to

use history where it suits their needs and helps their arguments. I am actually being honest here. Unlike all the pro-Palestinian groups out there who can't

remember anything before the 1800's I am looking way before Rothschild. How about the kingdom of David? The Temple of Solomon?

Why is it OK to say that just because there are still people that are alive today that remember when there was no modern state of Israel that it means it

should go back to being what it was before 1948? When is the official universally acceptable timeframe in which a people can occupy a country before people

will accept the fact that what was done is done and it will never go back to the way it was?

Said simply, when does the asterisk next to the state of Israel finally go away?

What if the way society treats modern-day Israel's status was applied to all the other countries in the world? After all, depending on how far back you go

pretty much every country that exists today belonged to some other nation at some point in history. I did not deny the fact that the Romans, Greeks, Turks,

British etc. at one point or another controlled the Holy Land. My point is that they don't today. Right now the Israelis do and if the RADICAL

Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians can't deal with that and would rather live their lives in poverty filled with hate, anger, death and dispair instead of just

moving on then that's their choice. But don't make it like Israel has done anything that the rest of the nations of the world at one point or another haven't

done and just b/c there aren't tons of photos from the Internet, newspapers and live 24hr cable news coverage of how they went about getting their land

doesn't make them any better!

4. Addressing the person who claimed that I said the Palestinains should be absorbed into other Muslim nations because they "all look the same anyway" my

response is simple. I hate to burst anyone's bubble here but there really is no such thing as a "Palestinian". Now before you go totally ape on me please

listen because it may surprise you but I really do not mean to be offensive or insensitive here. The terms "Palestine" and "Palestinian" may sound ancient

biblical but in reality they are not. Really. There was never any nation of Palestine. The only equivalent that I can think of to help people understand this

is that it's almost like saying the following.

There are a bunch of people who live in a city. They are called city dwellers. These city dwellers are from all parts of the world. One day a whole bunch of

city dwellers from a bunch nearbye cities come into the city after nearly being destroyed. The group within the city dwellers decides that after
so many years of torture and getting pushed around they want to have their CITY back. The one that they USED to have. They claim it their own and then the

remaining city dwellers (even though they are invited to stay and participate in the government etc.) don't want to and the next thing you know they start

claiming a long history of living in this city and that they are no longer just "city dwellers" rather they are "The CityDwellers". The CityDwellers, they

claim are a people with a rich history and have been living in this city for an eternity.

I think you get the idea here.

The point I am trying to make is not whether it was right or wrong for the European Jews and the Jews that were already living in the land that was then

called Palestine to just get up one day and decide it was their's for the taking, rather my point is to at least get some kind of consensus amongst the

rational people of the world to at least acknowledge the fact that until the Jews created an actual functioning country with things like traffic lights and

hospitals there was no such thing as a Palestinian! It was only once the Jews started growing oranges the size of basketballs that all of a sudden this group

of people started saying "HEY! We're the Palestinians and that's out land!".

For those of you who are interested, this is one of my favorite articles. It is funny (a bit harsh). I don't necessarily agree with everything that is said but it pretty much hits the nail on the head.

The best part of the article starts on page 2. It's basically an overview of the history of the Middle East.

Sometimes its nice to vent out what you have to say. Bias or not it is after all different perspectives.

But I am here to question: What you see, red and hear. Are they pro-Israel?

Go to a jewish website will be pro-jew, muslim website be pro-muslim. All readings taken have to be with a large amount of salt. THEY ARE NOT FACTS.

When you take over a piece of land, what happen to its original inhabitants? Either they leave, or they fight you, right? What is your claim to the land? I has to be might(military,legal,etc.), right? Your claim on this court is legal? How about in the other court?

Would you not say that those who draw arms against you are your enemies and denounce them as barbarians, terrorists and criminals by your own courts?

Would you not say that if you are fighting for the suppressed, you have become the freedom fighter, the hero, legal and right by your own courts?

So, is not terrorist and freedom fighter are just 2 sides of the same coin? BBC thinks militants is a more neutral word so they offend less people, for example?

Capitalism and Communism are again 2 sides of the next same coin I am going into. Karl Marx wrote into plenty of detail about them. And do not think he is the father of just communism when wrote, he actually wrote both sides of the style of government.

Communism believes in the GOOD of the people. They believe that people will work hard no matter what rewards they receive. Hence equal pay and benefits. But humans are humans afterall. Why should you work harder than your neighbour when you do not get extra benefits?

Most of the richer countries will be more Capitalistic. Capitalism believes in the GREED of the people. Your work harder, you get MORE.

Businesses that trive does so on business grounds. They DO NOT share freely as what people are lulled into believing that israel did. People that sit on gold is lucky as they do not need to work as hard. Must the person who sit on gold be obligated to help his neighbour who sits on stone? NO. THIS is CAPITALISM. YOUR GOLD, YOUR CHOICE. But it is a nice gesture to do so. Of course Israel do have a sizable funding from US. On this point, europeans tend to shell out money more readily compared to americans to theird,fourth world nations. They have very complex viewpoints of which goes first, the chicken or the egg.

We call the whole land Palestine named by the UK when they govern after the Ottoman Empire. They are many different races. Who has the right to say who owns the religious mound, church, temple? THey are legal in their individual courts and criminal in opposing courts. I read that Abraham happens to ancestor both the original people that hold the Koran as well as the Bible?

Can religion be free? Can Israel not build walls around the religious mounds to prevent other races their worship? Can Israel not create new settlements in the west bank and claim its right to the legal(?) ownership of the lands? Is what I question seen both in jewish website and news as well as in muslim ones?
When someone breaks into your home and sits on your sofa and shows you a legal document that your home is actually his, do you just leave? Or fight it out? If you are the weaker side, will you confront or use guerilla tactics, hit-and-hide? When a few richer people abandon their settlement and move out(Gaza withdrawal) do the lots of poor and suppressed people not go ALL-OUT and make a grab of some of the resources left behind?

When Israel spread themselves too thin, are they not in danger of becoming the minority population in their own land? Gaza pullout a suspect? Or Israel just what Hamas to have a proper base so they can have a target? Are all these not political? What has it to do with the civilians?

Political? If the resources are equally spread out, would the richer be against the idea? Would the poorer be happier? When you take over other countries, do you not draw uneven, unfair taxes from them so that your own people is better off? In this the United States seemed a miraculus system compared to the old colonial ways of the old european naval trading powers.

Is Hizbollah funded by Iran? Do you believe because the US and Israel reported so? If you are funded by others so that you could build schools and hospitals for your people, do you also have to repay them? Do the work for them? Do you believe when Israel declare them influential and dangerous enough to be made irrelevant?

What is the cause of Hamas? To terrorise Israel? To destroy Israel to the last man? Is that not a motto to recruit? Do you believe them? Would not the Hamas leaders like to be legislative rulers so that they could be more respected and rich? Have a country without war? Do they not want to form the government? Hey, when a party truce with Israel and form the government, what happens to other parties? You think there is only Hamas and the PLO? Will not the other parties throw rockets too, to make the Official government lose credibility? So that at least they have a chance to form government when Hamas is taken down?

I quote:"Peace will exist in the Middle East when Muslim parents love their children more than they hate the Jews." Are you trying to incite religious tension and riots?

I disagree with using Israel's accomplishments in the sciences and other fields to legitimize its presence and there are more important reasons for its being. If the former was the case, think of all the advances that Nazi Germany "gave to the world" including the VW, Mercedes Benz and numerous medical advances at horrific costs.

Not only is the product or outcome important but so to is the process.

Settlers = "sharing the land"


Here's another source of historical inforamtion to balance the webpage cited earlier: Edward Said.

It's complete propaganda that Palestine was an empty desert prior to 1950. Under the leadership of Baron Rothschild (a Jew) and the racist governents of Britain and the USA (colonial powers, anyone?)the Middle East was carved up to suite Western desires after the fall of the Ottomans. There may not have been a Palestine, but there was a land and there was a people tied to that land who were uprooted by the creation of israel and who are currently the refugees. I also find it absurd and somewhat racist the logic used by some to say that the Palestinians could have been absorbed by "other" Muslim countries as they are "so similar" (well, Ireland and Britain are the same...)

And finally, Israel is NOT WILLING TO SHARE LAND. Case in point is that it's easier for a Russian Jew to get citizanship to israel than a palestinian who was born there but is currently a refugee!

Ami, what exactly was the point of your diatribe? That we should all shut up, and the Israelis have a right to destroy Lebanon based on their history of suffering? Remember Lebanon? That's what we are supposed to be discussing on this blog.

Oh, and how much compensation has Israel paid to the Arabs whose land they "overtook" in the 1940s, and have continued to "overtake" in the decades since. Anyone who looks at a map can see that "poor victim" Israel keeps gobbling up land and growing as though it were a victor, not a victim. Let me guess, zero dollars. Priceless.

It’s amazing what the human race has accomplished but sadly we still have a long, long way to go. It is unfortunate that our mind set hasn’t evolved hand in hand with technology. Tomorrow there will be more deaths and I will read about them. And after gasping at the destruction I will continue with my normal life. This is sad but it is a reality that sets in after you vent your ideas in some website and you realize that there is nothing you can do to stop it. Thanks Mr. Jon, Washington DC for providing me with a link to those pictures. They are real eye openers.

No single day goes bye that I read an article or participate in a forum/messageboard does someone bring up the fact that the "Israelis performed/perform genoicide on the Palestinians" and/or "uprooted the Palestinians from their land". It's really quite insane how certain people will only use history as far back as it suits their argument(s). OK. You people out there want to say that the Jews took Israel from the Palestinians/Muslims/Arabs etc.? Fine. There. It's been noted.

Back in 1948 the land which was then called Palestine was overtaken by the Jewish people for a homeland (the only homeland they have I might add -as opposed to the countless number of Muslim countries) and given the blessing by the U.N. and the USA. This was of course after the entire religion was nearly whiped out by the Nazis and had nothing to do with any of the Muslim nations. So where were all these refugees to go? Palestine was a good start. There really wasn't anything going on there anyway. It's not like there was (here's an idea) an ORGANIZED, DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT! Had that been the case it would have been a totally different story. But instead, Palestine was pretty much a desert with a mix of Jews, Arabs and mostly Bedouins.

All the FACTS (not opinions) can be found right here:

Yes, the URL is for a website called "" so I guess that means everything there is a total lie. Right? If you think so, prove me otherwise.

Getting back to our history lesson, even if there wasn't much going on in terms of either a Muslim or Jewish country going on in Palestine/Israel in 1948 isn't really the point. The original point of this post is to dispute an argument that is used by anti-semites/anti-Israelis time and time again and that is that the Jews/Israelis took a land that wasn't theirs and uprooted the Arabs that were currently residing there. My defense of the whole "the Arabs were there first" can easily be summed up as "no they weren't". Case in point: The city of David; both the 1st and 2nd Temples (remember that guy King Solomon) etc. and lets not forget the various other nations that ruled the Holy Land before modern times like the Greeks and Romans. The list goes on and on. Nowhere before the modern ERA is there any reference to a people or nation called the "Palestinians" living in a place called "Palestine". Even though the Jews have continually faced annhilation from both Arab and Christian they were always willing to share their land. Show me a Muslim nation that hasn't destroyed anything Jewish (or at least tried) when they took it over. Look at the Old City in Jerusalem. What do you see? Two Mosques sitting right ON TOP OF the holiest site of the Jewish people!!! The key words are "ON TOP OF" the holiest site! How can the Palestinians (or anyone for that matter) claim that they have more of a right to live in Israel and have Jerusalem as their capital more than the Jewish people??? The proof that the Jews were there before the Palestinians is RIGHT THERE!!! The Israelis didn't secretly build a several thousand-year-old city underneathe 2 Mosques! C'mon people! Wake up!

I am not even going to get into all the arguments about there being no references AT ALL to Jerusalem or Israel in the Koran. I am also not a stubborn person and unlike certain people am willing to learn new things so if any Muslims out there can prove me wrong on this one I invite them to do so. I am not looking to pick a fight, I honestly want to know ALL of the facts about a subject so when I post messages like this one I don't sound like an idiot because I don't know anything about the history or the culture of the people on the OTHER side.

In closing, I would also like to point out that for the last 60 years since the Jewish people formed the state of Israel (after reclaiming it yet AGAIN) it has flourished into a democratic country that produces all sorts of things that benefit ALL mankind. This includes medicine (especially bio-tech), agriculture, computing and many other technological breakthroughs. No other country in the history of the world has advanced so much with the odds so much against it in such a short period of time. Israel has no natural resources and lay desolate for centuries. The Jewish refugees from WWII show up and look what it is today! The Arab countries have the most desirable resource in the world! Oil! And look at the state of poverty and ignorance the majority of them are stuck in. And who's fault is that? The Jews??? What affect does a Jew in Israel have on a Muslim in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan or Syria??? I just read the other week that some Saudi price is putting his Aspen Colorado home up for sale for $135 million b/c he never uses it!!! What type of evil people have $135 million dollar homes in countries that they never visit and then can only muster a meer $50 million to offer the Palestinians in "emergency aid"??? Oil prices hit a new all-time high every day and all these leaders can give is $50 million to a people that is in desperation and then claim that the Israelis are the monsters??? I ask you, what the "bleep" is wrong with these Arab countries??? How brainwashed are these people???

It basically comes down to this. The resolution in 1947 called for the land of Israel to be shared between the Jews and the Arabs living there (i.e. Palestinians). The Jews said fine and the Arabs wouldn't bite. Every day since then there are attempts by the Palestinians, the various network of terrorists, militias, hate groups (pick your poison) among them to not rest until all of Israel is reclaimed for the "Palestinians" and all of the Israeli inhabitants are killed. There is no intent to share. There is no comprimise. This is the only end game. This is the RADICAL MUSLIM FINAL SOLUTION.

To those "moderate", "peace seeking" Muslims I ask "where is your Ghandi"? Show yourselves.

Just remember that when tradgedy strikes anywhere in the world (remember the earthquake in Iran?) Israel offered help and Iran said they would except help for all corners of the Earth except from Israel. Israel offers assistance to everyone regardless of race or religion. They admit Muslims into their own hospitals! Show me a Muslim hospital that would do the same for an Israeli! Gaza was given to the Palestinians so they could start a new life. Over 99% of the resources (homes, buildings, greenhouses etc.) were left intact so the Palestinians and the world in general couldn't say thay that the Israelis put the Palestinians in an even worse position by destroying everything in Gaza. What did the Palestinians do when they got control? They looted and destroyed everything. What did they do with all of the international funds? They squandered it by giving half to Hamas to purchase explosives and the rest to Arafat and his wife in France.

Israel has shown it's willingness to make peace by first giving the Sinai back to Egypt and then uprooting it's OWN PEOPLE from Gaza!!! There are photos and stories all over the Internet where you see Jew vs. Jew. Policemen and solidiers with clubs and tear gas forcing out men, women and children so that the Palestinians can have a place to call their own. What thanks does Israel get? A daily barrage of rockets. That's what they get.

Nice job guys.

I want peace. I am willing to share Israel and Jerusalem. In fact it already is being shared. There are Arabs and Jews living together. Jeruslam has a Jewish, Christian, Armenian AND Muslim quarter! What is the problem? I hope that some day the hate will end and I will leave you with a something I once heard that really holds dear to me.

"Peace will exist in the Middle East when Muslim parents love their children more than they hate the Jews."

If this were the case then no ammount of pride or determination on the part of extremists in the world could ever again create the situation that exists in the world today. EVER.


Since you are in a biblical area, I am reminded of the old joke about the Magi bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh and that had they been women it would have been diapers, blankets and a casserole! So Subrata and Jean, your boss is a bit absentminded, is he? Not to be sexist, but where are men's heads? Oh yes, in the sports pages. Quite a shakeup in the NASCAR point standings wasn't it Brian? And not enitrly to your liking, I'm thinking. Nor mine.

Of course, with all of the above, I'm poking a bit of fun at you--which is some relief from being scared to death for you all. You are doing great work, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL and practice risk assessment. An extra note of thanks goes to the unsung camera men. Those with Richard and Martin must be shell shocked by now and whoever is with Brian is in great shape, running up and down stairs WITH a camera.

Applause, appreciation and gratitude from us all!

Mr. Williams,

I hope you stay safe; I have a feeling it's no accident you're in northern Israel, given that the greatest danger is on the other side of the border, as you know (or people would be being evacuated from Israel by the tens of thousands, which they are not). I was shocked to hear the spokesperson for the Israeli government say the other day that their government is justified in trying to pressure the Lebanese government to crack down on Hezbollah by means of bombing the general population (I literally heard them say this on NPR a few days ago). I've now read in the Asahi Shinbun newspaper in Japan today that the Israelis are bombing the Christian areas of Lebanaon--it's interesting that the English-language media doesn't seem to be reporting this.

Why don't you cover the destruction in Lebanon. That's really where you should be. Not in the safe confines of Israel's borders, but in downtown Beirut.

It is a shame you must be there in the first place! But try to be safe!! Why does NBC feel the need to put anchors in harms way when they have excellent field reporters? I'm sure you have no problem with the assignment as a journalist, but I think your place is in the studio keeping the American public informed on the tragidies and sometimes good news in the world. I believe the field reporters are better equipped and have more experience to stay out of harms way in the war riddled parts of the world.
Yes, your view is a good one to hear, but not at the cost it could bring to yourself and family. PS.
Jeter is never trivial!

why can't the u.s.a. use the lend lease act of ww11, to lead our b52's to carpet bomb the southern border, of lebanon, and wipe out the missle threat. this also would help get the peace talks going,, just a thought from a viet nam vet,,, m.m. from mass

Dear Mr. Williams,

I hope you stay safe where you are. Unfortunately, you wouldn't be nearly as safe if you were in Lebanon right now--I presume that's why you're not where the real action is. It was interesting to note that Israeli spokespersons openly say that they want to pressure the Lebanese government to crackdown on Hezbollah through bombing the general population (I literally heard them say this on NPR a few days ago). I also noted by reading the Japanese Asahi Shinbun newspaper that the Israelis are bombing civilian Christian areas as well today--funny that I don't see that reported on in the English-language media.

keep your haed down and your eyes and ears open.


I think the most important thing you stated in your blog today was that you referenced where peter stood in the Bible and how insignificant checking in on your blackberry about how the new york yankees are doing is truly probably the most important thing you are learning on your journey out there covering this war between isreal and lebanon. The most important thing in life is just that how precious it is and how things don't matter. there are people dying right now, right in front of your eyes in Isreal and that is real and a harsh reality in this world today. it makes you think about what is really important. as a news reporter i admire how you are realizing what's truly important and what news truly matters!!!

Good reporting, although I too would like the Nightly News to be broadcast from Beirut once or twice. I'm an unapologetic Israeli sympathizer but am also a journalist and would like to see in equal depth what the Lebonese people are going through. I wish I could give the coverage to this point a better grade than B-, but I just haven't seen enough questioning of Israel's targeting criteria and what life in Lebanon will be like after all of this.

Brian......please stay safe; we need you to tell us the truth and keep us informed. Sometimes I can turn the sound down when you are reporting and read your thoughts and concerns for so many people. You and all the NBC correspondents, camera personnel and everyone are in my prayers. If you were married to me; I wouldn't let you go there....too unsafe!!! Be careful.....Please....

Jon, Washington DC, there is a reason that those pictures will not be seen on TV. 'too shochking' although they are they are really a heart string shock more then anything else. Anyone that does not know that is what it looks like when people go to war with one another is not paying attention. Do you have any graphic picture sites for Israel

Martin Fletcher's story on Nightly last night was the best piece of journalism I've seen in this conflict. No politics, no taking sides, simply the very human story of people living through hell. He was clearly moved by what he had experienced with the woman who called her husband's cell phone, and the other people trying to survive, and that was entirely appropriate. His words were very heartfelt. Brian, your personal chopper tour was also outstanding, as we got to experience your own first hand observations.

Stay safe and keep up the good work!

Brian: Please remember our beloved David Bloom while you traverse yet another battlefield. Make sure you take care of your health. We look forward to your reports, but you well being is more important than a report. You can not be a good reporter if you do not stay healthy.

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