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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

Brian Williams became the seventh anchor and managing editor in the history of NBC Nightly News on December 2, 2004. Read his full biography.


When I first got accepted into the internship program at NBC Nightly News, the truth is, I was thinking about giving up on journalism. I questioned whether the life of a television journalist was really what I wanted. For me, this internship was an opportunity to jump in at the highest level and see if that life was really something to aspire to. Two weeks after final exams ended I quit my job, said goodbye to my family, friends and girlfriend in Texas, and left for a 12-week adventure in New York City.

An old friend told me that when I got to New York I would "catch the bug" and rediscover my passion for the news. She was right. Learning from, and working side-by-side with, the men and women who are the absolute best at what they do has refocused me. I want to be a reporter. I want to tell stories that bring the world to my community.

I couldn't have learned from better people. From my very first day I was amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone was -- from desk assistants on up, even Brian Williams himself. When I was introduced to Brian and told him where I was from, he nodded and told me he remembered reading my resume. The anchor of NBC Nightly News had read my resume. I was floored.

Working primarily in the newsroom at 30 Rock, we interns got to help build stories from the ground up. It was up to each of us to take as much out of that opportunity as we could.

Conducting research showed me how to find the strongest interview subjects and most reliable information. Logging taped interviews and other footage helped me tune my ear for good sound, and my eye for the best video. Sitting in on the daily editorial meetings taught me more about news judgment than I could ever have learned in a classroom. Helping producers and editors scramble to finish stories minutes before air taught me the value of staying cool under pressure. Great producers and correspondents read my writing, and offered direction and criticism. And yes, those daily intern duties like making copies and running errands taught me responsibility. Even the little things matter.

My assignments at Nightly weren't always fun, and I had days where New York absolutely got the best of me, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade what I learned for anything. I know I'm a better, smarter journalist for what I did and saw -- and years from now I'll credit this summer for showing me my path.

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I am Proud of you ! Good luck and enjoy your summer.

How proud your parents must be! To be able to "find your passion", your gift/talent, is what we're all supposed to do in life. Then, to be able to take that passion and live it, is everyone's dream come true. Sounds like you're on your way! Your passion for journalism will create in you, the energy and the will to keep pushing forward, even when the odds might be against you. If you want something worthwhile, that is worth everything to you, just stay focused and become unstoppable and you will achieve your hearts desire.
Thomas Edison said, "Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will."
Good luck Garrett, in all you do! God has surely blessed you!

I want to be a reporter. I want to tell stories that bring the world to my community.

Did Tony or Michele tell you to say this statement? :) Just kidding dude. How are ya? I see you all posted up on the front page of the SMU website. I see you really enjoyed your internship at NBC nightly. Are you still at SMU or did you graduate? I can't wait to see you on TV reporting so I can be like, "I used to fight like hell with him back in the day in journalism school at SMU." It's funny how none of that matters now... : ) Keep up the good work G, I wish you much success!

Garrett, Congradulations on all that you have accomplished. I am a Sport Agent Intern at a law firm in Dallas and after reading your story I can relate in many ways. I would like to have a story done on some of my clients to help market them and after reading your story I would like you to be the one to help me. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Garrett -

Just learned about your blog - better late than never!

Give up the most exciting work on the Planet? You never were a "quitter" and I am jumping for joy and green with envy. Okay, so some stories are not real thrilling as others (just remember the old high school JI news labs?) - YOU can make each topic the best because you can keep digging until it works as a good piece.

Have a blast and enjoy the moment - it will fly by.

Proud of you!

Sheila Alexander
Klein Journalism
and ex- NBC'er at KRBC and KXAS-TV

We are all SO proud of you! A successful summer internship is only as productive as the match up between the program and the intern...sounds like yours was a perfect match. Congratulations!

I'm an extremely jealous younger brother. All the money I made this summer on Nabors Rig 491 wouldn't be a viable trade for half of the fascinating educational and other opportunities you've had this summer. I'm unspeakable proud of how much you've impressed "The Man," whcih in turn has impressed me and innumerable others. Way to go. I can't wait until next year when we're both at SMU.

I know it has been exhilarating for you to work with such gifted and committed professionals this summer. Now remember to find your own definition of success, and develop a professional life that allows you to use your talent and which makes you happy. You're already a star, just shine for the world to see.

uh, buddy...good luck

with those writing skills, you're going to need it

Congratulations on a successful and exciting summer.
It looks like we may be saying, "we knew him when.." one day and perhaps you do belong in the Northeast afterall!
Wherever your success takes you, don't forget that wonderful mother that gave you the gift and love, for reading and learning.

Congratulations Garrett! This is an awesome blog! You look great and the blog was a pleasure to read :) Good luck with everything!

Great work, Garrett. YOu have two very proud you,,Mimi and G'pa

Wow, what a fabulous opportunity, Garrett, and I enjoyed your blog! Years ago, I worked for an NBC affliate as a camera operator so I am sure that you are getting taught from the best! Much success to you!

Just read your blog, and we've got all thumbs up for you. You are definitely on your way!

Glad to hear you 'caught the bug' and rediscovered your passion. The best of luck to you. I'm sure a very bright future awaits!

Garrett, Great job on the blog! You've set the standard. Thanks for all of your help and advice this summer. Keep up the great work! Stay in touch.

Congratulations! What a wonderful summer and great transition from the academic SMU (Texas style)to upbeat NYC and the world. Best wishes for your future and the great career sure to follow. Although I didn't count the words, it seems to me you did well with your assigned 500!

This is NOLA here... from one southerner to another, it was a pleasure to work with you in this (too?) big city. Do me a favor- don't be a stranger to me or the newsroom- it's where you belong.

Nice blog man, enjoy the rest of your summer and good luck at school.

Garrett sounds like you had a great time this summer and good luck in the future:)

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