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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

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A grave concern

The news, at least our leading news story, comes to us tonight from the North...where the Canadians carried off a large and long-planned sweep, which we are told may avert a great catastrophe. Seventeen individuals are tonight in custody, seven nations are somehow involved, and we'll look at it all tonight.

We will also look at the politics behind the president's initiative on gay marriage today (many were talking about Newsweek's reporting today on same) and the horrible, can-it-get-any-worse violence in Iraq. We will look at contracts for debris removal in the Gulf (what some are getting away with) and AIDS at 25. Hard to believe. Also a few very interesting items of interest, as we always try to include.

About last night -- the Sopranos season is over -- perhaps we'll take on that topic when time permits. Suffice to say Chase left enough plot threads to weave a blanket, and the debate over this season continues wherever two or more fans are gathered today.

Earlier today, and just a few blocks from here in Midtown Manhattan, I was honored to accept the 2005 George Foster Peabody award for our coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Steve Capus, NBC News President, was by my side on stage... just as his name was the first I mentioned in accepting for the network. Armed with the very same weather briefing that was given to public officials, it was Capus who sent an army down to New Orleans to prepare to cover the storm. If others had done the same in their respective areas and on a larger scale, perhaps the human suffering we covered would not have been so vast. I accepted on behalf of all the people who work here, and all the people in the region. For now, the Peabody sits atop the digital clock that is always my focal point in the newsroom.  Hardly dignified, I know. But visible... and it does class up the place. It will spend the night safely in the office, and plans are for a permanent glassed-in home as part of the public tour of NBC News. 

We welcome you to another week, and hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.

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All these issues brought up by our current leadership is to distract us from all the real important issues in the world. The press is controlled by the white house and its lobbyist and supporters. There is no longer a free press in this country.Read what other democratic countries have to say about us and listen, because they are reporting the news thand the right opinions that we will never see or hear from our press. It is all corrupt. Poor Dan Rather.We need a new revolutionary war.In other countries they would have lined up our congress and given them the coup de grace!They are all about self agrondisement and lining there and there relatives and friend pocket with our hard earned dollars. As long as there are hungry and homeless americans without food shelter and halthcare we should not send one american taxdollar abroad!The borders need to be sealed at all costs until every american and family are above the poverty level, Some Cristian country thi is....I would not want to be there type of christian for all the mney in the world.We sell more arms that kill more men , woman and children than any other country. What kind of christians are we rerally. The most abominable kind.

This looks like a good place to add my comment on Ann Coulter:

How could NBC give that screaming, vile, hateful --- a platform to sell another of her vicious, putrid, pandering and intellectually insignificant books?

What she said about the 9/11 widows (and by extension I assume widowerers, children survivors, etc.) on the Today show was so inexcusably wretched that I venture the time for dialogue with the extreme right is over. There's no point in trying to discuss anything with anyone who holds an opinion that rank.

Positively putrid. Disgusting. Has she lowered the level of discourse? She's murdered it, Brian.

It is now time to make Ann Coulter disappear from all airtime ! Giving her free time is only encouraging over the top attitudes which our culture doesn't need right now. Enough !

Gay Marriage: President Nero picks his tune.

I'm so sick of Bush bringing up Gay marriage when this country is in such a mess. The mess we face now with the war, ecomomy and terrorist is the furture of our country. This stupid foolish attempt to divert us from the important issues, to save his poll numbers. Does he and the goverment think we are stupid sheep to be lead over the cliff? He and the other republicans will find out in 'o8

Intermittent Explosive Disorder -- my, my, my ... what a fancy way of saying "Hissy Fit". I think I'll stick with Hissy Fit. It's easier, faster, and more fun to say :-)

It's embarrassing to even report on such nonsense. If I was the reporter getting this info. for the first time on what the focus for the upcoming election is going to be on, and they said gay marriage, and flag burning, I would tell them, "You know what STOP WASTING MY TIME, People are having to work 2-3 jobs!! You have got to be kidding me!!"

Larry Flynt once offered a huge reward for reporting a politician's philandering when he/she attacked President Clinton for the Lewinski BJ. Several of the attackers went down in flames on that one, most notably Rep. Hyde from Illinois.

What's to stop Mr. Flynt or someone like him to again offer a reward for outing a politician or prominent religious leader who makes publicity for him/herself by bashing gays?

I say more gasoline on the fire!

What's going ON here? Are we being punked? Is this some national Candid Camera stunt on the American people? Has our nation's leadership lost their collective minds? Senate debates wasted on gay bans while the whole nation and the world is going to hell in a handbasket? I agree with Lee Steele and Trish, only to add and NEVER FORGET the Katrina debacle.

Speaking of President Bush's Weapons of Mass Distraction--I understand one of the places he's planning to visit today to push his immigration plan is Roswell, New Mexico, of UFO fame.

Is he planning to look into illegal space aliens (oops, I mean undocumented extra-terrestrials) there?

Hey look over here!!! Hey stupid Americans! Take your eyes off the worst president ever to breathe oxygen (ignore WWIII, Global Warming and possibly the end of our relationship with the Earth-thanks to George, and countless other legitimate issues) and welcome to pandering 101. Lets see how stupid Americans really are, Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 199087764990 times.... Get real, gay marriage, shmay marriage.

Get Real (above): Has hit it dead center!!!The elderly can't purchase meds plus all the problems above and the "born again" is worried about gays. Give me a break!
I'm with Get Real.

I.E.D. and I thought it was just PRESSURE. We label everything don't we? Surprised we don't name our trash cans when we put them out at night so we know which is which when we come home the next day. Wait we do do that,don't we?

Many more award's coming, if we can keep on track.

Well deserved observance people.

We want MORE. More responsible, truthfull, unbiased, unaldulterarted, unabridged journalisim. And we won't accept anything less.

If in his desire to sway that flagging base of his, wouldn't it be interesting if this "gay witch hunt" issue backfires on good ol' George! Nobody has assessed the republicans for the closeted gays within that party, the Mayor West types who hide behind the guise of anti-gay issues only to be one? Here is that opportunity to actually ask those questions. How many other "Mayor Wests" are in the party, in the White House? And how about that Jeff Gannon Guckert? These things just may have enough momentum and fly on their own!

Right on, Trish from Baltimore.

Would George Bush have ever even been a viable candidate if he hadn't had divisive wedge issues?

And what's all this ballyhoo about a Constitutional amendment, anyway? He uses the Constitution for a Welcome mat! The same people who don't care about Constitutional protections for due process or unreasonable searches will feel warm and fuzzy by a ban on gay marriage? What a bunch of morons we've become.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Brian -
Congratulations to NBC and to you and your great traveling staff on the Peabody award. Nobody else covered the Katrina situation as well as your NBC crew, and the fact that you keep returning and noting progress - or not - is a plus.
As Charles McCord says - NBC got a 'seamless transition' when they got you, but then you've always been a serious newsman, historian and writer. I remember how delighted you were to be able to have Doris Kearns Goodwin on the old MSNBC program and other guests whom you admired for their knowledge and their work.
As Stephen King has written in his wonderful book "On Writing - a memoir of the craft" -
"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot......there's no shortcut."
King's fiction scares me to death, but his non-fiction is right on.
So again, Congratulations!
Joan Chapman, Cheshire, CT.

okay let's see we've got Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bird flu, global warming, gasoline prices out of control, political corruption on both sides of the isle, immigration issues, and the best these idiots can come up with is a gay marriage ban?

Get Real!

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