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What time does your alarm go off?

More and more alarm clocks are sounding as early as 5 a.m. across the country. As work hours get longer, Americans are getting up earlier to juggle the demands of the day. What does it mean for health? Families? Lifestyle? Is what we gain really something to lose sleep over?


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I live and work in Kent, a suburb about 15 miles south of Seattle.

Wake up at 6:15 am, and at work by 7:30 AM. And I take the bus, too. Not bad for public transportation :)

Rather than counting what time Americans wake up, why not count the number of times Brian Williams and other journalists use the phrase 'more and more'.

What does it mean?

If you have a real statistic ("25% more Americans are now waking up at five A.M.") then use it!

"More and more" is journalism code for "we don't have a stastistic, so we came up with a meaningless phraise to make the story seem like its real news."

Alarm goes off at 5 AM, shower and get ready, then drive an hour in Chicago traffic. Work 7-4 and drive an hour home through traffic. It's just great!

My alarm goes off at 5:30...I work from 8-4:45 M-F but I have to drop my son off at his school at around 7:30 (that means that we have to get ready and out of the house in one and a half hours) and then rush to work to make it there by 8am.

My shift changes every week. Why are the rest of you complaining? I'm working 7A-3P this week, 11P-7A next week, and 3P-11P the week hence. I am a dispatcher for the Maryland State Police. If I never had to work day work, I certainly never would. I prefer 3P-11P; I don't have to get up before noon, and I can still catch a late dinner when my shift ends.

I have always loved early mornings, and learned to love it more in the Army. Now I work for a school district as a Transportation Supervisor, and waking up at 4am is a luxory. I am up at 4am getting my clothes ready, shower, makeup, hair, dressed, check in with the dispatcher at 4:45 to see which bus drivers have called in sick for the day. Coffee, grab breakfast/lunch that is packed for day, medication for dog given, cat fed, dogs (outside) fed and on my way to work at 5:30. Arrive 5:45 am observe pretrip inspections, answer parent phone calls; employee concerns; supervise docking procedures for am. Docking begins again at 3pm and the day is done with the last bus in at 5:20 pm. Can leave the office by 4:45 - 5pm and supervise the radio until last bus is in. Start it all again the next day. Love FRIDAYS! But truly love the summertime!

4:00 a.m. and off to the gym whether I want to or not (nost times it is "not"). Work starts at 6:30 a.m., off at 4:00...home by 4:30. 5 hours of evening to do whatever I want. Start over. The Monday through Friday grind.

My alarm is just that "alarming" every weekday morning at 5:30 a.m. my morning commute begins with my trek from my "oh-so-warm" bed to the shower and from there on out, it's a mad dash rush to get showered, dressed, make-uped, hair done, lunch packed, cat fed, fish fed, alarm deactivated, breakfast eaten or drinken, vitamins swolled, change te load of laundry, quick house pick-up and on the road by 6:46 each morning to battle traffic, rude drivers, answering ringing cell phones and a vibrating blackberry, jockey for a parking spcae and connected to my nerd box at work by 7:30 Mon-Fri.

My alarm clock goes off at 5:oo am but I usually roll out of bed at 6:00 am to leave the house @ 6:45 to help ease the easterly commute down interstate 10 in Houston.

If a politician is going to show real family values they should address the very long working hours of the average person so they can actually spend time with their families. If they champion businesses over families they should just keep doing what they are doing.

40K PER EACH IMMIGRANT DEPORTED (this is the cost that the same Goverment calculated, and each taxpayer will have to contribute for this)SO DO YOU MATH 40K x 12 MILLION DEPORTATIONS.....
Why attacking people who are here willing to work, for a very low wages on jobs that legal citizens don't want? also what every american, press, politician, etc, keep forgetting is that NONE of the terrorist came from any fo the Latin America countries or other countries that immigration is high, and that in the other hand, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE TERRORIST "WAS AND HAD" EVERY SINGLE LEGAL PERMIT TO STAY IN THIS COUNTRY... so couldn't be possible that everyone should concentrate on those peoples coming from countries that are high risk due to the political tension on their country of origin, and not to denied those who are coming because they are HUNGRY and willing to work for much much less wages for those jobs that legal americans don't want, see as an example countries like Canada, they don't have problems like this, because they're very organize and knowledgeable, or some European countries. Remember this country was/is build on immigrants, the real people or culture of this country was exterminated (Native Indians) by the same immigrants that are chanting no to immigration.


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