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Observations from India

A pair of "Ambassadors" outside the Indian Finance Ministry. Photo by David Gregory.

It's a handsome car and you can't miss it around Delhi -- the Ambassador. I took this picture outside the Finance Ministry. The pearly white compact provides added flair to a city of 7 million people so rich in history. It reminded me of a bygone era in India, one I've read about in the history books. The Ambassador was made in 1957 by Hindustan Motors. Here's what a local write up said about the car:

"Though the sturdy Ambassador does not find many takers in India, with people looking to more fancy cars, its export has been steadily increasing, mainly in the British and Japanese markets. Trucks are being exported to Bangladesh, Egypt, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. The Earth moving Equipments are being exported to Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Mauritius and Libya."

Anyway, enough sightseeing.

The President has come all the way to India and he'll leave without seeing the Taj Mahal, known as the monument to love. Today during lunch, Indian Prime Minister Singh needled Mr. Bush, saying to the first lady, "I hope you will be more chivalrous the next time you are here." The President, during his toast, joked back blaming the oversight on "the George W. Bush schedulers," adding "Mr. Prime Minister, I'm sorry you brought up the Taj Mahal. I've been hearing about it from Laura ever since I told her we weren't going."

On a more serious note, the President responded today to the deadly suicide attack in Karachi, Pakistan. An American diplomat and three others were killed. Mr. Bush said he won't let "terrorists and killers" deter him from making the trip to Islamabad. A pared-down White House staff will be making the Pakistan trip and nerves are a bit on edge.

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No takers in India? You're kidding me; long after the Fords have disappeared from Detroit's streets, the BMW's from Autobahn's, the Toyotas and the bullet trains from the Japanese countryside, we'll still be trudging along our cobbled paths in our Amby's.

Your politicians might travel on our roads in assembled Merc's, but our netas will continue to travel in their bullet-proof Amby's.

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