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Cover for the White House?

If you saw today's White House briefing, none of us could believe that Scott McClellan was backing off the President's threat to veto any attempt to derail the ports deal -- allowing Dubai Ports World to assume management of major U.S. seaports. But he was, and minutes later we find out there is a deal: DPW will transfer management of the U.S. ports to a U.S. entity, thus giving the White House some cover.

The White House says they only knew of "rumors" of a deal, but one wonders whether there was coordination between the White House, DPW and Sen. John Warner, R-Va., who announced the agreement. It's clear the White House knew, especially after meeting with congressional leaders this morning, that Congress was prepared to buck him on this.

No one here wanted the President to veto his own party, so leave it to DPW, the state-run company no one apparently trusts to manage U.S. ports, to be the great peace broker in Washington! More to come of course.

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It seems Bush & Company are now grasping at straws.

They have failed.

They failed America, because they have failed to uphold the Constitution. Remember, that was the document Bush vowed to protect, above all.
With the help of his Republican Congress, his hand-chosen vice president, Cabinet and Supreme Court he has tarnished that precious document with the blood and tears of thousands. Now with Habeas Corpus erased, we all are at the mercy of this group of misguided souls.

Bush will say anything to try and save face.
It is so sad, that this little man, still doesn't get it. His job was to preserve the Constituion, not to protect his "comma" in history.

2008 will not come soon enough for me.

I wish to respond to my fellow commentators here:

To Jack Jackson: Yes we "Have" sent a message to our "Arab" friends. It is one of "sovereign" issues. Please read my post. I bet you any money if you talk to people of Arab descent and talk about buying Mecca, or some other place in the Mid East, they will tell you, not only will it "Won't happen", but your security would be in peril. Your statements are correct "Sir" in that the USCG would in effect handle port security. Put a tactical nuke in one of those ships that are not screened before entering the port and it is a moot point. American dock workers would work in these ports. But if the port authority-read DPW, holds up a ship-"YOU" don't get the goods you need. Once again, I state, it is not racist to want to secure our economic engine-our ports. If you don't agree, then please let me have the title to your house and land. I am not that well off.

To Howard Colbourne:

Mr. Colbourne, we have, as a country, always put our money where our mouth is.
Our money is in the youth that we sent off to war-God bless them for the ideals they believe in. God only knows that this old Navy/Army veteran is questioning those men that sent him to preserve those ideals-Only to wake up and find that they are just doing business.

My soul, honor and country are not for sale.
My country I love.
My government? I have serious questions as to the how this happened in the first place.
Because "I" and others, and hopefully "you" as well have served, you and I will agree on one point.

We can agree to disagree.

Respectfully yours,

Once again we find ourselves in the mist of a election campaign, and once again everybody is promising vote for me and I will fix the problem. The problem is I don't care if you are republican or democratic I think they should both be fired and a new party formed called the american party. This party will just get things done for the good of our country.

Illegal immigration- they are sucking our country dry, we can help the rest of the world but we can’t defend our border. Just go into any emergency room in this state and see how many are getting free healthcare. If you and I went in and said we have no health care and they found out that we owned a house they would put a lean on it to collect.

Social Security- We have people who can’t manage their own checking accounts and 401K’s now we expect them to manage this. When they loose everything who is going to help them?

Rising Health Care Costs- How are we going to control this, who has a plan? We have senior citizens who take half of their doses to get two months supply instead of one to reduce their costs.

Job losses- Is anything made here anymore? Our country is in bad shape if we keep letting our manufacturing jobs go overseas. G.M is going to cut 25,000 jobs. In fact if more people worked they will pay into the system which results in lower taxes for you and me. China is killing us, they don’t have to contend with lawsuits, health care, social security no wonder they have lower wages.

Pension Plans- Once again companies are dumping their problems onto me and you. Why should the CEO make 10 million a year and tell the government we are going bankrupt in order to drop our pension plan.

Our Military Personnel- Are they and their families getting what they deserve?

Can someone tell us the truth, lets find a way to REALLY fix the problems we have, instead of giving a line like “elect me and I will cut your taxes” . Like Jack Nicholson said “ YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH

I think we have missed a chance to put a choke hold on and gain a partner on the war on terrorism. We should have reverted to the old " MAD ", ( Mutually Assured Destruction ) position . Allow the " State " run company to run our ports, but aim enough nuclear missles at Dubai and others in that region, and take the position that if one pops here, we pop all of them. I believe that we would have more allies on the war on terror then, at least they wouldn't have access to aid ( have we nailed the money men ? ), after all, like we all know, " you are your brothers keeper "

Yes, we should build good relationships with our friends. Having any foreign entity control basic assets in our country - like port security, is completely absurd. It would be like letting my neighbor sleep with my wife to ensure he remains my friend!!!
Friendship is based on many things, especially on an international level, but should never be based on selling America piece by piece.
We haven't even considered the fact that all the money generated from port security should be put back into our own system, and not line the pockets of foreign ownership....
Anything for a buck, it is the American way. ; At least on the political level.
All these comments talk about "Bush" and "Republicans". Sure, they are corrupt. Don't think that Democrats are any less corrupt. ; Same dog, different color.

Wow, it is truly scary reading these posts. How mis-guided, myoptic, and just plain hypocritical is the readership of this website? The racism, xenophobia, compleat misunderstanding of global capitalism and what it means is truly amazing. If anything, I would recommend that spend some time educating its readership rather than dutifully reporting whatever someone with a title and position spouts off. I guess the sad part is that most of theses posts come from folks who will never be a player in the global capatilistic scheme. The best one can do is just react and try to keep their head above water, economically speaking. If anything, it is time to IPTMFA, and start really talking about political choices and the ones that make sense for the American majority that makes less than $80K a year. Pepsi and Coke political choices are no political choices at all....

"U.S. entity" -- sounds like maybe:
Haliburton, KBR, Carlyle Group...
"transfer management" ? -- another question here

We need the details on this fixed deal!

The ignorance of my fellow American's astonishes me. Did anyone who posted in regard to this story bother to look into the facts about the Dubai deal???

All the UAE would have been in control of would have been running the cranes on the docks that load and unload cargo. The U.S. Port Authority, Coastguard and Dept of Homeland Security would still be in full control of security at the ports in question. Not only that, but it all of the employees working these cranes would be American citizens hired by the Dubai company. Everyone is so quick to condemn a valuable ally of the U.S. based on their race only. What a shame this country has become so ignorant.......and has decided to blindly believe everything the media shovels down our your eyes people. This has sent a terrible message to the people in the middle east who may have been neutral or even sympathetic to our cause. We have just proven to them that we are nothing more than a bunch of self absorbed, racist, ignorant people who are too quick to jump to conclusions (usually the wrong conclusions).

The message I'm getting from all this squalling about
our ports being run by arabs is an attack by our wonderful christian conservatives. We say we don't think all arabs beleive that we can't get along, but when push comes to shove we cut & run. What kind of message are we sending to the arab world? Is what we really beleive that the world will be just fine if only the christians run it? I wonder what the people in Ireland would say about that? There are good and bad in every religon and every race on the face of the earth. If the phrase You ARE innocent until proven guilty is meaningful to us, why don't we put our money where are mouth is?

In reply the best i can say is Amen, someone has wisdom enough to see past the rehtoric and realize that a political friend one day can be a foe another day. To allow the ports to go into control of a state sponsored(govm't ran) company where a majority of terrorist activites takes place is dumb. Even if the company is ligitimate they provide a way for terrorist to channel resources and devices into this country. No company or Goverment for that matter can be 100%, they cant check every single container and checking shipping papers is as worhtless as the paper it is written on most of the time. Honest company or not the risk is far greater than any benefit. I think if UAE are true allies they will realize the apprehension of the American people on this matter and respect our wishes, if they cant then are they a "FRIEND" or venture capitalist looking to make a buck at our expense.

JGC, Central Ohio

Well..well, seems like the deal will not go through.
It seems like DPW has had a change of heart.

DP World valued its rival’s American operations at less than 10 percent of the nearly $7 billion total purchase. It makes one wonder why this happened in the first place.

Congress put such pressure on this that DPW has backed off!

Now Sen. John Warner has stated that "this will hurt us with our Arab" friends.

I say "Big Deal". Yes, I know Arab business entities have holdings here. Yes, I know they have lots of dollars to bail our economy out, but now most people, Arabs included, have said this smacks of racist overtones. Maybe so.
The whole turn around since 911 has been to secure our country. Then this so called port deal. It is not, in my eyes, racist for a country to own its main economic engines-The ports. It is not racist to question why a financially healthy company ended up selling to DPW. I can turn this around on one comment made here-"We let your ships use our ports in Dubai, we have foreign workers in Dubai--Well, thank you. If you don't want any foreign workers in Duabi, do the work yourselves. Here's a better idea, since we took Iraq, and hold the oil in "abeyance" for the Iraqi people, you wanted our ports. Ok, We'll give you the ports, but I think we should look at buying Mecca and the ground around the Haj. Seems like an awfull lot of people come there once a year-maybe we Americans can sell hot dogs and water there at a concession stand. We'll even do the security for you. See how easy it is to transfer roles.
Even if this idea sounds insane, which it is, I doubt that ANY Arab or Arab nation would even listen to this idea. It is not racist that "We The People" want our country, our ports safe. It is not racist, while wanting to do business with any one country, that we say no-out of sovereign reasons. We want to control our country , or at least stand up to this slap in the face, sneaky, behind the scenes manipulation of government. I told an Arab friend of mine my idea about buying Mecca-He was shocked. Then he smiled at me and stated "ok.. I get it now"
To quote one Japanese admiral during WWII after the attacks on Pearl Harbor- "I am afraid they have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve!"
I think a good majority of American people, this writer included, has awakened.
It's not racist to want to protect America.

The UAE and the rest of the so-called "moderate"arab states are not our friends.These are not states with democratically elected rulers.As for Pres. Bushes comment about this setting a bad precedent among these so-called moderates ,this is so much hot air.Who cares if we piss them off.I say good ridance.If it weren't for their oil and oil money we wouldn't care in the least about these two-bit monarchies.Rather than spend billions on their oil I would like to see a real effort by our elected leaders to impliment alternative solutions to our energy dependence on these unstable regimes.If we spent just a fraction of what we are shoving down that rat hole in Iraq,we would have had alternative sources already in place and we could tell the arabs to go stuff it.

The question I have to ask is, which U.S. entity?

Will it be Haliburton or KBR?

How I long for a U.S. President that will say, "America has spoken and I support its stand on this issue." Not Bush. Unless an Arab or Arab country says it, he just won't support it. Americans standing up for their views on the U.S. Ports issue is the first event in years to make me proud to be an American.

What I don't understand is why we Americans didn't know how our business was being handled from the git-go. Wake up! Every major American port is "owned by foreign interests because our politicians and bureaucrats consented to the deals. What a disgrace!! And we Americans stood by in ignorant bliss while this happened.

As a proud fomrer US Marine, I find is disgraceful that George Bush was ever behind this idiotic plan to give control of our ports to an Arab country with such a poor pre-9/11 track record on terrorisim. This all smelled of a "Scratch my back and I will Scratch your" mentality from the Bush adminisration, well our security doesen't work that way as far as I am concerned. George Bush has proven yet again that he is a poor leader who is completely out of touch with mainstream America. My guess is that these blunders will allow Democrats to make big gains later this year.

First of all, I totally agree wtih jhughes. We as a nation have the ability to sustain ourselves for fuel resources. As for everyone else, it seems funny that in 2001, we all banded togather as a nation and stood up and supported President Bush. 2 years ago, we all agreed that the war in Iraq was indeed a good thing. Everyone is so concerned over our boys dying in the iraqi a member of the armed forces, I can say that we as a nation depend too much on the American Liberal Press. Is Bush the "perfect" president...of course not. We were quick to blame Clinton for all of our nation's problems, so now Bush is in office and it's his turn to take the blame for the way things are going. Terrorism will always be around no matter what we do. I'm just glad that we have a military that is able to fight the enemy at the source. There are bigger issues going on in the world today other than the handling of six ports. Iran is developing nuclear weapons, Hamas has just won elections in Palestine. There's a broader picture here. Take into consideration the fact that because of Bush's security policies, we've not had another attack on American soil. As far as the war is concerned, we as a nation were told long ago that this would not be an easy task, and we all stood next to him and agreed. This "AP Poll"..AP meaning associated only polling people that they know are not Bush supporters. At any given time, there are several polls being taken. Many of them come from the troops in Iraq. So before we jump on the CNN band wagon and bash our government, take the time to do some research and find out what others are saying. Our system is not perfect by any means, nor is our president. Nevertheless he is our leader, and as such we must rely on him to run this country. As a soldier, I personally feel that our country is safer while he is in office. His budgeting for the military insures that we have the proper trainning and equipment to defend this nation. I am an American and I'm damn proud of it. God bless.

While I can appreciate what Hamna said: "resentment and distrust of the US amongst people in the middle east," I think Dubaians and other middle Easterners need to think about the reasons why trust has been rapidly disappearing between our nations.

1. We finally took our heads out of the sand and decided that we don't trust Bush or Cheney. We think they're only out to make a buck at the expense of every American for generations of citizens who are not yet even born! If you step back and look at
it from where we sit I think you'll admit what an incredible burden that is.
The guy in charge doesn't have our back. That's scary! And you expect the American public to keep rolling over for him?
If you were an American - would you?

Maybe Dubai was caught in the middle - I don't know. Given the current political climate I find it hard to fathom why anyone could blame us.

2. Bush got us into a war we didn't really feel the need to be in.
A huge number of people here are distressed about it not only for our sakes but for everyone's sake. American and world owned super-interests may have a reputation for being "ugly Americans" but only a very very few Americans deserve that title just as very very few middle easterners deserve the title of "terrorists".
We, the American people, love people who love God like we do and we pity people who are falsely mislead into acts of hatred thinking that it will please Him. I say that as a Christian who loves God.
If we had terrorists within our borders who wanted to hurt us or YOU, for that matter, we would take care of it. We HAVE taken care of it.

3. We see Dubai harboring fugitives and owning and selling slaves. It is troubling. Clean your own house before you judge us.
I only say that generally and not to anything that Hamna has said.

Some people say that we are being racially selective with whom our government does business. I think it's always a possibility (I mean, I'm not the one to make those decisions) but I think it's more likely that nation-owned companies are the only ones the American public gets to have some say over and the general American public, who has no money and no power, WILL let our thoughts be known in order to point out flaws in human rights - such as the China/Unocal deal.
If China didn't want to have to endure the American public's criticism for the way they treat their own people they would have privatized it so it could stay hidden and the opinions of people all over the world make no difference.
Same with Dubai. Because if they control all the policies surrounding business deals and, therefore, never break any laws and never have to think about the well-being of anyone but themselves then they'll have to endure public outcry from time to time.

So what if some rich people have to sit on their hands for awhile. Big deal.
They'll just sit quietly and hope nobody notices how truly rich they are or see how much they get away with.

4. Hamna, do you really think there's a war-on-terrorism? Cuz it wouldn't surprise me if some day we discover that super-interests and terrorists are working together to keep people terrorized, under
control and worried enough to do anything for protection.

Well, after reading almost all of the comments, I am quite pleased that after 6 years of pious, misguided leadership, FINALLY something has stirred our conciousness!!
With all the investigations, Katrina missteps, Scootergate, etc. can we continue for 2 more can we hear "no one knew the levees would break" or "I will veto any stoppage of this port deal!" and have one ounce of respect or trust for this administration!? More importantly, have some respect for yourselves and do something!!Revolution is the answer and that could simply mean "impeach, impeach, impeach" if the parties were reversed (as in the Clinton administration) this would have already been the resolution!

Spying on Americans-- just yesterday in the SF Chronicle the ACLU were bringing charges against the DOD for wrongfully putting American students on the "watch list" then the DOD sez, "whoops, we were wrong and we've deleted them off the list!" Yeah right, show me!!!

How can we sacrifice so much for one man? The facts are that we illegally invaded 2 nations because of ego and greed will be something our grandchildren will judge us for and rightly so...look at our national debt...say what you will but this is shameful...we have "helped" someone who did not ask for help, but their leader was a threat to our very existence...yeah right.

Blind sheep, yeah maybe, more like old Jedi mind did not see that, you did not hear that, we did not break the law, we are right and they are wrong...

Thank God and the American people for waking up and telling David Gregory, What's really up!!!
What did we do when the threat was real...Katrina...we showed the world our true colors, not red, white and blue--but green...the color of money stopped us in our tracks...we did not issue money right away because of race; it's because we are broke, broke, broke....flat broke AMERICA!

We need a unification and a leader that can rise from this muck and mire would be truly welcome...look at all these comments---we are mad and we will be great again...please be patient, this might take some time...

Thank you

I initially disagreed with the whole situation involving the Port deal. More I read and researched UAE as a country... I came with the following conclusion. Is this the same UAE (nation) that hosts: tennis tournaments, golf tournaments, horse racings, car racings, cricket tournaments.... with mostly western participation. Our war ships dock there day in and day out with hardly any security concerns. We also have huge refinery, telecommunication, energy, railway, construction and developement dealings with this nation. I wholeheartedly agree with Cris from Phoenix... Let's not jump to conclusions and research prior to postings.

I can only wonder if the people they were dealing with on the ports are the same people who were allowed to board a jet and fly out of the country on 9/11.If you are not preparing for the worst to come you are doing yourself a grave injustice.

I was as shocked as anybody for the UAE state run Arab company to manage our American ports and the anger was not over National security, but Americans loosing control over what is "American." Why should I be surprised...who ownes the top ten banks? (you know, those places where YOUR money is kept) - try Japan - the same lousy people who tried to destroy an American Naval port ..oh, but Hawaii wasn't an American State at the time.

Who owns the oil that we pay dearly for to drive our kids to school, to work, and for vacationing around in our SUV's? That woul be the same country DBW is from. Americans and American technology just happens to be how that oild gets out of their desert and into our tanks - nobody is complaing about the process - just the price.

Seems that it didn't take too long before that same country that tried to destroy our Navy became one of our best friends, then kicked our butt in the auto making business in the '70's- why? because they could do it cheaper and better than the USA, the UAW was asking too much for their service and Detroit management was too afaid to loose profit by saying "NO" and risking yet another strike. Turns out, the Japs are doing so well with American resources (they "own" American workers) that Americans have forgiven them for past aggressions and are more than willing to collect a paycheck and benefits from Toyota, Honda, and Suburu and other Americans buy their proucts in abundance. Toyota alone has been good for the states of Ohio and Kentucky. Working as an engineer in a American Machine Tool company, I certainly did not like to see the Big Three take such a hit, because they were 15% of our business. I've grown up to accept business is business - even after loosing my job. I still only purchase Fords (made in Canada and Mexico), but I also switched to the medical field - Americans still have the best.

We have a friend who has interests in American resources with the UAE. They will use American workers and now with the busienss adjustment, American management - maybe that is a scare in itsself. If any company knows the culture of the whackos in the Middle East, it would be the UAE. If they stand to make a bundle of money with the port deal, doesn't it stand to reason that they will see that the ships and cargo is safe. You can't make money at a facility that has been blown up. The concern is, what happens when the UAE has lost the ommon interest with America? Would this mean they no longer treat the US military as well as they do in their country - just listen to Tommy Franks about this issue. Having a son in the Marine Corps, I appreciate when other countries accomodate them to do teir job. We are on the brink of expanding a war with Iran, so we need friends in that region who don't mind so much that our major American airbases are located on "their" land.

It is a common sport to bash George Bush - he is easy for many to hate, but on thing you have to admit,when he thinks he is right, then he sticks to his committments. Congress best wise up - THEY are the problem. They don't pay attention, they don't have focus and they are a bunch of children - no wonder George "tell them how it is going to be." Ironic, that three former presidents have either been directly involved in this deal or wh support it. Bush, Clinton, and ....CARTER! Maybe....just maybe, they are just smarter then all of us and know what is best for the country. History will tell.

Something that I don't get is this:

If Congress was soooo opposed to a foreign company being responsible for U.S. ports, why then would they allow the USA PATRIOT Act to be signed???

Also, this sends a very *clear* message that the U.S. does NOT like Arabs or any culture from the Middle East. I have found many to be very peace-loving individuals who believe in peaceful actions and NOT acts of hate or extreme violence. To me, this is just a continuation -- a carry-over -- that the Christian 'Crusades' never really ended, and our President (and those who support 'His' cause) are doing a dang good job of ensuring 'isolationism' between the U.S. --- and everyone else.

Good job, Mr. President!!! You've made us the 'public enemy' of the ENTIRE WORLD!!!

President Bush has been so dishonest from the beginning with the America people. It's to the point
that I don't believe a thing he says, he has never shown he is for the American people. He cheated his way into this presidency and he has cheated the American people. I'm so glad that his party is realizing what kind of leader he is. Where are the honest politicians? This is a great country and we need a great leader to keep her strong. How can we expect other countries to respect us and to see us as a great country when our own leaders are so corrupt.
Next election I hope the American people wake up and listen and pick a strong leader if there are any left.
This country needs to be turned around and fast. What a shame that President Bush became President given the chance I think he would sell our country to the highest bidder. God Bless America!

With all the anger over Bush's "wonderful record of achievement" during his time in office, I notice no one talks much about impeachment. There is a good reason for this, because as bad as Bush is as a President, the only thing i can think of that would be worse is Dick Cheney in the Oval Office. 6 months of that and we would be begging Dubyia to come back. You republicans voted for this mess (twice i might add)And now we have the best government a Corporation can buy. Over the next few months you will have a chance to pull some of Dubyia's teeth (congressional elections) but unfortunatly the Democrats are in the other hip pocket of corporate America. Most of the reason that we are so hated in the world is the strong partnership of our government with corporations and israel. If you look at voting records this becomes obvious. So What to do.........

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