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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

Brian Williams became the seventh anchor and managing editor in the history of NBC Nightly News on December 2, 2004. Read his full biography.

Weekend update

I admit to making my two children watch the gold medal performance of Lindsey Jacobellis, right up to and including the moment where it became a silver medal performance.  There's a lesson in that, not withstanding the editorial in The New York Times today which sets new benchmarks in our era of the celebration of self.

Additionally, my friend and colleague David Gregory finds himself in the news following... shall we say... a boisterous week in the White House briefing room. David has written an interesting post for us, he is the subject of a Q & A with Editor and Publisher, and additionally finds himself an involuntary lead player in a kind of "Brokeback Briefing Room" by Rachel Sklar. It will be interesting to hear from some of those who have been decrying the lack of a Donaldson-esque leading player in the press corps in recent years... as to how they enjoyed the robust discussion on display over the Cheney hunting incident.

Tonight Mike Taibbi will tackle a topic mentioned here yesterday -- the performance of the American athletes thus far, and the performance of these games in the relentless competition for America's viewing attention. At the top of the broadcast tonight will be the awful situation in the Philippines, followed by some major developments in the Middle East and Europe. The weather back home is making news once again, and we'll preview Mardi Gras (which will be our next remote location after this one) in New Orleans. When our work day is done, in the middle of the night Torino time, tonight's the night for the Nightly News staff to gather (in an undisclosed location not far from the banks of the Po River running through this city) so that News President Steve Capus, Executive Producer John Reiss and I can thank them for their hard and relentless work.

Tomorrow night, you can watch along with us in great anticipation as we hope that the Daytona 500 finishes in time to allow us to get on the air. Such an outcome would be a win/win situation: an on-time finish would mean minimal race delays due to yellow flags (i.e., a safe race, no injuries) and would mean all U.S. time zones would be treated to our Sunday best.

Time to thank our blog readers and regular viewers for their relentless dedication and loyalty as well. We hope you'll join us from Italy again tonight.

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Thank You, Ms. Rawlings from Riverside, for explaining that so perfectly. I am a 38 yr. old African-American woman, and I TOTALLY understood what Shani was feeling during that interview, but as usual the public didn't get the whole story on how he was,and still after winning is being treated by his fellow teammates. It's something that probably will never be understood by non African-Americans.That's just how it is.

David Gregory behaved like a spoiled child recently at the press briefing. I usually watch and respect him but I won't be following his reports anymore.
I will continue to watch the Nightly News but only because I am a fan of Brian Williams.
Brian--why don't you teach your friend (David Gregory) how to act like a professional!

Christy Sammon
Carrollton, Georgia

Please, please, more on this story: The management of six major ports in the United States has been granted to a company based in the United Arab Emirates--by the Bush administration. What are they thinking? How can this be? Hopefully, this is not a "done deal". Many people in the Williamsburg, VA. area are writing Governor Kaine, members of Congress and anyone else they think might listen. We, the people, want answers on this one!

Jager Atlanta: I'll try to help you understand Shani.
Shani was left out and treated like an outsider. He made it to the games alone, while others went as a team. He was needed only to win not join the team. While at the games he received death threats, one wished he'ed brake his leg and of course the N word. Now thats the support Shani got during these games. How would you feel? Now that he's won America says smile you now represt us. Just play along like everything is great and nothing bad happen. Maybe he is a listen to us all. We should try putting ourselves in the other person's place before making judgement. I was glad to see his interview Sunday night. I guess Brian did under what I met maybe you can try it. We are all Americans and just wont to be treat equal that's it.

V.P. Cheney's victim spilled the beans when he admitted being shot on Friday, not Saturday as claimed by V.P.....something is being covered up here

Tell Mr. Gregory and all your other colleagues that no one is my proxy. That applies especially to the fourth estate/fifth column.
All of you have been on the east and west coasts so long you have forgotten there is a heartland. You need to get in touch with what you call fly-over country. And the occasional trip to New Orleans won't cut it. All you do in New Orleans is interview a bunch of welfare whiners who don't have the gumption to help themselves.
One final piece of information. My news-watching is divided as follows: 98 percent Fox News Channel and 2 percent all the other networks. If that doesn't tell you that you're doing something wrong, nothing will.

"Brokeback Briefing Room" by Rachel Sklar : I nearly burst an aneurism laughing! It was too perfect! Atta Girl, Rachel! "Can I have more, Ma'am?" lol!

I am impressed that you had your two childen watch the gold metal performance of Lindsey Jacobellis. I enjoy the human side of commentators, i.e. mentioning family members, especially wife and children. I, too, read the New York Times editorial you talked about.
Thank you so much.......Mary Pardini

I watched Shani Davis last night and I think the inviewers just don't get it. As an Afrian American over 60 I get it. Its a sad story but its part of our country. Shani was treated as an outsider and not allowed to join in. A need for his talent comes along so the word team player is used. Were was team player when he was shut out? History has shown that blacks were asked to be Americans when needed then cased aside afterward. This is a new generation they don't follow those old rules of smile and be glad we asked you. Yes he hurts, and is in shock that he really did win. Your interview team picked a player who had what represts America it wasn't Shani. Why are you surprised that he stands back. If Americans can't understand or accepts Americans that are different how can we understand others around the world. Our leadership of this country sets the tone of who we are now we see we have those old problems but this generation isn't the same as the 60's. They born after the civil rights bill pasted so the don't know that a black is to smile and just be greatfull for being asked. Maybe your inviewer should have spent as much time and listening to him as they did with Bode Miller. Now I rooted for Bode but then again I rooted for all Americans no matter what their race was. Just give it some thought I think you'll understand Shani Davis.

I am glad David Gregory is in the news. Scott McClellan's job is to make news not-news. Mr. Gregory has been the assault team leader over the past five years and he is leading the once-cowed press corp back to the point of gathering news and not simply being mewed. If a Delecroix painting depicting Lady Liberty assaulting the ramparts of inhumanity were to be commisssioned, it would show David Gregory assaulting the ramparts of this stultifying Bush administration. You look good in red, white, and blue,David!

lindsey jacobellis to me is the best female snowboader right now.And she hot. I'm a young fellow from miami florida. Hope to see you one day.
Write back lindesy . Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!.

Brian, NBC is likely to have you; One can easily tell you give you heart and soul to give the public real news- Tom Brokas was truly a hard act to follow, but you have done it admirablly; You travel to where the news "is" and report it to the public with a style that gives us a true sense of one, who who has both knowledge and delivers it with passion. You could have relied on correspondents to tell us what we need to known, but instead you're reports from New Orleans, brought the focus of on those left behind-you knew it because you actually lived it, by staying with least fortunate, in the Superbowl. You have delivered one the promise you made to those people; You are keeping the focus on the destruction and lifes of those still left behind-It is rare these days, to find a man truly touched by what one senses, you will never forget. Bravo Brian, no one can claim a conservative or liberal bias, when you report the "news:. I'll keep watching. knowing who will do you're darnest to deliver the news.

Help me understand why Shani Davis would take a moment in African American history and act like such a spoiled child during the post event interview. His mouth takes the shine from his win. He acts like just another punk athlete.

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