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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Brian weighs in every weekday and NBC News correspondents and producers post regularly.

Brian Williams became the seventh anchor and managing editor in the history of NBC Nightly News on December 2, 2004. Read his full biography.

It's about Time

Earlier today I was pleased to take part, for the second straight year, in TIME magazine's annual luncheon panel to nominate what used to be called MAN OF THE YEAR cover topics... thankfully changed years ago to PERSON OF THE YEAR (but more appropriately should be "ENTITY" of the year, as subjects other than individuals have been chosen 12 times in the past). It's always an interesting and fun exercise. My nomination is a woman, a mom, who has been assaulted on a near-constant basis going back many years and yet she routinely finds ways to prove how strong and resilient she is. Mother Nature.  My argument for this nomination goes: this ONE topic (and there are so many examples, from the tsunami to this year's awful hurricane season to the Pakistan quake) touches on so many others when viewed through the tragic prism of this past year: poverty, charity, race, oil, Presidential politics, government, global warming, class, infrastructure and more. While some of the others on our panel of mostly journalists and politicos agreed, we'll have to wait and see when the annual issue comes out just before Christmas. Many forget that Adolf Hitler is a former MAN OF THE YEAR, in keeping with the standard that it be the person or thing that affected our world the most, for better or worse, over the past year.

And one more thing: who do I complain to that the "media" got my nomination wrong?  I see that it's being incorrectly reported by the Associated Press that I nominated "Hurricane Katrina."


Tonight we'll begin the broadcast with the latest piece of the past that has been discovered in the vetting process surrounding the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court.  Pete Williams will have that story from Washington.  Also tonight, Andrea Mitchell will offer us a reality check on what the Democrats really knew during the build-up to war...vis-a-vis President Bush's assertion that they had access to the very same intelligence that he did.  Mike Taibbi was there for the first day of school this morning for a particularly hard-hit Parish in Louisiana...and we'll take a look at the fascinating and frightening amateur videotape of this weekend's tornado strike in Iowa.  We'll end the broadcast with our first installment in a series we're calling "Making a Difference" (with periodic features in the future all bearing this title) -- focusing on people who are doing just that.


There are checks and balances built into the television business to ensure that those of us who have on-air jobs don't get too full of ourselves. I consider myself blessed to have a robust home life to go home to each night -- a busy place where any self-importance is forced to give way upon crossing the threshold. There was also this scene in the hallway outside our newsroom recently: While en route to the studio at 6:25 p.m. to do the newscast one evening last week, I passed a tour group going in the other direction. We often encounter these groups (they are led by a consistently bright, cheerful and able fleet of NBC Pages) as they file through our hallways every few minutes each day. We often have very pleasant encounters with members of the public who are taking the tour. On this particular day, one man in the group paused as I entered the Nightly News studio. He gave me a look of recognition, he half-waved and smiled... clearly understanding that I was moments away from anchoring this nation's highest-rated evening newscast. It was obviously important to him to say something that took advantage of the moment, and he did: "Go get 'em, Tom!"

We hope you'll join us tonight.

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sorry im late i only watch your web cast the next morning, as for person of the year im sure joe wilson deserves the honor and beleive time bear me out keep up the good work

I think that this is very true and we in th US need to do more of this. Much of today is lost in a crazy rush of the fast life we now live in.

How fortunate in this day to have someone with the vision that you have. May you always be the best at what your doing, as you are with NBC. I enjoy watching you. And listening to your kind of thinking.,

My vote goes to Robert Hanson.

How simple yet utterly profound his declaration the rich and powerful would crumble without the undying support the everyday person.


Funny part is, that is just like on the Old Late Night with David Lettterman in the 1980s, when there was an actor who would periodically be in a skit as Grant Tinker. The actor would keep on calling Dave "Tom", like Mr. Brokaw, and would always get a laugh from the audience.

That was nice of you to let him have his moment of joy for meeting "Tom"!

I hope you just smiled at him and left with a chuckle. I get mistaken for other news personalities all the time. I was talking to my News Director today about this very issue. We both agree that more often we are simply told..."Hey, your the news guy." (or woman)
Here in Idaho we dropped our names when we chose this profession which are promoted, chyron titled below our heads on TV, and said by collegues on the desk. I just love being the news guy. :P

I do agree with the others that the gentleman calling you Tom is a complement. We often have big shoes to fill and I believe your shoes fit comfortably.

Go!!!! Mother Nature!!!!!

At least you took the time for him to acknowledge you, be it Tom (who?) or Brian.
Thanks for the chuckle I got from that.


I personally would have voted you the man of the year. I believe it's almost been a year since you took over for Tom Brokaw (I think last December?). You have continued the program with prestige, class and distinction. Go get'em Brian!

Couldn't you just be president after W loses interest and wanders away because it turned out not to be much fun?

We need your kind of thinking!

At least you took the time for him to acknowledge you, be it Tom (who?) or Brian.
Thanks for the chuckle I got from that.

Mother Nature as Enity of the year.... Brilliant...simply brilliant!

"Go get 'em Tom". The best compliment in the world!

Tom? Now that's funny!

Bummer, I thought that I would be your nomination for Person of the Year. I am just an everyday joe who gets up, goes to work, pays my alimony and child support while not getting to see my child often enough. I am one of the untold masses who keeps this country running for the rich and powerful, without me they would be reduced to a far different existence.

Well, maybe next year.

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